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Top 25 cleaning business names

Top 25 Cleaning Business Names

To have a good business plan, requirements must be filled aside from its marketing strategy to product services. It also requires the basic need, the name of a business you endorse to the market.


Hence, you shouldn’t just pick on the side of the road. There are golden rules that should add on while brainstorming. Thus, we listed some of the unique names for cleaning.


So, customers should remember easily by the time when they recommend, advertise, or help your small business. This article also provides the rules on picking a business name, the benefits of having a good business name, and the top 25 cleaning businesses you can use.


Rules to pick business names

To capture your customer’s attention, be creative in choosing the name. It can be witty at the same time, unforgettable.


1. Direct to the point

Top 25 cleaning business names

There are types of entrepreneurs that like a direct name. When choosing a cleaning business name idea, go for words that would hit the janitorial and commercial cleaning industry. Thus, this could be helpful for dusty, nasty, clean, scrub, or sponge.


Therefore, remain on the words that customers would really easy to remember if they think of cleaning services.


2. Keep it simple

Known brands are simple but classy and catchy and have a limit in a two-syllabus. Hence, as a start-up that doesn’t have a specific product.


Produce a name that doesn’t focus only on one product, keep it simple so that it’s easy to create a branding package if you plan on transitioning. Have you ever come up with a cleaning business name? However, the business may grow someday, so you can widen your market to sell cleaning materials.




3. Easy to pronounce

Don’t juggle the letters to pronounce and remember easily. So that the customer will look up the name when buying and never forget how to spell or pronounce it. Hence, in business names, there are many to select from, but we just need to pick a short and easily pronounce one.


4. Not trendy

You would come up and excitedly pick on what’s new today. Choose specific names that would last a decade or more, not only for the short term. Therefore, don’t mind if it is traditional or not so fancy.


Moreover, the goal is to bring a name that you would be proud of someday. For example, in a cleaning business, you just pick something trendy, and not all customers are fun of it. So it might sound boring to them. Instead, a business name that would carve the minds of your customers.


5. Check the availability online.

You can see whether taken or not through an online search. Also, check the domain availability on sites such as or


Then, if taken already, track the owner’s domain and negotiate if it is available for selling by using the “Whois” tool at GoDaddy or Network Solutions.


What are the benefits of having a good cleaning business name?

You also need a slogan to generate a business name, just like other companies did. Thus, a tagline should match the brand’s product, word, and image. But the most important thing is how you provide excellent service. Therefore the outcome of your cleaning service is a must. Lastly, a good name is more beneficial and advantageous than just dull names. These are some of the lists. 


  •  Registering the name without duplicate.


  • Attract the attention of customers



  • Increase sales


  • A good name is powerful.


  • It will remain your trademark.


  • Not to confuse it with other business names.


  • Easy to locate when finding the location because of its originality.


  • Trendy can be quickly forgotten.


  • Not limited to future expansion.


  • Protected identity of the business.

Cleaning business names

Top 25 cleaning business names

To produce a name, creativity also can help, as if you are naming your pet or baby. Ask also your business partner to negotiate with a business name. It could be tricky to combine and agree with the meaning of it. This shortlists of cleaning business names will surely sort out that problem in picking.


1. Clean and Go Rangers

2. Shhh… We Don’t Ask Cleaning Service

3. Extract Cockroach Service

4. Pick your Garbage

5. Clean, Sweep Go

6. Glitter your Home

7. Never Nasty Service

8. Soaper Tidy

9. Pick a broom

10. Goodby Dusty

11. BRoom Vroom

12. Squeeze Ball

13. Dusty Peculiar Service

14. Hello Soaptiful

15. Green Cleaner

16. Fast Dust Service

17. Wipepro Cleaning Service

18. Amazing Swift Cleaner

19. Garbage Thief

20. Your Cleaner

21. Scavenger Crew

22. Top Cleaning

23. Maid to Clean

24. Fresh Service Cleaners

25. My Green Home


20 Classy Names for Cleaning Business

As demand for professional cleaning services rises, starting a cleaning business may be profitable. Your business name should be unique and catchy to develop your brand. 


