ClickCease BirdEye All-In-One Customer Experience Platform Review
Birdeye all-in-one customer experience platform review

BirdEye All-In-One Customer Experience Platform Review

Birdeye is customer experience and reputation management software for review acquisition. This platform help businesses make an informed decision by using customer feedback and reviews across surveys, social media, and other review sites. This reputation management software comes with review monitoring, review generation, online presence, social ticketing, business insights, review marketing, competitor analysis, and customer surveys. All these features help businesses in driving customer loyalty. If you are looking for a platform that helps you increase customer ratings and reviews, grasp greater customer acquisition, and increase your revenue, Birdeye is for you. Read on to learn more about BirdEye!

BirdEye login

Once the admin of the BirdEye platform added you as a user, you will receive an email. In this email, you will get the instruction to login into the BridEye account.

A screenshot of birdeye login

Head to the BirdEye website and hit the sign-in option. Now add your email address and password provided in your email and hit the ‘sign in’ button to proceed. You will be redirected to the dash of this reputation management software after clicking the sign-in option. Now, you access your dashboard. You can get a $500 Amazon gift card when you refer a business to BirdEye. 

BirdEye pricing

You can either preset or customize the pricing using the BirdEye platform. The customized pricing is based on the features that you need for your business and the number of locations where your business has footprints. You need to sign a one-year commitment with Birdeye. You can either pay on a monthly basis or upfront for the entire year. Due to higher rates, choosing monthly installments are a great way to go.

A screenshot of birdeye pricing configurator page

You need to provide your business details to see the pricing of all plans offered by BirdEye. If you are operating your business at one location only, its standard starts at $299 per month. However, the professional plan starts at $399 per month.

Birdeye competitors and alternatives 

There are plenty of Birdeye competitors. This software help businesses with revenue reporting team workflow and social media management. However, it is difficult to find what software is best for you. There is some reputation management software that is voted best by the reviewers. This includes Podium, Drift, Chekkit, Semrush, Active Campaign, and others. 


Podium helps businesses build an online reputation and manage customer relationships using text messages. The best thing about this customer interaction software is that it combines online reviews and customer interactions into a single dashboard. This way, businesses manage the review management easily. 


Drift software makes it easier for the users to buy from your business through live one-on-one chat. In other words, it is a conversational marketing platform for your business. By connecting this platform, you will generate more qualifies leads and book meetings for your sales representatives using Drift’s bots.


Chekkit helps you build brand trust using online reviews. It gives your customers to share their thoughts who want to start their own business like yours. This helps to drive marketing ROI.


ActiveCampaign is a great tool that grows your business. It enables you to connect and engage with your customers. It has a Saas platform that automates many processes and helps you communicate with your customer using personalized messages across all channels. This creates an optimized customer experience for your business.


If you are looking for a tool that helps you discover marketing insights and improve your visibility over the web, SEMrush is worth considering. This software helps marketers with a variety of services. This includes Keyword Research, Campaign Management, SEO, Competitive Research, PPC, PR, Marketing Insights, SMM, and Content Marketing.


If you are looking to capture real-time customer feedback, Swell is for you. It makes it easy for users to share their feedback with a single click.


Synup is also a great alternative for Birdeye, which is a marketing tool that helps SMEs to keep their data in sync, improve online reputation, control digital assets, get real-time business insights and monitor customer feedback. All these features help you run a better business.

Podium vs BirdEye

The podium is used for the interaction management tool, while Birdeye is reputation management software. The podium is used for review generation and reputation management. On the other hand, BirdEye helps businesses to monitor customer reviews, real-time analytics, and market customer reviews using the social listing.

People found BirdEye more user-friendly by assessing these two tools. However, according to reviewers, the podium is easier to set up than BirdEye.



Both platforms can be managed easily. People felt that Birdeye meets the needs of their businesses as compared to Podium. Birdeye is a great option when it comes to the quality of product support. People preferred to use Birdeye for roadmaps and feature updates.

Overview of BirdEye benefits

BirdEye provides top-notch features that help businesses to organize, track, respond and monitor reviews. This is one of the best platforms that turn feedback into effective insights. This powerful tool is designed to be a user-friendly solution with plenty of integration options that help the customers to start using it instantaneously. Birdeye might be your success partner no matter what your business size is. This is a very comprehensive and powerful tool that is capable of displaying feedback in real-time from over 250 websites. It sends you an email or text message when someone posted a review about your business. Getting notifications for customer reviews is very critical for your business. Moreover, you can filter the alerts by their rating and source as well.

Search engines like Google index all reviews. This software transforms your online presence into a great marketing tool by boosting SEO. This way, you can improve your listing with photos, menus, videos, and incentives. This helps you stay ahead and increase your CTR and conversion rate as well. Birdeye also makes it easier for you to automate your review collection approaches by integrating them into leading CRM, accounting, and CMS platforms. This platform helps you engage your clients in real-time and gives your business control of every client base decision that grows your business faster.

BirdEye features 

BirdEye is a comprehensive review management tool that your business needs to acquire and manage reviews. This software offers a variety of tasks that include:

Review monitoring

It also helps make it simple to monitor and track the customer reviews besides helping to get more reviews. You will receive a notification via email or SMS each time a new reviewer post a review about your business. You can filter the reviews that allow you to find the positive and important reviews.

A screenshot of birdeye review monitoring feature

Review acquisition

This software provides you several ways to request reviews from your clients. For example, email, SMS, social media, a form on your blog, and a BirdEye microsite. You can personalize the message sent on each platform to get a better response. You can even set the time when your clients are contacted, which could be after-sale or a week later. It also integrates with tons of programs and apps, making it easy to take advantage of your customer database to garner more reviews.

A screenshot of birdeye review acquisition

Review management

BirdEye also allows you to reply to your reviews. If you are not sure how to respond to a negative review, use the sample response that BirdEye provides you, or you can tailor. Even you can set an apology message for a negative review or say thank you for the positive one. You can automate the process according to the rules you set up. For instance, you can send thank you note for the 5-star review.

A screenshot of review management feature

Review marketing

Using BirdEye, you can promote your positive reviews across social platforms that include Twitter, social media giant, Facebook, and on your site. It embeds review into your website’s code so that your customer feedback and top-ranking appear in SERP. It builds a microsite for all your customer reviews, which can boost your online presence that leads to your business growth.

A screenshot of birdeye review marketing feature

Additional features 

You can manage the online listing of your company with BirdEye. Moreover, it allows your clients to chat with you via text message. You can also create a ticketing system for your customers who want to talk to you about your services or products and any other problem related to them. You can also build and send surveys to your customers. 

How does BirdEye collect Yelp data

In the consumer review space, Yelp is the leader. BirdEye has partnered with Yelp to offer businesses access to yelp reviews across all industries. No matter what your industry is, you are authorized to access the verified reviews. With this partnership, you can monitor and manage reviews within this Saas platform. When BirdEye integrates the data from Yelp, it enhances the functioning of BirdEye, which helps you to gather data from over 200 websites. Businesses can take advantage of these reviews across other websites for a well-rounded reputation. It helps businesses to control their online presence.

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