Tasks you can outsource to a data entry virtual assistant

8 Tasks You Can Outsource To A Data Entry Virtual Assistant

Any business that requires data entry knows that the work alone requires lots of time and can sometimes get you down. As a business owner, time is an important currency you don’t want to barter, especially if you are a startup. As a result, hiring a data entry virtual assistant is the best option that you might want to consider. By handling your data entry needs to a virtual assistant, you can ensure that all your data is logged and sorted correctly which can help you keep running your business smoothly.

Common tasks a data entry virtual assistant can help you with

Data entry is one of the time-consuming tasks and not the most exciting. No business owner can run a business on their own. You can certainly wish to do the tasks yourself but you just don’t have enough time to do so. Below, we have listed the common tasks a data entry virtual assistant can help you with.

Administrative tasks

A virtual data entry expert can ensure coordinated day-to-day running of your business. From handling everyday expenses to inputting items on your calendar, a data entry virtual assistant comes to the rescue!

Job posting

Whenever you need a job posting that needs to be done, a data entry virtual assistant comes in handy. A data entry VA can do a well-written job description for the available position for your company. Writing a job description may seem easy, but trust us, it requires research and poise to captivate the right candidate.

Transcriptionist services

If you can’t find a podcast virtual assistant for a podcast interview or a case study interview to be transcribed, a data entry virtual expert can be your good transcriber. Data entry experts have the typing skills that can help you achieve a job well done.

Managing employee records and training

A data entry virtual assistant can help you measure the effectiveness of your employees, help you craft and prepare training materials and can create surveys to collect feedback from your employees. By outsourcing these tasks to a virtual assistant, you will be able to save the time and effort you’d normally spend on training new hires.

Customer support

In order for you to keep track of your customer activity, a data entry assistant can keep records and categorize your customers’ information, and document interactions. In addition, a data entry expert can correspond as well whenever your customers need information about your products or services.


Invoicing can be tedious and time-consuming, so having a data entry virtual assistant who has an eye for detail surely helps you save time. A data entry expert has the skill set to get this task well done. Keep in mind that it is important to invoice the right customer for the accurate amount.

Keeping data in Excel

One tool that a data entry assistant has the expertise of is Excel. A data entry expert can manage large amounts of data on Excel which can help you tackle data in a matter of a short amount of time.

Keeps your company records safe

A data entry virtual assistant can help you hold data on your customers, business partners, suppliers, and relevant information about your company. Moreover, a data entry expert can keep private or confidential documents about, for, and by your business.


Not only a virtual assistant can save you time when you decide to outsource your data entry needs but it can also help you run your business smoothly. Hiring a data entry assistant is an investment in your business. Aside from the skills and expertise a data entry VA brings in, having a VA can also give you peace of mind as you know that the tasks you left on the table are well taken care of. Moreover, growth is within reach because you have a database that is updated, concise and clear.

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