7 best social media apps for small businesses

7 Best Social Media Apps For Small Businesses

The use of the best social media apps for small businesses is a cost-effective way to improve your visibility and take your brand to the next level. Today, there are a lot of social media platforms available that can play a major role in your social media marketing success. With several numbers of social media platforms to choose from, identifying the personality of your brand and target audience is one way to pick the best social media platform that can boost your brand. Moreover, to help you choose the right platform, we have asked entrepreneurs and professionals to share the best social media app they use that help them boost their business and talk about their experiences using them. 


One of the best social media apps for small businesses is Facebook. This app is great for all ages and most of our target audience are also on this app. Using Facebook gave us an extra channel to share and help more people with our expert content through the use of Facebook pages. We were also able to utilize Facebook ads to offer more relevant services and content to our specific customer personas Facebook groups also helped us build a community of pet lovers and experts who need guidance or seek advice about anything pet-related. Through the use of Facebook, we increased our visibility and improved our brand awareness. This also helped us increase our website traffic and conversions, as well as changed the way we interact with our customers. We were able to create more personal relationships with our audience and get constant feedback on how we can address their concerns better.

Sherry Morgan, Founder of  Petsolino

We use Facebook mostly as social media to boost our business. Our company, which majorly focuses on producing and manufacturing tools, needs a social media app with a lot of people in it, and what better app than Facebook. Since Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes content that sparks conversation and interaction, we have been able to have better engagement with our customers. We have been able to explain and demonstrate how various of our tools work, and we got to know what our consumers want, leading to the betterment of our products.

David Reid, Sales Director at VEM Tooling


For us, one of the best social media apps for small businesses is YouTube. YouTube has by far been the best social media app to help. It’s been a great resource to publish free resource videos that any of our students (clients) can use – and send to others. It’s definitely helped with the number of testimonials. Our students love seeing us being able to support them outside of the classroom. We’ve had a lot more students giving us testimonials and even linking the videos in shoutouts.

Connor Ondriska, CEO/Co-founder of SpanishVIP

One of the best social media apps for small businesses is YouTube. We’ve been using the app to distribute video content to showcase our brand and provide valuable career-related information to our target audience, which includes employers and professionals. YouTube video content has definitely given us visibility and credibility. We have been able to give our audience an intimate insider viewer of our company, core values, and culture to establish trust. Through video, we’ve put a face to our brand name, thereby establishing ourselves as credible executive recruiters who get the job done, an important attribute in this industry.

Paul French, Managing Director, Intrinsic Search


I’m going to talk strictly about B2B businesses here because that’s where my experience lies. In my eyes, there’s no better platform to be on than LinkedIn. Personally, I would ignore all other channels and go all-in on LinkedIn. It’s more of a professional platform where business owners network. I’ve been using it for over 2 years now and it’s been the source of at least 75% of the business we’ve done to date. If you’re not on it already, get on it now.

Ravi Davda, CEO of Rockstar Marketing

Among the major social media platforms, we use LinkedIn the most. We provide a B2B service and there is no question that LinkedIn is the best when it comes to that. LinkedIn users typically have an implicit understanding that when you’re in the platform, that means you’re doing business. It’s also easier to find right-fit candidates through the platform, and the whole cycle from reaching out to closing a deal is also quicker here than anywhere else.

Matt Post, Co-Founder of WCAG Pros

This social media app has enabled my company to create a professional brand image. Through LinkedIn, I have engaged with investors and potential partners. Having a LinkedIn page makes it easy for people to understand the goals of the business. By posting jobs on LinkedIn, my company has hired talented people from diverse backgrounds. My company has gained positive attention as we create a social proof of all our achievements on our LinkedIn page.

Dan Skaggs, CEO of One Thing Marketing




One of the best social media apps for small businesses is Twitter. Twitter resonates with us the most. Many of the people who benefit from the information we provide have a presence on this platform. On a daily basis, we use Twitter daily to post relevant content that drives engagement and traffic to our website. A great thing about Twitter is that we don’t find it as toxic as Facebook. On the other hand, it’s not so uptight as LinkedIn tends to be. It sits right in the middle and that’s the Goldilocks zone for us.

Jamie Knight, CEO of DataSourceHub

What worked well for us was Twitter. Twitter helps small businesses build brand awareness and engage with their customer base. Not only is it free, but it also creates business networks. On Twitter, you can connect with people you don’t normally have a chance to talk with. It’s important to maintain an active Twitter presence and network.

