The best places to sell products online

The Best Places To Sell Products Online To Make Money

Online selling is now more popular than ever. Thanks to the Internet, entrepreneurs nowadays can let consumers buy products in just a few clicks. However, as a business owner, entering online selling platforms to sell your stuff comes with its challenges, but it can be fulfilling if done right. Selling online requires expertise, dedication, and marketing moves to succeed. But before anything else, you need to have an idea of what are the best places to sell products onlineand we are here to give you the list of the platforms you can choose from to help you get started!


Although it may seem old-fashioned, I still have found that eBay is one of the best places to sell products online. The platform still has the best combination of offering you the flexibility of a peer-to-peer marketplace, but unlike other P2P marketplaces, there is not a culture of buyers wanting to haggle every dollar off your price.

Oli Baise, Managing Editor of Drinky Coffee


eBluejay is a great option for merchants who don’t want to pay to sell online. It’s Blujay’s second-generation marketplace, therefore if you had a store there, you may request that it be converted to the new site by contacting eBluejay. The fact that eBluejay is a completely free service (save for the $10 verification cost) appeals to vendors. There are no costs for listing, upkeep, or ultimate valuation on the remainder of the site’s services. eBluejay is a young marketplace in comparison to other platforms, but its low cost makes it appealing to novice online vendors.

Steve Rose, CEO of Money Transfers

Walmart Marketplace

Walmart is a household name and with their online marketplace, you get access to millions of customers who use their platform monthly. If you think that your product is a good fit with the existing portfolio of products on, then it’s one of the best places to sell products online.

Alice Li, Owner and CEO of First Day


Wix provides a market page builder as well as enhanced tools to help you release, operate, and magnify your store. It makes it simple to add products or services, creates a connection to a financial institution, and establishes your shipments in no time. You can also select your domain name and then start offering your merchandise and expanding rapidly.

Elena Jones, PR Director of FinanceJar


Shopify is one of my absolute favorite platforms for selling products online. It’s incredibly easy to use, trusted by millions, and affordable. There’s not even an initial setup fee when you get started. Shopify also provides a number of apps that can be used to customize your store and make your selling (and your customers’ shopping) experience a whole lot smoother.

Grace Baena, Director of Operations at Kaiyo


One of the best places to sell products online is Amazon. Not only does Amazon gets crazy good traffic, meaning that there is a much higher likelihood of organic traffic finding its way to your products, but it’s also a reliable company. Their customer service staff is pretty fast and efficient, so if you ever have any issues with selling your products on the platform, they will get resolved quickly.

Kristen Bolig, CEO, SecurityNerd


Swappa is one of the best places to sell products online that I recommend. With Swappa, rather than the vendor being charged a fee, in some situations, the buyers are required to pay a fee (which is included in the sale price). In brief, you can sell working technological products such as iPhones, phones, and laptops to other people. Payments are made through PayPal before the product is dispatched.

Marc Bishop Director, Business Growth of  iDigiMagnet

Facebook Marketplace

With its billions of users worldwide, it is impossible that you will not be getting potential customers on this platform. Moreover, Facebook Marketplace is easy to use. You just need to find what you want to buy in the search bar, and all results will show up. In addition to that, communication on this platform is a lot easier because you can use Facebook Messenger to transact with the seller or customer.

Anna Lan, CEO and Founder of UBackdrop


Craiglist is one of the best-known platforms for selling anything, especially if you want to target a specific location or sell locally. Not only is it free to list products and services on the platform, but there is also no commission charged. Unlike other sites, there are no restrictions on what you can sell, and you also get to set your prices. Additionally, the site has a user-friendly website allowing users to post for free, though users with personal accounts on the site can also edit, delete, and repost more easily.

Ryan Yount, founder of LuckLuckGo

Instagram Shopping 

Instagram has a fantastic marketplace to sell items, and the best thing about it is that it is already part of social media, so the marketing is already done for you. You can use your connections on Instagram to sell your product quickly and efficiently by sharing it with your followers.

Jessica Vine, Founder and CEO of RV Idiots


I think an amazing place to sell products online is Etsy. While it does have the drawback that you need to pay a small fee to have your shop on its site, it does give you unlimited access to consumers that visit the site with the sole purpose of buying handmade and unique products. It has a well-established target market and a great reputation for hosting wonderful sellers!

Vivi Mintara,  CEO and Founder Eye Makeup Lab


There are a lot of places where to sell online. You can either join an online marketplace, create your own e-commerce website or use a shopping cart for your website. However, the best place to sell products online depends on the size, capacity, and goals of your business. We hope that the list of best places to sell products online gives you an idea of where to get started.

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