Top 25 task for virtual assistants

Top 25 Tasks For Virtual Assistants

Since the pandemic hit, many companies have been forced to shut down or have their employees work remotely.

Even though the world is slowly returning to how it used to be, one can not deny that it has opened the eyes of many to how it is to work from home.

Small- to medium-sized business owners are looking into outsourcing virtual assistant their repetitive tasks to focus on more important things.

Good news for remote workers because this opens more demand. If you are considering switching to remote work or expanding your services, here are the top 25 virtual assistant services you can look into.

Tasks For Virtual Assistants

Let us deep-dive into the top 25 tasks for virtual assistants. In no particular order, these tasks are the most sought-after virtual assistant tasks.

If you are considering extending your services or want to be a virtual assistant, this should help you feel what to offer to potential clients.

Nevertheless, we will give you more details for each task so you can research to see if the job fits you. This might also be a skill you already have and can add to your repertoire.


1. Cold calling 

As a cold caller, avoid mistakes from past callers. Moreover,  you will be asked to call potential clients interested in learning more about your client’s business and, even better, if they will avail of your client’s products or services.

Technically, you call contacts provided to you, usually with a set goal, depending on the client’s preference. This is also a marketing strategy for your client.

2. Email marketing

An email marketing virtual assistant primary goal is to reach out to people via email and promote your client’s brands or services. People you will be sending emails to usually consented to receive an email.

Your client would have an email campaign ready, or they may ask you to draft an email campaign. Moreover, a client uses an email platform that can track statistics, such as Mailchimp, which lets them track the campaign’s success.

3. Chat marketing

This is another version of doing outreach via chat. Your goal is to improve sales and brand awareness, which can be converted to sales in the long run. Typical platforms include the client’s website or social media. Usually, it provides lists for you to chat with and reach out to.

4. Content creation

They say that “content is king,” which means that exciting content can drive traffic to your client’s website or social media pages. Free advertising for the business and another marketing technique. Unless you have a knack for creating content, this is usually for experienced virtual assistants. Also, content is created months ahead for better planning.

5. eCommerce store management

Having an online store can be time-consuming for most clients, especially if they are managing more than one store. This is where you will come in and help the client run their online stores. You will assist in the customer service and logistics side of things. 



6. Graphic Designing

Conveying a message through pictures is the main idea here. There will still be captions or articles included, but a good photo can attract more followers and inquiries for famous apps such as Instagram. You must develop eye-catching graphic materials that go with the clients’ material.

7. Email support

Providing email support has always been around. Before you can answer emails, training and tools are provided by the client. The priority is to give the right answers and the correct resolution to retain the customers.

8. Lead generation

In recent years, lead generation has been among the top 25 virtual assistant tasks. With everyone on social media, this has become one data pool. This virtual assistant task can be time-consuming, so as a virtual assistant, your mission is to find people that would fit your client’s ideal customer and send the list over for outreach. 

9. Appointment setting 

Keeping those appointments coming in is vital for certain businesses. You will send messages to people to book an appointment, a discovery call to attend seminars or masterclasses, or simply for consultation. Right now, most of these are done via social media.

10. Social media management

Being a social media manager entails a lot of sub-tasks, such as monitoring post engagement, scheduling posts, responding to customers’ concerns, and monitoring social media statistics. In short, you ensure that the client’s social media is running smoothly and being attended.

Since social media has exploded, most companies have taken their customer service strategy to the next level. According to studies, the more responsive a brand is on its social media, the more loyal followers it has.


11. Executive assistance

Being a remote executive assistant is no different from being an administrative assistant in the office, the only difference is working remotely. You help your client with their needs daily.

Making sure they don’t miss appointments, attend to important emails, and make sure their business and sometimes personal life runs smoothly. 

12. Chat Support

Chat service has never left this list despite the bots who can answer messages. Nothing beats having to speak to a natural person. Therefore, chat support virtual assistants provide help via social media or the clients’ website. Depending on the traffic, more than one can be hired to do the job. 

13. SEO Specialist

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. As an SEO Specialist, your primary goal is to help increase the brand’s visibility in the market.


Some data optimization tools can also provide insights to determine which strategies work.


The task is almost similar to a digital marketing specialist, only that they rely more on data to develop strategies.



14. Recruitment

An agency or medium mostly requires recruitment services for large companies that will need a large pool of workforce for different job roles. The task of this virtual assistant includes prospecting candidates.


Endorsing interviews and exams depending on the process set by a company. Recruiters nowadays utilize social media to match specific job roles. 

15. Web design

Web designing is usually of a higher compensation compared to other tasks. You will create an overall look for your client’s website. As a web designer, aside from making your clients’ website aesthetically pleasing, you will also need to make sure it is easy on the eyes, the design should also be easy to navigate.

16. Web Development

 If you are a web developer, you make sure that everything on the website is functioning as expected. You also execute designs created by the web designer. Other scopes of Support include updating website pages and troubleshooting errors.


This requires a more advanced skill thus, the rate is a lot higher compared to other tasks.

17. Programmer

As a programmer, your scope goes beyond the website of the client. You will be asked to create an entire program to meet the needs of the business. Programming is an advanced skill, so this is one of those that are highly compensated.

18. Data Encoding

Data encoders are in charge of keying in data and maintaining the database of the business or company. You must ensure the necessary data are in the company data storage. The database is critical to companies for reference for marketing campaigns, project development, and many other things.

19. Blogging

Creating a blog for a company is another way of getting more exposure for a brand. Topics for discussion, research, and writing can take hours of work, which is why this is mostly outsourced. Experienced writers are mostly preferred for this to avoid laborious back-and-forth editing.

20. Audio/ Video Editing

Audio and video editing are included in the top 25 virtual assistant tasks with the continuous demand for people in social media apps. Viral videos lead to better brand exposure and more conversions. Video and audio editors go hand in hand. Your job here is to create a short video clip to help brand awareness or for a marketing campaign.

21. Animation

As discussed in the previous paragraph, videos are grabbing more attention. Some companies use animation to tell a story about their brand or convey a message. You will create animated videos that follow a storyboard approved by your client and will be used for marketing and branding.

22. Transcription

This task is included in the top 25 virtual assistant jobs list. Despite the technology, your accuracy as a human being is still irreplaceable. Sometimes you have to listen to audio clips. Other times you have to look at handwritten documents and transcribe them for the client’s record keeping. Most often than not, there are company tools that you will need to learn to document these.

23. Copywriting

Words can be powerful, and someone who has a good mastery of them can evoke good emotions for their brand. As a copywriter, creating fantastic writing that will allow your client’s brand awareness to expand through numerous shares can increase their backlinks which is important.

24. Payroll Management

Managing the payroll means you have to be accurate in your computation so that the payroll is timely. You will be responsible for this, so your client can provide what is due to everyone when it is due. Your client may ask you to use some tools to keep a record of past transactions and for easier reference for company expenses. You will also need to triple-check the information before submitting it.

25. Admin Assistant

What’s the difference between an administrative assistant and an executive assistant? One big difference is that an executive assistant does more complicated tasks for high-level managers. As an administrative assistant, your job is to keep communication within the office, including answering phone calls and emails and assisting with documentation.


We hope this gives you more insight into the kind of tasks you could further use to offer your future clients. What is essential here is never to stop learning new skills because the world continually evolves into something new and making sure your skills are up to date makes you more eligible for other online jobs.

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