Best 15 coffee shop menu ideas

Best 15 Coffee Shop Menu Ideas

We already know that coffee in a cup is one of the favorite drinking partners of almost everyone. Many people now love coffee in many aspects, such as hot coffee, iced coffee, and coffee with a frappe. Furthermore, having an eye-catching and excellent coffee shop menu could be an advantage to having a successful business run. A coffee shop should offer various drinks to make customers happy. In addition, the four types of entrepreneurs and business people always have their daily dose of coffee because it could be an excellent start for their day to have an awake mind and body for their work. There are also ways to create your branding image effectively for business owners wanting to change their brand image of coffee. 

Coffee shop menu ideas for start-up

Planning on changing your coffee shop menu? Take a look at these ideas to promote your coffee shop and a visible menu to select.

1. Coffee Roaster Style Menu 

Best 15 coffee shop menu ideas

Coffee roasters are the main thing that transforms green beans into roasted coffee material. It will be an excellent idea to associate coffee roasters with your coffee shop menu. Be creative in associating coffee roasters with your menu because it could attract your customers’ eyes. Moreover, this coffee shop menu idea would have a black motif, so you should use a light color for fonts and make sure that it’s bold so it can be easy to read. Readability is essential in marketing materials and is more critical in every menu. In addition, you could customize by adding pictures of fresh coffee roasted beans that could add a little design to the menu. 

2. Photo Collage-Style Menu 

Best 15 coffee shop menu ideas

A photo collage-style menu would be a perfect coffee shop menu idea. This could be a beautiful, ideal design that could attract your customer’s attention. In making this menu idea, you should have a great sample of portraits of the drinks or foods you could add to the menu. Moreover, correctly positioning photos and using light fonts for the dark background would be adorable. Make sure your fonts are large enough to read because readability is essential in making menu ideas. In addition, this photo collage-style menu is used by many shops, and it helps them boost their shops’ marketing by using nice graphics. 

3. Coffee Blackboard Style Menu 

Best 15 coffee shop menu ideas

A blackboard is widely used by many schools and offices for teaching and other purposes. Using a blackboard and chalk design as a menu idea would be unique for a coffee shop menu idea. Many customers would have fun and excitement upon reading the menu because of its unique graphic design. Furthermore, since the blackboard has a dark background, you should associate your font with a light chalk-style design to be readable to customers’ eyes. In many aspects of the menu, readability should be necessary. This menu idea should be made creatively and use great design fonts; nice color-blending is the perfect thing to do. 

4. Magazine Style Menu 

Best 15 coffee shop menu ideas

Featuring your shop’s different drinks and foods on the menu in a magazine design way will be perfect. This coffee shop menu idea would be one of the ideal ways to capture your customers’ interest, leading them to try out your product. Moreover, you should be more creative in your coffee shop menu and find a great layout design for a magazine from which you could get inspiration. Showcase in the menu the various drinks and foods your coffee shop offer. So that, this will be easy for customers to figure out what they should order. 

5. Vintage Blackboard Design 

Best 15 coffee shop menu ideas

To have a strong coffee shop brand identity, you must ensure the menu’s design reflects your shop’s overall theme. Vintage Blackboard design would be a great coffee shop menu idea because it gives an old coffee shop vibes that will put you in peace and serenity if you find that style. Moreover, in this design, it’s better to consult a graphic designer that could make your menu match the design you want. White and black are often used in the vintage blackboard design. It would help if you considered the bold font to ensure readability in the eyes of the customers. In addition, this vintage style is rarely used by many shops because of the 21st-century vibes and advanced technology equipment. 

6. Artwork Design Style Menu

Best 15 coffee shop menu ideas

Being creative for your own business could lead you to success. If you’re an artist and have artwork that you could perfectly associate with your coffee shop menu, that would be a perfect idea. An artistic design on your menu adds more attractiveness to the customers’ eyes, and they will not hesitate to try your drinks and foods. Moreover, if you use this design, you should remember that a good color pattern is essential. You should use a light color for the font if you have a dark background and a dark color font for light background; the design and placement are also things you should consider. 

7. City Coffee Style Menu 

Best 15 coffee shop menu ideas

This coffee shop menu idea would describe the city’s busy life. Give this menu a creative design that ideally entails the city’s vibe and layout that emphasizes your brand. Moreover, keep your text and wording simple, which would be pleasant in the eyes of the customer. In adding images and other elements, make sure that they will keep the reader from the text. Many customers would appreciate the effort you put into your menu through the pictures and design, which can help them order what they want as soon as possible. In addition, this menu implies simplicity but in a creative and friendly coffee shop menu that you’ll surely love. 

