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Top 10 Places To Find Virtual Assistant Jobs

The capacity to prioritize their vital tasks, set aside other things, and make sure they have the time to complete them without rushing is a quality that virtual assistance must have, as we all know.

Furthermore, this is why time management is essential in being a virtual assistant.


A virtual assistant jobs is an administrative assistant who supports a business remotely through various professional roles.

Virtual assistant services include social media management, email management, customer support, technical support, content creation and editing, graphic design, website management, SEO and SEM, bookkeeping, marketing virtual assistant and accounting, project management, transcription, and translation.

In addition, having a virtual assistant is a must because they can carry out their duties from the convenience of their own home without needing physical interaction.  

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Top 10 places to find virtual assistant jobs 

Virtual assistants can network and connect with potential employers through online freelance platforms, social media, professional networking events, referrals, cold emailing, networking platforms, content marketing, and collaborations. These methods help expand their professional network and secure more work opportunities.


Here are the lists of places to find virtual assistant jobs to start.


Top 10 places to find virtual assistant jobs

With more than 300 million unique users every month indeed is the top position for online job searching in the world. It prioritizes job searchers by providing them with free access to job searchers, posting resumes and business information. They introduce millions of people each day to fresh and new possible opportunities. Indeed an American employment website that offers virtual assistant jobs. It is a free tool that helps job searchers find online jobs, including virtual assistant positions. It offers part-time and full-time, proven experience as an assistant working remotely or in a relevant role.


Trustpilot reviews: 4, 537 reviews




Top 10 places to find virtual assistant jobs

One of the most popular freelance markets offers virtual assistant jobs to people with various levels of experience. You must submit a bid for a proposal to be able to find a job, and Upwork will keep 10% of the money you earn. However, you may establish a name on the platform with time and consistent work. In addition, it also serves as a global market for freelancers, graphic designers, and website developers. This platform assists professionals in selecting projects, corresponding with clients, and receiving payment. You could gain significant freelancing experience in a growing sector without constantly making cold proposals to potential clients.


Trustpilot reviews: 8, 910 reviews


Top 10 places to find virtual assistant jobs

LinkedIn is one of the virtual assistant jobs that aims toward traditional positions; you can still discover quality positions as a virtual assistant. Don’t forget that it is the #1 networking tool in the world as well. Contact anyone you think would benefit from a virtual assistant on LinkedIn. This site offers support to your business in the form of a virtual assistant to meet your needs affordably without the need to engage in a full-time job. To acquire your services as a virtual assistant, you don’t need to be a technology expert.


Trustpilot reviews: 1, 076 reviews


Top 10 places to find virtual assistant jobs

You might be surprised that Facebook is one of the best places to find virtual assistant jobs besides being a source of daily life updates and communication. Moreover, Facebook has many groups for online business owners, so you can find virtual assistant jobs there through various group pages and communities. Also, joining these groups and beginning to build relationships with the members is a good start. 


Trustpilot reviews: 11, 814 reviews


Top 10 places to find virtual assistant jobs

Woodbows is a perfect company for anyone who aspires to have virtual assistant jobs. This website ensures that they exceed the expectation of their client and give the quality service that they need. Moreover, they only acquire college graduate applicants to work with their website and they should be dedicated to becoming virtual assistants. Their virtual assistants are available 24/7, with 10 years of experience, and fluently speak English. 




Trustpilot reviews:  87 reviews


Top 10 places to find virtual assistant jobs

In recent years, ZipRecruiter has developed into a potential tool for hiring managers. They make it simple for companies to locate people that most closely match their requirements and it is because of their matching technology that could help people who are into virtual assistants. This company has a lot to offer about “work-from-home virtual assistant jobs” that could occasionally be helpful to you. You have a lot of possibilities because the site posts dozens of virtual assistant jobs each day. It is a job board that allows employers to find the best candidates for available positions on Ziprecruiter.


Reviews: 1, 0161 reviews

Time etc

Top 10 places to find virtual assistant jobs

While Time etc, only employs candidates with at least five years of work experience, it can be ideal for those with in-office administrative experts who are willing to make the first step within the virtual assistant jobs. Although the starting wage is 11 dollars, you can negotiate for higher pay down the line. This organization is pleased with the virtual assistants they provide. Less than 1% of their candidates are chosen after a tough 10-step selection procedure for each one. The virtual assistants here have college degrees and experience working for well-known companies like Apple and Facebook.


Reviews: 79 reviews


Top 10 places to find virtual assistant jobs

Toptal is a huge freelance marketplace connecting businesses to their required talents. They provide virtual assistant positions such as freelancers, designers, and software engineers. Furthermore, the top companies also employ virtual assistants from Toptal for their most important projects. Thus they keep holding only to have the best quality virtual assistants available.

Reviews: 1, 441 reviews


Top 10 places to find virtual assistant jobs

Fiverr is the perfect website for every freelancer since you can sell your services worldwide, such as virtual assistant work. Moreover, although Fiverr is a huge job marketplace, it is also very competitive. Also, offering a quick turnaround and completing your work on schedule can help you stand out and earn more jobs.

Reviews: 7, 937 reviews

Working from home as a virtual assistant

To become a virtual assistant and work from home, assess your skills, create a professional resume, and set up a home office.


Determine your services and rates, market yourself online, and network with industry professionals.


Apply for virtual assistant positions, provide high-quality service, and continuously improve your virtual assistant skills.


Following these steps, you can establish yourself as a virtual assistant and work remotely from home.

How much does a virtual assistant earn?

Virtual assistants typically earn between $15 and $50 per hour, but rates vary based on experience, skills, and specialization.

To increase their rates, virtual assistants can specialize, invest in continued education, demonstrate value to clients, increase efficiency, expand service offerings, negotiate rates, target higher-paying clients, and raise rates incrementally over time.


These strategies help virtual assistants maximize their earning potential and command higher rates for their services.


You should read this article about the top 10 places to find virtual assistant jobs regardless of which of the four types of entrepreneurs you belong to. 

Additionally, finding virtual assistant jobs on a reliable and trustworthy website is essential. Since you can ensure that the virtual assistants are of high caliber, just like if you accidentally deleted an Instagram account, you have a virtual assistant to call for help on how to recover a deleted instagram account.

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