Top 10 best coworking spaces in chicago

Top 10 Best Coworking Spaces In Chicago

There are a lot of coworking spaces to find, but not all would suit your comfort and taste. Thus, Chicago’s people are known for encouraging employees to have a flexible and collaborative work culture.


Find and compare your ideal coworking space in Chicago if you work solo or in a team. So, for your next business trip to Chicago, check out this article, the best coworking spaces list that may help you.


Choose the best coworking space below.

The lists below are the best coworking spaces you may find in Chicago.


1. Second Shift Chicago

Top 10 best coworking spaces in chicago

Second Shift coworking space was recognized by Chicago’s most prominent complimentary weekly newspapers as the best coworking space after opening just three months ago. Moreover, they also operate in three areas in Denver, Colorado.


Then, If you are a solo entrepreneur, this coworking space fits you. In addition, the amenities also include a room for breastfeeding mothers.


Address: 3432 W Diversey Ave Floor 2, Chicago, IL 60647, United States


Price: Choose your coworking membership now

Google rating: 4.9/ 5 of 37 reviews




2. Expansive The Loop

Top 10 best coworking spaces in chicago

Are you looking for a coworking space near the heart of the Loop and across from Chase Plaza? Expansive the Loop is the best place to be, where you can find an Italian restaurant beside the establishment. Moreover, there are also nearby cafes and restaurants for your best choice.


In addition, the coworking space with a bright ground-floor lobby and stunning views of the Exelon Plaza clock and fountain. Also, the amenities they offer include bike storage, a mother’s room, and a private shower room to freshen up.


Address: 73 W Monroe St, Chicago, IL 60603, United States


Price: They offer  $199 per month.

Google rating: 4.7/ 5 of 61 Reviews


3. Desklabs

Top 10 best coworking spaces in chicago

They offer all kinds of coffee for free. Another perk of this coworking space in Chicago is they have a telepresence robot. Moreover, they offer event spaces for indoor and outdoor parties. For members, they have a healthy lifestyle yoga session.


Meanwhile, this coworking space is located on Clark Street and has a beautiful Lakeview. In addition, accessible by walking, or bike, they have on-site bike storage, and easier for you to ride Clark or Broadway buses. 




Address: 3033 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60657, United States


Price: Choose your membership plan

Google rating: 4.2/ 5 OF 49 reviews


4. Lifetime Work

Top 10 best coworking spaces in chicago

Experience a luxury coworking space combining a working concept and a health club facility like no other. Hence, if you want a coworking space in Chicago with healthy lifestyle activities and family, they offer that to their members.


Furthermore, they are eco-friendly practices in which their foods are healthy and filtered water. This coworking space is in a perfect place to be in the One Chicago residential building. Also, where the Gold Coast & River North meet, the city’s picturesque parks, world-class entertainment, and cultural destinations. A coworking space all in one building.


Address: 750 N State St, Chicago, IL 60654, United States


Price: Choose your monthly membership fee

Google rating:5/5 of 13 reviews


5. Carr Workplaces AON Center – Coworking & Office Space

Top 10 best coworking spaces in chicago

A coworking space owned by a family and operated company for over twenty years. Carr Workplaces AON Center is labeled with a “star label,” meaning the product is more efficient than the comparable standard.


The features include car charging stations for you to use, banking, and shower facilities to freshen up. They also support military discounts and accept credit cards. In addition, the building is accessible to the Fairmont Chicago Hotel.


Address: AON Center 200 E Randolph St #5100, Chicago, IL 60601, United States


Price: Their coworking space starts at $25 for a day pass, more details per month rates here. Prices vary on location.

Google rating4.9/ 5 of 28 reviews


6. Platform Coworking

The standard members in this coworking space are writers, programmers, salespeople, designers, engineers,s, and consultants. They don’t use landlines for calling long distances; they use VoIP phone systems to make unlimited calls through the internet. It is also accessible to nearby public transit, and you can walk to the Ravenswood Metra station and the Division blue line “L.”



Platform Wicker Park
1212 N Ashland Ave #202, Chicago, IL 60622, United States

Platform Ravenswood

4422 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago, IL 60640, United States

Website: https://platformcoworking.xcom/

Price: Flex desk is the most popular monthly offer option for $180.

Google ratings: 4.8/ 5 of 23 reviews


7. Industrious Fulton Market

A coworking space in Chicago that is a dog-lover-friendly environment. This coworking space in Chicago is also within walking distance of Morgan Station in the Fulton Market District. The amenities include a wellness room, unlimited color printing, a fitness center, and a mother’s room.


