BrowseControl internet control software review

BrowseControl Internet Control Software Review: Features And Pricing

BrowseControl by CurrentWare is an internet control software used for restricting internet access and enforce web policies across a network on a PC or user.

If you would like to control how your employees use the internet at the workplace, you need something similar to BrowseControl.

What is CurrentWare BrowseControl

BrowseControl is a tool that can be used across all industries for managing internet access. BrowseControl provides a centralized console allowing users to enable or disable Internet access immediately. It covers more than a hundred URL categories that can be blocked.  

This software can block anything starting from web chats, video games, and other software that could distract anyone from work. Its web filtering is effective for both HTTP and HTTPS websites. The internet scheduler lets you choose when to block internet access, the software blocks apps via the original filename. It is an internal name that cannot be modified if the file name has changed.

How much does it cost

BrowseControl starts at $2.99 per user per month. The provider can help you tailor a plan depending on your company’s needs. There is a limit – you must buy a minimum of 10 users.

A screenshot of browsecontrol pricing

If you can’t decide whether this software will be the right fit, then you can try it out by signing up for 14 days free trial.

Features of BrowseControl

Wondering what can BrowseControl do for you? Here are some of the features of this software:

Internet on and off

By simply one click, block the internet access right away. When you feel the need, turn on the internet access.

A model of browsecontrol internet on and off filter

URL filter

Set an allowed list for URLs or specify a blocked list so that you can keep your employees away from what could be distracting them.

A screenshot of browsecontrol url filtering feature

Category filtering        

With this feature, you should be able to block sites based on a specific category. Let’s say one category is porn. BrowseControl will block all pornography websites once the category is specified.

A screenshot of browsecontrol category filtering

Internet scheduler

Restrict internet access at certain times of the day.

A screenshot of browsecontrol internet scheduler feature.

Safe search

Set safe search criteria to prevent certain search queries.

A screenshot of browsecontol safe search filter

Download filter

With the help of this feature, block certain types of file downloads and prevent your network as well as pcs from malicious content and viruses.

App blocker

The app blocker prevents blocked apps from launching if an employee tries to access them.

A representation of BrowseControl benefits.


Set time for the users to access the internet.



Benefits of BrowseControl

BrowseControl with its web filtering features blocks dangerous and distracting sites. You will have full control over the internet access as well as the application usage of your employees. Let’s have a look at some of the prominent benefits:

A representation of BrowseControl benefits.

Enforce web policies

You can set unique internet access restrictions based on your business needs. Block malicious and distracting sites on the network for each department, device, and user.

Block apps

You can block employees from launching software that they are not allowed to use. Let’s say they try launching a blocked app. The software will immediately display a warning message. You can also schedule to allow access whenever required.

Assign policies

You can customize the network content filter policies for each endpoint, user, and department. The software keeps on filtering network traffic on any managed PC.

Easy to use console

There is a central console that lets you manage the filtering policies of your workforce from one centralized location.

Compatible with remote workers

The filtering agent of the software lets you manage the internet usage of even your remote workforce even if it’s connected to another network.

FocusMe vs BrowseControl

FocusMe is a website blocker that works on Windows and Mac. It is available for FREE on Android. This app is for those who find it impossible to focus on a task at hand because they are distracted by other websites. Its features include an automatic scheduler that allows you to plan your entire week in advance. Then comes the flexible time limiter to ensure that you only spend a few minutes on a particular site instead of giving it hours and hours and waste time. The software also includes an activity tracker providing clear insights on what you are doing on your PC.

BrowseControl has the same purpose but it is more efficient. It allows you to manage policies and everything else from a central console. You will enjoy full control over the internet access of your employees and app usage.

Download BrowseControl

To download this software, click here The link asks you to fill a form so that you can download a free trial version to try and test the software.

A screenshot of BrowseControl download page.

BrowseControl “AppBlocker”

BrowseControl has a feature called AppBlockerhat lets you block chat programs, media players, games, and other programs that aren’t related to work. Once the AppBlocker is active, it blocks a particular program from running.

Boost employee productivity with BrowseControl

BrowseControl can help you boost employee productivity by controlling how they use the internet. Here is how:

Prevent access to inappropriate content

Block all inappropriate sites on the network by preventing a hostile work environment. These sites include violent, crude content and porn sites.

  • With the category filter, block web content or sites like these.
  • Enforce acceptable policies to block harmful and dangerous sites
  • Generate web reports to identify which employees are trying to visit inappropriate sites

Block high-risk sites

A web filter enhances your network security. High-risk sites should be blocked to keep employees from infecting the network.

The category filter lets you block malicious sites that may contain malware. Likewise, you may block unused network ports and filter the network traffic to reduce the exposure of the network to the web.

Improve bandwidth availability

High bandwidth sites can reduce internet speeds. This could lead to network congestion. Using BrowseControl you can block distracting sites like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and others which are also high bandwidth websites.



You can also customize the restriction policies and allow streaming during lunch breaks or special events. Here again, the software will generate reports to help you indent bandwidth hogs within the network and take steps accordingly.

System requirements

In order to use BrowseControl, these are some system requirements that must be met. The software works on most PCs running Windows OS. Once it is installed, you can manage the administrative settings from any browser on any OS within the network.

Have a look at the hardware requirements based on 1 to 100 clients:

  • Processor requirements: Intel Core i3/ AMD Ryzen 3 or better
  • Disk space: One GB
  • Memory: At least 4GB RAM

Why use BrowseControl?

Here are some of the benefits of using a web filtering system like BrowseControl:

Protect your PC

No matter how careful internet users you have in your team, one wrong action can infect the entire network. This normally happens when malware is downloaded by visiting a malicious website. These sites end up installing a malicious program on your device without your knowledge, ending up stealing Personally Identifiable Information. This could be a huge loss for your business.

Using BrowseControl, you can proactively block dangerous sites and add an additional layer of security to your site. This will add an extra layer of security to your site and prevent data loss.

Improve network performance

Having stable internet matters to every organization, after all, it impacts the productivity of your workforce. It makes sense to know where the bandwidth is being invested. If one user is spending their time watching videos on Netflix or any other streaming site, this could be hogging network bandwidth. This could reduce the network performance significantly.

BrowseControl lets you block those bandwidth-hogging sites to make sure the internet is being used for the right activities. You can also check a report to see which sites are consuming the most bandwidth and take necessary actions. This will automatically prepare your workforce and they will be watchful when it comes to accessing sites that are considered distracting.

Block distracting websites

Some websites can distract your employees and reduce their productivity. This ultimately reduces profitability. By removing distractions like games, news, or social media, you can manage everything.

BrowseControl with its customizable features lets you see permissions based on your goals. You can turn off the internet completely, block websites, unblock accesses and make any other changes to ensure their productivity is managed efficiently.


BrowseControl is one of these internet control software that can be used in a variety of industries starting from education, healthcare, finance, government, small businesses, and more.

It is affordable, easy to use, effective, and can help you keep track of everything happening within your organization. It covers more than 100 URLs to prevent your workforce from wasting the company’s time.

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