A sophisticated name may wow potential customers and set your firm apart. This post offers 20 sophisticated cleaning business names to help you get started.


1. Sparkling Solutions

This name is perfect for a cleaning business that promises to leave homes and offices sparkling clean. It evokes the image of a professional and efficient company that delivers top-notch services.


2. Pristine Cleaners

With this name, you can highlight your commitment to providing a thorough and spotless cleaning service for all your clients. It also gives the impression of a high-end and reputable business.


3. Elite Maid Service

The word “elite” conveys a sense of exclusivity and luxury, making it an excellent choice for a cleaning business that caters to upscale clients. It also suggests that your services are of the highest quality.


4. Shiny and Bright

This name is simple yet memorable, and it perfectly describes what clients can expect from your cleaning business – a clean and bright space after every visit.


5. Gleaming Clean

A play on words, this name conveys the idea of a thorough and polished cleaning service. It also has a pleasant and positive ring to it.


6. Fresh Start Cleaning Co.

This name is perfect for a business that specializes in deep and thorough cleanings, giving homes or offices a fresh start every time. It also suggests a new beginning for clients who want to maintain a tidy and organized space.


7. Immaculate Touch

This name highlights the attention to detail and precision that your cleaning business offers. It also suggests a gentle and delicate approach to cleaning.


8. Dust Busters

A fun and playful name, “Dust Busters” can evoke childhood memories of superheroes who save the day from dirt and grime. It’s an excellent choice for clients who need help with regular cleaning tasks.


9. Spotless Solutions

This name conveys a sense of perfection and excellence in your cleaning services. It also suggests that you have the right solutions for any tough cleaning challenges.


10. Clean Sweepers

Another playful name, “Clean Sweepers” implies that your business tackles all cleaning needs with ease and efficiency. It can also be associated with trust and reliability.


11. The Cleaning Authority

A strong and authoritative name, this suggests that your business is a leader in the cleaning industry. It can give clients confidence in your expertise and experience.


12. Fresh as a Daisy

This name invokes a sense of freshness and cleanliness, making it an excellent choice for a cleaning business that promises to leave spaces smelling clean and fragrant.


13. Squeaky Clean Co.

A classic and catchy name, “Squeaky Clean” implies that your business leaves everything squeaky clean after a thorough cleaning session. It can also be associated with trust and reliability.


14. Scrubology

This name is perfect for a business that offers deep cleaning services, as it suggests a scientific and methodical approach to cleaning. It also has a catchy and memorable ring to it.


15. A Cleaner Place

A simple and straightforward name, “A Cleaner Place” conveys the idea that your business makes spaces cleaner and more organized for clients. It’s also versatile and can be used for both residential and commercial cleaning services.


16. Golden Touch Cleaners

The word “golden” is often associated with luxury and high-end services, making this name a great choice for a cleaning business that caters to affluent clients. It also suggests a touch of elegance and sophistication in your services.


17. The Cleaning Company

The simplest business names can be the most effective. “The Cleaning Company” is straightforward and easy to remember, making it a great choice for clients looking for professional and reliable cleaning services.


18. Minty Fresh Cleaners

This name is perfect for a business that specializes in using environmentally-friendly and natural cleaning products. It also has a pleasant and fresh connotation that can attract health-conscious clients.


19. Maid for You

A clever play on words, “Maid for You” suggests that your business is dedicated to providing professional maid services. It can also imply a personal and tailored approach to cleaning.


20. Royal Cleaners

This name evokes images of grandeur and luxury, making it an excellent choice for high-end cleaning businesses. It can also suggest a royal treatment and top-notch services for all clients. 



There are other things to consider aside from bringing a good name to the market. Knowing also how to set business goals is on top of it. Thus, business names are the frontier of every entrepreneur because it is part of them, and they would take all the risk to engrave their name on one of the successful entrepreneurs. For entrepreneurs, also it is their body, soul, and image. Therefore, most business owners would protect themselves at all costs because the time and money they invested are valuable.

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