The top 10 voip phone systems for small businesses

The Top 10 Best VOIP Phone Systems For Small Businesses

Communication is the key to any global business, especially in workplaces, and that’s why virtual assistant phone answering service systems for small businesses are used these days.



It has a big role in business, reaching clients through messaging, emails, and direct phone calls.



First, choose the best cheap virtual assistant to support your phone system for small businesses. Then, consider the factors you must consider, including the right features and functions for your business needs.



Second, determining how many employees require phone service.



If you don’t have enough people to manage difficulties, this may help you solve them through different channels and internet resources.




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Thus, this article may assist you in choosing a small company phone system.



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How to choose the best virtual phone system for small business?

With various virtual phone systems for small business providers in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one for your small business.


Here are some factors to consider when selecting a virtual phone system:




1. Features

Ensure the system offers the essential features for your business needs.


2. Pricing

Compare pricing plans and ensure no hidden costs or long-term contracts.


3. Ease of use

The system should be user-friendly and easy to set up and manage.


4. Customer support

Look for a provider with excellent customer support and technical assistance.


5. Integrations

Consider if the system integrates well with your existing business tools such as CRM or email.


6. Reviews and ratings

Research online reviews and ratings to get an idea of other customers’ experiences with the provider.


What is a VOIP phone system?

Voice Over Internet Protocol is a technology instead of using a regular phone or mobile network line, It is connected to any broadband internet connection, that allows a user to make unlimited calls through the internet.


Also, converts analog signal voice into digital signal over a broadband connection.


As you can see, VOIP has different features for calling multiple employees simultaneously,voicemail-to-email functionality, call recording, and unlimited calling.


What is the best phone system for a small business?

Here are the top 10 VOIP phone systems that are functional in small businesses and other sizes of businesses.


1. The VoIP shop

The top 10 voip phone system for small businesses


The VOIP shop offers different services by industry and varies on your needs and budget.


For instance, Cloud phone systems, unified communications phone systems, cloud call centers, call conferences, cyber security, virtual numbers door entry systems, VOIP hardware, CRM integration call recording, VR systems, and Microsoft teams. Also, flexible and fast in call-management features. 




See the price here for monthly plans and pricing

G2 user ratings

5/ 5 of 87 reviews


2. Ooma 

The top 10 voip phone system for small businesses

Its phone systems have features like the virtual receptionist, with text-to-speech greetings for call routing, even if you’ve never implemented any modern call management tools. To add up its features, it has a mobile application perfect for small businesses or big businesses that want to access handy, international rates are cheaper. Moreover, it has HD audio, messaging, virtual fax, toll-free number, and free local phone numbers.




Take a tour and click the monthly phone plan.

G2 user ratings

4.7/ 5 of 84 reviews


3. Grasshopper

The top 10 voip phone system for small businesses

The perks of this phone system are that small businesses are best on the virtual phone system. Also, if you did not answer the call it has an auto-text to your clients, it separates calls from personal and work-related. Grasshopper’s feature allows you to answer multiple calls by transferring calls to another workmate, so your customers can’t hear another busy signal.




Scan through their page for monthly plan costs. 

G2 user ratings

4.0/ 5 of 133 reviews


4. Zoom

The top 10 voip phone system for small businesses

A video platform best for video conferencing. 


Also, a system for small business owners allows users to participate in a meeting conference, via mobile phones and desktops.


Moreover, the phone systems for small businesses are associated with common useful tools for a business like Salesforce, Slack, Microsoft, Google, and some contact software.




Scan through their page for monthly plan costs

G2 user ratings

4.5/ 5 of  51,762 reviews


5. Ringcentral 

The top 10 voip phone system for small businesses

If most of your business specializes in collaborating.


Likely,  this could be the best type of phone system for small businesses could be applicable.


Furthermore, a useful tool for organizations that can handle a thousand attendees for audio conferencing per call. However, it is limited to 200 participants in video conferences.


Then, they have team collaboration tools such as Glip, contact center provider Dimelo, and DeepAffects, an intelligence-assisted speech recognition firm. 




Scan through their page for monthly plans and pricing

G2 user ratings

4.2/ 5 of 638 reviews


6. 8×8

The top 10 voip phone system for small businesses

It is a VoIP phone system for small businesses and a basic business phone service.


In addition, a dashboard is designed for non-technical entrepreneurs.