From our experience, Twitter helped us drive traffic to our website. We tweet links to our high-quality content on our website. This not only helps drive traffic but also improves conversions. It is imperative for small businesses to tweet consistently to make their strategy successful on Twitter. An average life span of a tweet is around 15-20 minutes, so if you want to stay visible, consistency is the key.

Ryan O’Donnell- Co-Founder and CEO at SellHack & Replyify

We’re able to retain our privacy, and we can still share all the latest cybersecurity news, the information we provide on our website, and all the free resources we can to help people with. It’s a very effective way to disseminate information succinctly, so it’s perfect for us. We used Twitter to re-post our blog posts and we got a lot of organic traffic just from that alone. A lot of those people became regular readers and even patrons. When someone who didn’t even know you existed found you on Twitter and ended up paying you for what you do, I consider that more than successful.

Bill Mann, Privacy Expert at Restore Privacy


One of the best social media apps for small businesses is Instagram. My target audience mostly consists of Millenials and Gen-Z, and they’re mostly found using Instagram. It allows me to reach out to a larger audience and boost my business. I have had an excellent experience using Instagram so far. The best part is that I can directly engage with my audience through comments and direct messages. Instagram features such as polls and questionnaires also help me understand my customers better and gauge their likes and dislikes. This improves customer retention and improves overall sales.

Sam Cohen, Founder of Gold Tree Consulting

Instagram is one of the best social media apps for small businesses. I’ve gained many leads and conversions using organic and paid ads. Displaying products with visually pleasing aesthetics increases the chances to attract potential customers. Instagram allows access to millions of users and is the hub for influencers.

Because of the nature of my work, I love how Instagram has the easiest-to-use features. It also allows me to collaborate with various brands and influencers to reach even a wider audience. But the most valuable feature is having instant feedback and reaction to my products. Instagram will always be my number one social media app tool because it helps with increased brand awareness and engagement.

As a professional tattoo artist, whose business relies on promotion for most of its success, I can say that Instagram works best for me. I am always taking pictures of my work every time I am done and sometimes videos if the client is willing. This helps me get my work out there. I often use hashtags a lot because this enables more people to actually come across your pictures on Instagram. Also, the reels are very very helpful. I can post 15sec videos of the process and these get a lot of views and comments.

Evelyn Ott, Tattoo Artist at Soul Canvas Ink

One of the best social media apps for small businesses is Instagram. While Instagram is particularly good for businesses like us who are in the fashion industry, I believe the audience there is way more active there compared to other platforms. Moreover, Instagram users are also much more willing to spend on things they like, while users on other platforms convert much less into customers, even if they engage with our content. It looks like users on Instagram trust the businesses there better since they get to see a lot in pictures and posts that help develop trust with the brand.

Farnam Elyasof, Founder of Flex Suits




I believe the best social media app for boosting my business presence is TikTok. It has been declared the king of social media in recent times because of its unique and engaging content. TikTok has allowed individual content creators to take charge in producing something out of the box, which has pushed businesses to offer sponsorships.

Influencers recommend products and services to their followers after reviewing them. Thus, influencer marketing has boosted my business presence among the target audience (youth), which has helped double my sales and revenue. So, I rate my overall experience a 10/10 for the growth of my online business.

Mark Osborne, Director at Country Hardwood


The best social media app that has helped me to boost my business is Pinterest. This app works magic by showing my pin directly to interested customers. Once a customer has clicked the pin to check the product, it automatically provides them with similar pins from my products. This has brought many impressions, which in turn have turned to clicks and people purchasing my product. I love using Pinterest to showcase my products, and it has brought in many people to my website.

Artem Klimkin, Founder and CEO of Posturion

Our clients are exposed to our brand as they quickly access our flagship ideas, potentially inspiring them to consider for purchase. We have set up clear strategies to ensure daily pinnings trying out the various pin formats for our business. Our potential clients have realized a fun-to-use app with our always valuable content. Moreover, we have promoted our ads, and our group board has shared our ideas/ plans and engaged anyone willing to contribute.

John Tian, Founder of Mobitrix


Social media has become one of the most effective digital marketing tools for small businesses. You just have to remember that one of the factors in picking the right social media platform for your business is to identify your brand’s personality and audienceand the strategies will always follow. We hope that the list of best social media apps for small businesses that we have shared above will give you insights to help you pick the right one for your business, and if you are in need of “extra help”, Stealth Agents is more than happy to lend a hand! 

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