8. Hipster Coffee Menu 

Best 15 coffee shop menu ideas

This coffee shop menu idea is perfect for a millennial and generation Z vibes coffee shop. A hipster vibe is well known for using bright and happy colors; also, uneven grids are part of it. Since a colorful background is being used, a dark color for the font would be ideal for the extraordinary appearance of the menu. Moreover, regardless of using bright colors, make sure that the text of the coffee shop menu is still organized. Grids will help manage different categories, so the customers can quickly specify the order they want. This hipster coffee shop menu idea would help your business acquire more customers because of its vibrant and happy vibes that could lighten people’s moods. 

9. Formal Coffee Menu 

Best 15 coffee shop menu ideas

Sometimes, more than a picture is needed to encourage customers to buy your coffee product from your shop. This coffee shop menu would highlight a more prominent and formal view of your shop’s different drinks and snacks. You could also include the other ingredients and details of the food. Furthermore, you should be more creative in the design and font of the menu and add a mini description of the food that customers are purchasing. Make sure that it could be eye-catching to the customers. Adding any quotation or sayings related to that drink or food would be unique and entertaining to the customers. In addition, you could use this menu to have the classy formal vibes of a coffee shop. 

10. Promotional Cafe Menu

Best 15 coffee shop menu ideas

This double-purpose coffee shop menu idea is perfect if you have an upcoming event for your shops, such as gigs, live bands, and mini parties. Yes, there are separate posters for that event, but adding specific information to the menu could be an effective way to get easily noticed and promoted to the customers. Moreover, it could help the customers to ask the information about that upcoming event to the staff of the shop after they review the menu. Using dark backgrounds and light fonts could be a perfect choice, but make sure that your font is readable in the customer’s eyes. 

11. Interactive Content Style

Best 15 coffee shop menu ideas

If you are into minimalist coffee shop menu ideas, this one is not for you. This is more on the infographics vibes of the menu. The layout of this design is interesting and attractive because of the added information. Moreover, you could add a link to your coffee shop’s website or social media so customers could interact with you through an online platform. You could add a short description of the drinks or food your shops offer; this will give the customers an idea of what they will order. Additionally, the light colors and readable fonts will add an exciting vibe to your customers. 

12. American Style Menu 

Best 15 coffee shop menu ideas

Customers will look at the theme or vibes of the coffee shops because they have different tastes that they are looking for. It would be best if you considered the different styles of the people, for example, the American style. Create a menu associated with light colors such as white, khaki, and yellow. Moreover, the menu will give an idea to the customers of what your shop is serving and selling. An American-style menu, the food, drinks, and vibes are associated with the American motif. In addition, you should have a tagline that your customers would easily remember. 

13. Festive Design Style Menu 

Best 15 coffee shop menu ideas

A colorful coffee shop menu idea could determine how catchy and vibrant the menu is and how the customers could easily remember your foods and drinks. You must ensure that the text on your menu is still readable, even using bright colors. Moreover, you must ensure that your color choices can describe the customer’s emotions when they see the menu. Proper blending of radiant color schemes could have a great outcome on the menu, and those colors will represent the lively vibes of your coffee shop. In addition, choose colors that connect with your shop’s theme so it would be a good match. 

14. Illustrated Coffee Shop Menu 

Best 15 coffee shop menu ideas

Sometimes, using large photos to add to your coffee shop menu idea could be spacious and not stylish. Try to add an illustration design, giving the customers a picture of the food or drink they will order. Furthermore, this idea is perfect for coffee shops that want to illustrate or portray their product by adding them to the menu. Using illustrations instead of high-quality photos gives the menu a more attractive and artistic design. In addition, this idea could be a perfect approach for coffee shops that want to create a home-style design and vibes of their coffee shop. 

15. Coffee Espresso Bar Menu

Best 15 coffee shop menu ideas

This coffee-brewing style from Italy could be perfect for adding to your coffee shop menu. Yes, it is possible to create a menu with many images and text; you should add more pictures related to coffee espresso since it is the style of the menu. Moreover, you could use light colors for the background, such as pastels, and a dark font would be perfect for the text to be readable in the customer’s eyes. In addition, consider choosing elements and designs that complement your shop’s motif, such as simple color palettes and a lovely portrait of the image. 


A menu has taken a considerable part in every business, where the customers would see what services, foods, and drinks your shop offers. Many forms of coffee are now part of people’s daily lives; whether in the morning, noon or night, they love to drink coffee. Moreover, having an excellent coffee shop menu could take the customer’s attention, especially if it’s attractive, unique, and pleasant. It will also help strengthen your branding, and your menu is an effective marketing platform to attract more customers. 


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