Moreover, it doesn’t overpay and ensures that your employees can access the calling features and tools without overpaying employees who don’t use their mobile phones regularly.  





Take a tour and choose your monthly price plan

G2 user ratings

4.1/ 5 of 48 reviews


7. Nextiva 

The top 10 voip phone system for small businesses

This type of phone system for small businesses is suited for healthcare types of entrepreneurs.


Furthermore, would also fit business owners that are multisite retail.


If you are searching for a phone system for small business security and privacy purposes, this might help you.


Nextiva has a strong and effective set of security and privacy besides its built-in CRM software.


Moreover, it has a 24/7 network monitoring service to add up customer support through chat and email, which is suitable for healthcare entrepreneurs.




They offer a monthly or annual price plan  

G2 user ratings

4.4/ 5 of 1,274 reviews


8. Dialpad

The top 10 voip phone system for small businesses

A phone system specializing in voice intelligence and the most advanced Ai center.


In addition, a game-changing AI feature,  which can organize CSAT scores by a line of business to truly understand customer sentiment, performs reports that remote agents perform in offices.


Moreover, can utilize the SMS survey feature as additional data input, and assist the real agents with all the relevant information by reading triggering keywords or phrases spoken. 




Take a tour and choose your monthly price plan

Google rate

4.4/ 5 of  1,353 reviews


9. Vonage

The top 10 voip phone system for small businesses

This phone system for small businesses is best for APIs and customization.


For this reason, it is personalized supports an AI virtual assistant, and tools for faxing.


Also, offers 17 paid add-ons.


Moreover, their service packs are designed and delivered by accredited communications APIs skilled, to help you plan, build, and launch differentiated applications on time.




Take a tour and choose your monthly price plan

G2 user ratings

4.3/ 5 of 401 reviews


10. Aircall 

The top 10 voip phone system for small businesses

It is suitable for call centers and CRM solutions can be set up easily.


It has a wide range of CRM or customer relationship management. Such as productivity functions to improve sales and support teams handling calls.


Then, provides complete communication center solutions for calls, video conference, desktop, and mobile.


Lastly, it is easy to set up a call center in minutes. 




Take a tour and choose your monthly price plan

G2 user ratings

4.3/ 5 of 686 reviews


What is a virtual phone system for small businesses? 

Virtual phone systems, also known as virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange), are communication tools designed for small businesses to manage their phone system more efficiently.


These cloud-based solutions make and receive calls via the Internet instead of landlines.

Virtual phone system for small business benefits

  • Cost-effectiveness: Virtual phone systems are much more cost effective than traditional phone systems. With no hardware or installation costs, small businesses can save money on their communication expenses.


  • Professional image: Virtual phone systems offer features like call routing, auto-attendants, and voicemail to email, which give small businesses a professional image. This is important for building trust with customers and portraying a larger, more established company.


  • Scalability: As small businesses grow, their communication needs also increase. Virtual phone systems offer the flexibility to add or remove phone lines as needed without any hassle. This allows businesses to scale up or down their communication system according to their requirements.


  • Mobility: With virtual phone systems, small business owners and employees can stay connected even when they are on the go. Calls can be forwarded to personal devices, making it easier to conduct business from anywhere.


  • Advanced features: Virtual phone systems have advanced features such as call recording, conference calls, and call analytics. These features help businesses improve productivity and customer service by effectively managing their calls.


How to choose the right virtual phone system for your small business?


  • Identify Your Business Needs: Before choosing a virtual phone system, it’s important to identify your specific communication needs. For example, the size of your business, call volume, and features that are essential for your operations.


  • Check pricing plans: Different virtual phone system providers offer various pricing plans. Thus, compare and choose one that fits your budget. Keep in mind any additional costs for features or equipment.


  • Evaluate call quality: Since virtual phone systems use an internet connection, it’s crucial to ensure that the call quality is reliable and clear. Look for providers with a good reputation for call quality.


  • Consider integration options: Many small businesses use other communication tools, such as CRM software or project management platforms. Look for virtual phone systems that offer integration with these tools to streamline your communication process.


  • Read reviews and get recommendations: Before making a decision, it’s always a good idea to read reviews and get recommendations from other small business owners who have experience with virtual phone systems.



To begin with, technology has brought us anywhere to assist us and make our lives faster and easier.


This article helps you decide the types of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship, which would be the best phone system suited for their businesses. 


As a result,  to assist them efficiently in the future the main purpose of your business you are to build.

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