Moreover, they offer a free bar drink, daily breakfast, and craft coffee. Lastly, the coworking space has expanded its service to new locations in Europe and Asia.


Address: 171 N Aberdeen St Suite 400, Chicago, Illinois 


Price: They offer a half-day rate of $30 for a private office. Check the membership offer.

Google rating: 4.8/ 5 of 39 reviews


8. Servcorp – 155 North Wacker

Top 10 best coworking spaces in chicago

There are two coworking spaces in Chicago, and the prices may vary, but the prices are affordable. If you need help from techie experts, they have an in-house IT-support team to help you resolve your problem. Moreover, if you love to see the view of the city, this place best suits you.



155 N Upper Wacker Dr. Ste 4250, Chicago, IL 60606, United States

River Point, 17th Floor, 444 W Lake Street, Chicago, IL 60606, USA


Price: Price varies on your location and offers hourly rates

Google rating: 4.8/ 5 of 40 reviews


9. University Cowork

Top 10 best coworking spaces in chicago

University Cowork selected the first coworking space in Chicago as the “Top of Chicago” by Chicago Magazine. Moreover, it is a hub for virtual event participants and an opportunity for individuals to meet future business partners.


They are, furthermore, known as the world-class office space on the south side of Chicago. Surrounded by a talented individual, you also use artificial intelligence to communicate with your future partners.


Address: 6127 S University Ave, Chicago, IL 60637, United States


Price: Basic membership per month i. See.99, see full membership 

Google reviews: 4.9/ 5 of 51 reviews


10. Convene

Top 10best coworking spaces in chicago

The solution to your problem for the upcoming business is if you need space for events. Also, this coworking space in Chicago can cater to hundreds of people attending. Then, held networking events and group discussions. To add up, they have five establishments in  Chicago.


Moreover, the inclusion of meeting and events packages is that they have hospitality staff services. Lastly, they have an on-site kitchen and unlimited snacks to offer, as well as av and in-house service. 


311 West Monroe Street // The Loop, Chicago

Willis Tower // The Loop, Chicago

16 West Adams Street // The Loop, Chicago

131 South Dearborn Street // The Loop, Chicago

333 North Green Street // Fulton Market District, Chicago


Price: Take a tour and choose your membership plan 

Google rating: 4.7/ 5 of 44 reviews


How to choose coworking office space Chicago

These are some factors to consider in choosing a coworking space in Chicago.



The coworking space should be located in a convenient and easily accessible area for you and your team. It should be located in a safe and secure area, with convenient public transportation options..



Apart from the basic amenities like high-speed internet, furniture, and meeting rooms, consider other facilities that can make your work experience more comfortable and productive. This could include a gym, lounge area, or even an on-site café.



When considering coworking spaces, it’s crucial to evaluate the total cost and how it aligns with your budget. There are variations in pricing among different coworking spaces. Some may provide discounts for long-term contracts, while others may have additional fees for specific amenities.



Coworking spaces offer a great chance to connect and work together with people who share similar interests. Examine the community in the coworking space to determine if it matches your industry or interests.


Flexible terms and contracts

When choosing a coworking space, consider the flexibility of their terms and contracts. This can include options for short-term or month-to-month contracts, as well as the ability to upgrade or downgrade your membership if needed.


Networking opportunities

Also, check if the coworking space offers any networking events or workshops in addition to its community. This offers great chances for professional development and networking.


Accessibility and convenience

In addition to the location, consider the accessibility and convenience of the coworking space. This includes factors like operating hours, availability of meeting rooms, and access to common areas.



The safety and security of your belongings should also be a top priority when choosing a coworking space. Look for spaces with secure entry systems, CCTV cameras, and lockers or private storage options.


Parking availability

If you and your team will be driving to the coworking space, consider the availability and cost of parking in the area. Some coworking spaces may offer designated parking spots or discounted rates for nearby parking lots.


Size and layout options

Take into account the size and layout options provided by the coworking space. We offer a range of options, including private offices, dedicated desks, or shared open spaces. Select a suitable space that can comfortably accommodate your team and is equipped with the necessary furniture and equipment for your work requirements.



Planning a business trip in unfamiliar places would not be to anybody. However, the article provided you with the best coworking spaces in Chicago based on your budget and location. Check out also our other blogs for the best coworking spaces in Los Angeles and the best coworking spaces in New York; maybe that would be the destination.

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