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Best 5 ways to create your branding package

Best 5 Ways to Create Your Branding Package

Have you ever thought about how important creating a branding package would be and what makes it so important? Before anything else, a branding package is a collection of physical and digital resources to set up a brand image. Moreover, the product should be strongly considered before launching a product. Thus, a lot of brainstorming to finally pick from the design logo, typography, to color pallets. It shows a good impression and gives ways to keep customers happy and also remember your brand.

Another reason choosing the proper brand packaging is essential in selling products is to get the customer’s attention. Have you considered shopping for a specific brand, yet it appears that a brand that stands out caught your attention? So, instead of buying, they will divert and buy yours. To this end, these are the things you should remember to create your branding package.

Best 5 ways to create your branding package

The lists below are the 5 ways to create your branding package


Best 5 ways to create your branding package

The choice of your logo or brand identity is not just the image of the brand but also the story behind it. Creating a timeline would be great. Think of what your product can do to your customer. For instance, you choose a product with a dual purpose with cause and effect. It is also a strategy and might help your customers relate to your product. Above all, it shows the development and allows customers to remember the brand you promote. A brand package couldn’t be whole without the logo and should be suited and catchy to the eyes.

Moreover, sketch your ideas in designing your logo. Logo designers choose a pattern from scratch by combining ideas and creating a versatile, memorable, or simple design. Above all, your logo is the first impression of your brand package, so bring your ideas to life. Lastly, don’t complicate your logo. It should be easy to read so that customers will remember the brand and product.


Best 5Ways to create your branding package

What is typography? Art of creating and arranging letters or fonts for printing to deliver a message. It consists of font style, size, line spacing, and alignment. Moreover, In constructing your typography, you must understand font use, techniques, and combinations. In short, you were advertising for promotional content to draw attention to your branding package. Therefore, the output of typography should have a good impression of your brand package. Create a branding package that is not dull so the customer will stick to it. The second is readability by maximizing the space of the letter’s word content to make it readable. Then, use a lesser or a minimum number of fonts on the page but not too intense of six to seven fonts.

Color Palettes

Best 5 ways to create your branding package

The color scheme of brand packaging has a significant role in launching your product. Moreover, most consumers would say that color is the primary reason for buying products. Different shades and boldness have an emotional response to the buyer’s behavior, considering the buyer’s different perspective. It is crucial to choose the right palette.

Examine your brand personality. Put together all your thoughts on which kind of your business to be known. Do you want your target market to see your branding package as cheerful, kind, and strong, or can they trust you and be reliable? Furthermore, research your customer-preferred shades, what your competitor’s standard color uses, and the marketplace industry you’ve decided on or chosen.

The primary and secondary colors and their emotional response, such as

Red-most fast foods added this primary color to represent anger, speed, fire, excitement, etc.

Blue-most of us see this color as calm and peaceful, representing an emotional response to trustworthiness, quiet, and invitation.

Yellow- it boosts and spreads happiness, gives joy, is attentive, friendly, etc. Despite this, also remember that yellow is used in hazardous content and could mean danger.

Green-It is soothing to the eyes, refreshing, natural, renewing, and luck. Brand packaging in green packaging is likely to be seen as a natural product.



Purple- it shows a contrast of royalty, luxury, and intense passion

Orange-It is used to stand out in a crowd and attracts kids and teens. It also indicates youthful vitality, playful colors, and seasonal changes. 


Best 5 ways to create your branding package

The slogan is commonly used in advertising and is part of knowing the brand identity. Moreover, some slogans are more powerful and recognizable than the logo itself. Hence, creating effective slogans is used to express an idea or purpose of your branding package. Moreover, be creative and catchy, and have a taste for uniqueness in your branding package slogans. So choose a short tagline, which consists of five strong words or less, such as metaphor or rhymes, in simple, vibrant language. An example of a famous brand slogan of Nike products is “You can do it.” it is short yet direct to the point of what their product means and what they might want to deliver.

These are the ways to create your branding package slogan; remember and think about it.


 Your logo must be the no. one on the checklist before cramping for the slogan. The slogan and logo should intertwine to show as a whole.

Keep simple

Don’t underestimate the simplicity of a slogan. Then, use a phrase that is brief and explained clearly. Avoid complex words to avoid confusion; it might cause ineffective to your brand package.

Put humor

Having humorous lines makes the line not dull or might not sound uninterested to viewers. Furthermore, play with the lines should exceed only five to six words. 

Be honest

Be precise yet accurate and stick to your purpose for the product. It’s not necessary to say you’re “No. 1”; people will fast-check your product to avoid disappointing your target market, which could cause you a problem. Thus, building trust must be your goal also.

Package Design

Best 5 ways to create your branding package

The templates of the package should be attractive. Furthermore, To have the best result in creating the brand package design, you can hire a designer to do it. In most cases, successful business owners hire their graphic designers. But, if you are starting a small business, you can ask artists, friends, and family their opinions. Digital advertising graphics must also be seen in your brand package images and help feed the curiosity of your customer’s interest or attract a good design. Moreover, digital advertising may have pros and cons; it is costly and risks reputation.


Another reason business owners create a branding package is to remodel the image of a product. The product should be remembered consistently and be recognizable by the buyers. The article provides the best way to start your branding package, especially for independent small businesses with limited resources. It might be a great help in your future preferences. Lastly, you may read our previous blog, which may help you decide also ways to establish a business aesthetic for your brand packaging.

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