OpenBoard interactive whiteboard software review

OpenBoard Interactive Whiteboard Software Review

Technology has drastically changed the living patterns of everyone. Directly or indirectly, it is involved in our lives, be it our professional or student life. Today’s children are automatically introduced to technology, and parents worry about their exposure to screen time and the content which may not be age-appropriate. But let’s agree to the fact that keeping your children away from technology is not a solution, nor it is possible in the long term. Using technology in a way that leaves a positive learning experience is then a solution. Many technological tools are offered and used now to serve the same purpose. These teaching tools, i.e., app or software, includes an interactive whiteboard. and OpenBoard interactive whiteboard is one of those tools.


OpenBoard is an open-source software (OSS), installed for free on Windows, macOS, and Linux. The software was released under license GPLv3 and is sustained by the GitHub community. It is paired with a beamer and a pen tablet display. This interactive whiteboard was mainly designed for the school and universities to assist the teacher with essential functions in the classroom. OpenBoard was initially a part of Open- Sankoré 2.0, which was based on onboard. The Uniboard software was developed in 2003 by Lausanne University.

The OpenBoard does not require any registration, and you can simply install and start using it. Along with its simplicity, it is powerful enough to facilitate teachers in executing their job in a modern and professional way to deliver a lecture or engage K-12 students. A pen tablet or move with this software allows you to write and explain your subject.

What does OpenBoard do

OpenBoard is a cross-platform which serves as a teaching software for interactive communication with a dual-screen setup. One for managing documents, and the other is your view or displaying. It is simple yet powerful to give you all in one experience. You can use it as a blackboard, whiteboard, copy, graph, etc. No need of investing time in learning about its functionalities. You will quickly understand and enjoy its features with a user-friendly interface.

A screenshot of Openboard interface


OpenBoard software is a fascinating interactive teaching tool used by school and university teachers to deliver their lectures in fun ways. You will experience capabilities of paint, word, PowerPoint, and much more in this one software which includes importing and exporting files so you can have them in your resource material or share it with others. 

OpenBoard, with its exciting features, grabs the student’s attention and makes their learning experience exciting and fun. Eventually facilitating teachers to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. No worries about the age or level appropriate software, as OpenBoard assists you to teach any subject to any age group of students.

How to load files to OpenBoard view

OpenBoard is a tool that allows loading files on it so a teacher can make his lectures more interesting. This is an essential feature to bring up reference material, including the text or video files for reference. Those files can be loaded to OpenBoard view with some easy steps.

On this whiteboard, you will see some options on the top right side of the window. For example, click the Document option, which will take you to the window to manage your documents that include images, PDF files, etc.; on the top of the left hand, you will have some options available.

This is where you can even export files from OpenBoard to work on those files on another computer or share them with people in PDF format who do not have OpenBoard installed on their device. For importing files, click on the import button and import images or files in PDF format, and then click ‘open in board’, which will let you view the file on the main window.

On the left hand of the Document window, all the files you created or import would be saved with time or the name you imported. You can rename or trash those files quickly with a double click or choose the desired action from the top of the window.

How to uninstall OpenBoard on Mac

Uninstalling apps from your devices is a usual practice to keep the space safe and your device cache free to function correctly. Sometimes you just need to drag and drop the application icon to trash for the removal. Others may involve some steps for completely removing the app from the device. 

These steps firstly include exiting the application you wish to remove or uninstall. Next, click on the finder tab, which is usually on the bottom of the Mac window. When the finder window is displayed, find the application for uninstalling and drag it to the Trash icon and empty the trash.

A software is available for cleaning apps from Mac like AppCleaner etc. You can also choose to download that cleaner software to uninstall apps from your Mac device.

Use Smartboard with OpenBoard

Combining software and technology with others is a norm today to expends the features and benefits they offer altogether and make the most out of them. For example, using a smartboard with the OpenBoard software can maximize the interactive quality of the class. 



OpenBoard pointer works with a mouse, and for smartboards, you or students can simply use hands or pens directly on the board. However, adjusting the setting of both may require some efforts to match the touchpoint timing on the screen and projector, as reported by one of the users. Other concerns may include the cleaning and maintenance of the smartboard board, which requires extra care.

Smart Notebook vs. OpenBoard

Smart Notebook resides in the same software category as Open Board for facilitating and assisting school and university teachers. Each software has similar features; however, some key differences separate them from one another.

Smart Notebook is a mixed product like that of clock which shows time in both patterns, i.e., digital and analog. Smart Notebooks are preferred by people who still like to keep a pen and Notebook with them to jot down their checklist, routine, doodling, notes, etc. Mean keeping a tradition with a touch of technology.

However, Smart Notebook is costly, and most of them are not reusable. On the contrary, OpenBoard Whiteboard software is free and open-source. The Smart Notebook may restrict you from having a color and feature of your choice. Many people have reported that they don’t erase well, and there are some traces behind, creating hurdles in reusing those papers. With a Smart Notebook, you may experience a delay in writing which is undoubtedly not workable as with time, and you may lose the flow of thought to be noted down. 

Sometimes reflection or glare may be a hurdle in writing on a smart notebook. OpenBoard is a healthy alternative to smart notebooks with overall features and experience as rated by users

How to uninstall OpenBoard

The use of any software depends on its need. Nobody wants to stuff his gadget or devices heavy, which are not in their use. On the other hand, the new application may be required, and eventually, the space on your system to smoothly accommodate it. You can uninstall OpenBoard anytime you wish.

Often programs are not entirely removed and leaves their files on your computer. Here are steps to uninstall and completely get rid of those files. You may find an uninstaller in the start menu, besides the program for uninstalling the software, or you may remove it from the Control Panel window. 

Hit the Start Menu and then click on the control panel. From here, click on ‘Uninstall a program which you will find under the program tab. Now find the OpenBoard software; clicking; clicking on its icon will pop up the uninstall button at the top of the pane, which you will click, and the software will be removed from your system along with its files.

OpenBoard support

Open Board website is well equipped to offer support to its user. Supporting tabs are given at the top right side of the page. You can access its website in four languages, i.e., English, Dutch, French and Italian, with just a click. From the Documentation tab, you can access the user guide, OpenBoard setting, video tutorial on YouTube Channel, bulletin board, etc.

From the Download section, you can download OpenBoard software according to the device you wish to install. This section will also help in knowing the new features and bug fixes. Lastly, the Forum tab, where you will find FAQs and other discussions by the user, may help you find the solution you required.


OpenBoard interactive whiteboard is an excellent choice for schools and universities for making lectures resourceful and enjoyable while viewing. The different features offered by the software allow the teacher of any subject to deliver the knowledge with better understanding and engagement. In addition, the ability of the software to import, export, changing background as a graph, grids, etc., makes it all in one teaching tool for the teacher. 

Integrating different software is a usual practice today, and many apps support this integration to expends its perks. Similarly, using OpenBoard with Smartboard may enhance the engagement, but it includes some technical setup for smooth execution work.

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