How To Recover A Deleted Instagram Account

Instagram is one of the home platforms of influencers, businesses, and entrepreneurs.



This social media platform has helped them build a community online.



So, it will cause them a big problem if their Instagram account has been deleted. In this article, we are going to discuss with you how to retrieve deleted Instagram account



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Is it possible to recover a deleted Instagram account?

Before we give you the ways how to restore deleted Instagram account, does it all apply to any circumstances?

Here’s the thing, according to Instagram policy, if you or someone else has deleted your account intentionally, there’s no way for it to be restored.

Nonetheless, if your account has been banned or deleted by Instagram, it is possible to get your account back.

How to recover a deleted Instagram account in these easy steps

Follow the steps on how to reactivate deleted Instagram account.

1. Open your Instagram login page

A screenshot of Instagram login page

2. Enter your username and password

3. Try to click the forgot password option to reset your password.

A screenshot of Instagram login page

However, if this option doesn’t for you, you have to do this second option, which is to contact the Instagram team.

Contact the Instagram team support

To assist you how to recover instagram account contact Instagram team support, you can click on this link,


When you click the link, you will be redirected to this page. 



A screenshot of Instagram support team page


On this page, you will be asked if your account is used to represent a business, product, or service and you have to answer it with yes or no. Choose “No” if your account is personal. Otherwise, choose “Yes”.  After selecting, a form like this will appear.

A screenshot of Instagram form

In this form, you have to answer it accurately by entering your full name, the email address that is linked to your Instagram account, and the name of your country.

If ever you use Instagram for business, you have to upload your business document to verify your details and click “Send” to submit your form.

Response from the Instagram support team

Within 48 hours of submitting the completed form, you’ll get a response from the Instagram support team through email that contains a secret code and instructions you need to comply with.

A screenshot of Instagram email

Sample email

Here are the following steps to reply to the email:

1. Have an A4 size of white paper.



2. In bold letters, write down your received secret code full name, and Instagram username.



3. Take a picture of yourself holding the A4 sheet as asked in the email.



4. send the taken picture in JPEG format as a reply to the email.



If and only if your account is temporarily deactivated or compromised due to any reason, it will take 2 -3 days for your account to be restored. Instagram will then send you an email with a link to restore your account.

A screenshot of sample Instagram email

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Recover deleted Instagram account: Top 3 FAQs

Can you recover a deleted Instagram account?

The answer is, yes. Here are steps to recover a permanently deleted Instagram account after 30 days:

  • Contact Instagram Support: Submit a support request explaining the situation.


  • Appeal the Deletion: Fill out Instagram’s account recovery form.


  • Provide Information: Include account details to help verify your identity.


  • Be Patient: Recovery isn’t guaranteed; follow up if needed.


  • Consider a New Account: If unsuccessful, create a new account.

Remember that recovery success isn’t guaranteed, and Instagram’s policies may change.

Why did Instagram disable my account without warning?

The main reason why Instagram disabled your account is that you might have violated its privacy policies such as sharing violence-triggered posts, obscene posts, or some hate speech.


In addition, you might have used bots to increase your followers or likes which goes against Instagram’s terms of use.


However, it is also possible that your account was mistakenly disabled due to a technical issue.

When I tried to submit the Instagram contact form, it said the URL could not be found.

If there’s an error in the URL,  a possible reason is that your Instagram account got permanently deleted and there are no ways to restore it.


It is also possible that the URL has been changed or deleted.


But don’t worry, there are still other ways to contact Instagram and get support.

Can I request for my data and media from Instagram even if my account cannot be recovered? 

Yes, under certain circumstances, you can request your data and media from Instagram even if you cannot recover your account.


Users can use Instagram’s data download feature to request a copy of their account’s data, including photos, videos, messages, and other associated information.


This feature can be helpful if you’ve lost access to your account or want to archive your data.


Let’s walk through the process of requesting your data from Instagram:


1. Go to Instagram’s Website:

Visit the Instagram website and log in with your account credentials. If you’ve lost access to your account, proceed to the next step.


2. Request Your Data:

If you cannot log in, go to the Instagram login page and click on the “Forgot password?” link. If you wish to reset your password, please refer to the instructions.


If you face any challenges while resetting your password or trying to access your account, kindly proceed to the next step.


3. Data Request Form:

If you can’t recover your account, you can still request your data directly from Instagram.


Visit the Instagram Data Download Request Form ( and fill out the required information, including your email address and the reason for your request.


4. Verification:

Be prepared for the possibility that Instagram may ask you to verify your identity before fulfilling your data request.


This could involve providing additional information or documentation to confirm your identity.


5. Download Your Data:

Once your request is processed and approved, Instagram will email you a link to download your data.


This data will typically include a copy of your photos, videos, comments, profile information, and other data associated with your account.

It’s important to note that the data download feature may include only some information associated with your account, and there may be limitations on the data types that can be downloaded.


Additionally, the process for requesting and downloading your data may vary depending on Instagram’s policies and procedures.

It is advisable to consult Instagram’s help resources or contact their support team to obtain the latest information on data requests and options for recovering an account.

Tips to avoid Instagram account deletion

Here are five essential tips to prevent your Instagram account from being deleted:


1. Adhere to Community Guidelines

It’s crucial to ensure that your content and interactions always align with Instagram’s community guidelines.


This responsibility lies in your hands, so you can avoid being reported for violations.


Instagram takes its community guidelines very seriously, and any content that doesn’t meet its standards can lead to your account being flagged or even deleted.


Familiarize yourself with the guidelines and make sure to follow them at all times.


2. Protect Your Account

Create strong and distinct passwords and activate two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access to your account.


Beware of phishing scams and never share your login details with anyone.


By taking these precautions, you can safeguard your account from being hacked or used for malicious activities that could result in its deletion.


3. Engage Authentically

The value of genuine interaction cannot be overstated.


Avoid using unauthorized methods to boost followers or engagement, and focus on building genuine connections.


Instagram’s algorithm can detect inauthentic behavior and may penalize or even ban your account.


Instead of purchasing followers, take the time to create interesting and relevant content that will attract real users.


4. Monitor Your Account

Regularly check for suspicious activity and review account settings to ensure everything is in order.


Be aware of who has access to your account and revoke access if necessary.


Consider enabling two-factor authentication for added security.


5. Stay Informed

Keep up-to-date with Instagram’s policies and updates to avoid unintentional violations.


Follow Instagram’s official accounts and check your inbox regularly for any new guidelines or changes in policies.


You can also utilize the resources provided by Instagram, such as their Help Center and Community Guidelines, to stay informed about what is allowed on the platform.



We hope you learned about how to recover the deleted Instagram account.


However, if the options mentioned above don’t work for you, you can freely make a new Instagram account with the same email address.


You can still use the same username if it is not taken by someone else.

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