Tripleseat event management platform review

Tripleseat Event Management And Catering Platform Review

Event management tools are all the rage. It is due to the experimental marketing statistics that show that the attendance is increased by 20%, and profit margin is increased by 20% to 30% when you use event management software. There are event management tools out there that come with plenty of features that attract event planners. One such event management and catering software is Tripleseat. Let’s learn more about this platform!

What is Tripleseat

Trippleseat is a web-based event management and sales platform that cater to the needs of the hospitality industry. With Tripleseat, users can create event orders, proposals, and invoices like a pro. The event planning business comes with the hassle, manual process, and confusion, and Tripleseat eliminates all these worries. It is a great event management tool equipped with multiple features that cater to the needs of all event organizers.


The following are the most notable features of Tripleseat:


SmartDocs allows the users to generate personalized event contracts, proposals and gives you control over colors, document branding, fonts, and others. You can store these documents online and share them with your clients and staff as well. They can be viewed on any device. Users can create menus for banquet event orders. Moreover, they can create custom and standard event packages.


You can capture leads from venue websites, Tripleseat’s venue directory, and Facebook pages. The details of lead capture are populated automatically in the contact database of Tripleseat.  


When it comes to communication between client and event manager, SmartChat comes in. Moreover, it creates automatic tasks to manage guest reminders, event steps, and follow-ups.

Booking calendar

In the booking calendar, all event details are stored across multiple venues. Users can filter his/her view by event status, venue, and even room. All booking details can be accessed, and users can add some custom fields to get their required information. Moreover, if you request the event, you can track other details, too, like tasks, documents, and notes.

Tripleseat login

To Login Tripleseat account, head to its official website and follow the easy steps below:

  • Open its login page and enter your login details (username and password)
  • Once you log in to the Tripleseat account, a screen will appear.
  • If you can’t access the login, check the troubleshooting options on its website. 
A screenshot of Tripleseat login page

Tripleseat API

Tripleseat is a cloud-based booking and event planning service for hospitality services. Its API is a rest API with a RESTful interface for software developers to update, delete and create data on their Tripleseat account.

Tripleseat privacy settings

Data security and privacy are the top priority of Tripleseat. They use strong encryption to send data over public networks. Moreover, Tripleseat uses SSL certificates to ensure privacy protection for its customers. The event messages, documents, and other event details aren’t encrypted at rest. Such data is active in their database and subject to the same privacy protection as the rest of the system. Moreover, they use BCrypt to encrypt all passwords with a cost factor of ten.  

How to set sales goals with the Tripleseat?

Sales goals show that the user is the owner of this event and actual sales, for instance, any menu item like food sold at the event. This will not include taxes or fees.

Follow the below steps to set up the sales goals:

  • Go to settings and click on the sales goals and performance.
  • Then choose the ‘set goals’ option.
  • Here, you will see add or remove button. Use it to add users
  • Now, enter their numbers and save goals.
  • Go to the progress report to see the progress of each user by company goal or location. You can analyze your team’s progress by checking the event sales summary report.

How much does a Tripleseat cost a business?

This cloud-based event management software combines all the tools that businesses need for seamless event planning and booking into one platform. When it comes to its recurring charges, there is little information on its official website. You need to request a quote to streamline your event planning with it. 

How to email customers via Tripleseat 

There’s no wonder that the cost-effective and easiest way of reaching your potential buyers is via email, and Tripleseat knows this secret too. There are plenty of email marketing tools out there that businesses use, like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and others. Tripleseat is integrated with these email marketing tools that help you send emails to your customers. If you are using Tripleseat and want to get in touch with your customers via email, follow the guidelines that Tripleseat shares on its website to make your email marketing more effective. You can use MailChimp or Constant Contact to send emails via Tripleseat.

Benefits of Tripleseat

  • It helps to capture more leads, especially the private party leads from your website.
  • This event management and catering tool helps you increase your marketing reach for your private parties. 
  • You can streamline the event planning process in a matter of minutes.
  • Its in-depth report feature enables you better understand your target audience.
  • It comes with the best technical support. Moreover, you don’t need to download or install anything to reap the benefits of this amazing web-based application. It works with any device and web browser. 


Here’s a list of alternatives of Tripleseat:




Idloom is an event management tool that has all the features for businesses to plan an event. It is all one event management solution that allows the users to focus on a single goal that matters most. It will definitely make your event a huge success. It is designed for event organizers, communication agencies, government, and trade associations. It is also awarded as the most user-friendly event management software in the world.


It is a free event management tool; that’s why a lot of companies use it for their event management needs. It offers great features to its customers. It comes with client management and customer relationship management that allow the users to create invoices, sends emails, creates quotes, and manages their vendors. Moreover, it offers calendars where you can book and schedule various venues. Bitrix24 also has a task template and project management module that helps the event organizers to manage the crews. 

Event Temple

It is cloud-based catering and venue sales software that provides user-friendly integrated solutions to the hospitality industry. You can drive more revenue and boost your efficiency and productivity using a suite of sales tools. These tools include event management, lead management, e-proposals and contracts, and prospecting management.


This tool is used for enterprise management integration. It is designed for the exposition, convention, and trade show industry. It specifically supports the operation of the trade show as it requires a suite of events and reports for the trade show site. This suite also contains a custom key performance, self-service portal for customers, dashboard, and unique workflows.

Perfect Venue

Tripleseat is designed for large venues, but Perfect Venue is typically developed for the mid-size venues doing less than fifty events every month. So it is a great tool for venues that don’t want any added cost or complexity and a complex system like Tripleseat. It is simple yet powerful software that enables the users to send automatic document generation digital proposals, template emails, and more. You can use it for free without a demo. 

Planning Pod

Unlike Perfect venue, Planning Pod is a great option for larger venues with two or more than two event sales managers. The best part of the planning pod is that it offers over 22 tools that make it a go-to option for every event planner. Moreover, it offers a complimentary floor plan product that works well for you if you are working with big rooms with repeatedly changing room layout. It comes with the free trial version. However, it is a new company on the market as compared to Tripleseat, but it offers a more contemporary user experience.


This is a catering and all-in-one sales platform that helps you capture leads. You can expect more sales without increasing your workload when you’re using Tripleseat. It gives you the tools to book and manage groups at your hotel without any hassle. Tripleseat comes with guest room control, customer relationship management, and an event platform that not only simplifies the booking process but also makes your group sales easier. Moreover, it allows your team to work from anywhere, at any time.  

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