12 Best ways to support small businesses

12 Best Ways to Support Small Businesses

Most people don’t like the world of business, as they heard one is going to build a business is exhausting and needs financial support. As the pandemic hit, most of the time people are helping each other to support local businesses known to unknown names. You feel grateful if someone helps your small beginnings. These are samples of ways to support small businesses. 

How to support small businesses

Here are the possible ways to support the small business of your friends.

Buy their product

The usual way to support them is to buy their products. There are products that are well-known but instead of choosing them would help their revenue, small business owners appreciate those who come first it shows you trusted their product without hesitation. This way would be the easiest but never ask in return, most of us would ask for a discount, we should understand that they are still starting.

Positive reviews

E-commerce businesses usually have these review tabs on their pages or sites, this is very important for them to gather customers. It is important to buyers the pros and cons of the product before they purchase, the opinion of others would help grow the production. So giving positive reviews would benefit small businesses it will reflect the product and ensure its credibility. 

Influencing others

Business owners these days rely on social media influencers or hire them to support or attract buyers, and help them introduce their products. Being popular is not a requirement for doing so, you can be as unique as influencers to show your peers the product, but before that, you need to test it first so that you can assure also the product if it is safe for your friends to use. Once it is tested, recommend them to buy it. With this simple gesture, the owner would appreciate and be grateful to you for such a kind.

Word of mouth

Did you know that spreading your words to others is a great influence, effective recommendations, and giving positive feedback or is the best way to market, you heard it right why is word of mouth so important? Referring a small business to your friends when they ask for a recommendation is effective because customers would trust first their relatives or a well-known person to be keen on something there’s no doubt and would prefer to buy.

Mentioning or tag 

Mentioning or Tagging has many purposes in one social media applications one of those is to mention someone that might be interested in food, places, experiences, or mutual wants by mentioning or tagging a business name, how to do this? Simply typing  “ @ “ may easy to redirect to small business pages, other customer will simply click their page, and perhaps your friends will buy the same cake, use the same places to stay, or eat in a restaurant because of your post by mentioning or tagging their business name. 

Give credit

The traditional way of giving credit to a successful event is to announce it after or before the event this day it was still practiced. Customers who are satisfied by the service would give credit to the team for such a successful event especially on one-time big events, by supporting local businesses preferably the family member would shout out in the middle of the event for being thankful and congratulate the team for doing such good in service. 

Follow and like

Locals rely on the number of likes and followers of a business, Which will show how popular the business is. Through Facebook notifications, there are business that is newly opened or pages that sends us to request to like or follow their pages, all we need is to “ ACCEPT”  the button to support small businesses you can also invite your friends.

Validating if authentic 

 There are cases these days that customers were scammed especially businesses that are precious similar to gadgets. Moreover, the authenticity of a product mostly is traced as evidence of their products, so to check if it is legit or authentic by advertising the names of the business name with the validity of the product you bought from, as a buyer acknowledged them that they can be trusted so does the product.

Buy without discount 

Common traits if we knew someone close to us that are business owner, we commonly ask for discounts. Always remember that in the business world cent is a great value. Hence, here could be possibly one day their business could have lost its revenue, a single centavo is hard to earn so by the time you visited relative or friends at their restaurant never ask for a discount instead pay extra.


A good impression in business must maintain by business owners, so they need to have healthy digital habits to focus, and minimize problems in their business flow. Business is risky really it needs time and money to consume, most of the owners need the courage to endure hindrances and problems in the future, some may have bents but easily give up, by talking, asking or share your thoughts not to give up is a great help to support small business owners but most of the time people who are random are the ones who support and encourage to continue.

Business partner 

The owners of certain businesses have their CEO and COO, to maintain and continue the responsibilities in the absence of COE, having a friend or relative to get along with the business is a plus but you should be careful in choosing a partner, However helping your friend by voluntarily become shareholder to their businesses a great help for starters whereas if you could have that extra financial money support.


You could possibly wonder about the ways of supporting small businesses without telling to someone you wanted to help in simple ways. Having a social account could help advertise the product, hoping that this would help take a lift to someone and rethink that it could possibly help in many ways, because if you wanted to, then you could make a way.

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