November 25, 2021

What can an Instagram virtual assistant do for you

5 tasks you can outsource to instagram virtual assistant

According to Business News Daily, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms as it has nearly 112.5 million users as of 2020. With that being said, its popularity can serve as a valuable marketing tool for your business. However, to make use of Instagram as an effective marketing tool, you need to make sure that it’s always on your daily agenda. 

As a business owner who has too much on your plate, hiring a virtual assistant comes very handy. In this article, we’ll be sharing with you what an Instagram virtual assistant can do for you and your business.

What is an Instagram virtual assistant

An Instagram virtual assistant is someone who works in a remote location that will help you ensure that your business’s Instagram presence is well built and maintained. With their expertise, they can help your business gain followers— who can be your buyers too.

5 tasks that an Instagram virtual assistant do

As we have mentioned that Instagram is a powerful marketing tool, below we list down how an Instagram virtual assistant can help you make use of this popular platform.


An Instagram virtual assistant can conduct research about your target audience, current trends, your competitors, and others. It is imperative for Instagram virtual assistants to do research because it helps them to craft high-quality content. 

Creating content

As we mentioned above that through research, virtual assistants can create high-quality content. Whether it’s reels, static images, stories, carousels, or videos, an Instagram virtual assistant can create content to what your company wants to deliver to your audiences— content that will lead your audience to take an action.

Managing content

When comes to managing content, there’s no need for you to worry! Your Instagram virtual assistant will be the one to schedule your posts, publish stories, and even interact with your followers. In addition, this virtual assistant will track your audiences and promote your products/services through ads.

Customer service

When it comes to customer service, your Instagram virtual assistant is up for it too! Your audience’s thoughts and queries will be well handled by this virtual assistant. Also, your Instagram virtual assistant will be actively engaged with your followers through commenting and liking your followers’ comments and reactions. By properly handling these aspects, it can surely create bonds and trust among your business and audiences. 

Analyze activity and report performance

As Instagram has built-in tools to measure activity, your virtual assistant can provide you with a report and analysis that will help you identify how well your content or campaign resonates with your audience and to see if you are meeting your goals. Moreover, this can give you an idea of how you will adjust your strategy that can improve the results. 

Where to get an Instagram virtual assistant

There are two ways you can hire a virtual assistant for Instagram; one way is through platforms while the other way around is through virtual assistant companies.

LinkedIn, Upwork, and Indeed are just a few of those platforms where you can hire someone who can manage your business’ Instagram. Through these platforms, you will be the one to take care of the selection, hiring process, and managing your selected candidate.

On the other hand, through a virtual assistant company like Stealth Agents, you can simply contact them, tell them your requirements and leave the hiring process to them.


Today, virtual assistants are more than skilled to keep your business at the top of its game, which is why delegating the management of your business’ Instagram to an expert can provide you an opportunity to expand your community of followers and buyers. As we have stated that if you are a business owner who is more than just being busy with the core activities, hiring an Instagram virtual assistant would be a great help.  In addition, hiring a virtual assistant is very cost-effective compared to in-house staff. Thus, having a VA for Instagram on board will not just save you time but can also save you money without comprising the outcome. 

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