Getting started with ecommerce on Instagram

E-Commerce On Instagram: Getting Started To Promote Your Brand

E-commerce on Instagram allows businesses to promote their products and highlight their brand.

Instagram is a social media platform that has gained immense popularity among Generation Z and Millennials. That is not to discount other age groups like Generation Y. But the bottom line is that social network users are online and in search of authentic content to consume.

E-commerce is a field that has also grown in the past decade with technological innovation. Ecommerce can benefit a lot from Instagram and many companies are already reaping the benefits of marketing through Instagram.

If you start creating content from scratch every day to promote your business or connect with the audience, it can be a gigantic waste of time. Plus, another downside would be that you’ll not be able to respond and interact with users engaging with you on Instagram photos and accounts or build relationships with influencers on Instagram.

All of this may hurt your overall marketing efforts.

2 important ways to engage your E-commerce business with Instagram

With the help of an Instagram virtual assistant, there are many ways to grow your audience with Instagram as an e-Commerce business but having top-notch content and a scheduling plan has proven to be the most effective ones.

Batch for productivity

You can couple your efforts and streamline to do as much in a single go as you can. It’s better than an interval approach as it reduces the time you spend in transition and increases your focus on the task you are doing.
How does it relate to Instagram and Ecommerce? There are marketing software you can use to boost your eCommerce Instagram business page. Using these tools allows you to streamline your activities and get those leads enticed.

Coupling and batching are not the only important things. There are engagement and the quality of your content, too. Not to mention when you’re putting out the content.

Create high-quality content that engages your followers

Create engaging content that aims to solve problems or gets people excited. It doesn’t need to be too much content. That may fail miserably. Instead, concentrate on quality. Offer discounts and other exclusive offers or share content from the brand’s Instagram page, whose products you are selling. Give them credit for it in your Instagram post captions.

The way this helps is that people will find out about the product and will be willing to buy if your offers are enticing to them. Also having an automated schedule that you can modify to see activity on your Instagram posts.

Another way is to use professionally photographed photos which you can also have taken in batches after you figure out your content strategy. Your strategy involves when you have scheduled the photos to be posted on Instagram and what caption you are going to use.

The use of hashtags was limited to Instagram previously. Not anymore! High-quality images of your products are important but incomplete without the hashtags. The ones you use are important as they help make your content discoverable and relevant.

Use your caption characters carefully. Although there are 2200 of them that you can use, those in the first three lines matter most. It cuts off after that, so articulate your posts carefully. Automate the posts using tools such as Buffer, which posts content more than once, to get more traffic and thus increase your conversions.

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