ArrowChat social networking software review

ArrowChat Social Networking Software Review

ArrowChat is a product of ArrowSuites which has been offering frontline and innovative software since 2009.

Social networking sites have allowed us to enhance our social circles for both personal and professional use. It is equally helpful for starters, small-medium, and big enterprises for interacting in real with tools to replicate the online experience with that of a real one. Social networking software are then offered with features eliminating physical boundaries to interact live with others.

What is ArrowChat

ArrowChat is a self-hosted jQuery software in MySQL and PHP language that offers live chat services. The software allows you to communicate through texting and video calls at the bottom of a website.

It offers three paid versions, i.e., for starter, premium, and business at the cost of $45, $125, and $295 per month, respectively. This pricing is charged ones and does not include any hidden cost. No matter which version you go for, you will be provided with infinite chats and users, software updates, and techniques for the entire year.

With each plan package, you will receive more than a hundred plus exciting features, including excess to their e-store for buying and selling of mods, themes and app, immediate download, open-source coding, and access to its APIs for integrating ArrowChat in the website. On a shared server, the software allows a reduced number of users; however, ArrowChat can easily handle more than a thousand users with a dedicated server.

ArrowChat features

ArrowChat offers a varying set of features for its mobile users, web users, and admin. Let’s have a look at each of them.


Private chats

ArrowChat aims to provide its client with the best business experience through private chat features. These features include both audio and video chats, emojis, and giphy for more expressive conversation sharing of files and images during the talk, censoring for offensive words, flagging chat for admin review, blocking spam and fake users, smart chat history, and YouTube link that can be automatically played in messages.

A represenation of arrowchat private chat feature

Video Chat

This is enabled on both and mobile with built-in and Vonage support.

Chat Rooms

This service is offered for group users with great controlling features and safety. You can control the message traffic, i.e., the number of messages sent by a user, Mods can kick, ban, or silence users, make admin or moderator for controlling chat, delete an inappropriate chat, display welcome messages when the user enters the room, sharing file or images and allow users to group categorically.

Additionally, the web version also features announcements for users that will be shown through pop-ups, real-time status for keeping a check on user activity, notifications, synchronization with browser tabs, push services for quick massaging and decreased load, UTF-8 for offering any RTL (right to left) language of your choice, cross-browser and open source for complete customization.



A dedicated version for mobile devices is offered by ArrowChat, enabling you to connect from any location. The mobile visitor on your website will be able to have all features of Chat, same as that of the visitor from the web, i.e., emojis and giphy, file transfer, censoring, etc. 

A representation of arrowchat mobile chat

Video chat

Mobile video chat is featured the same as that of web version having built-in and Vonage.

A representation of arrowchat mobile video chat

Friendly native conversion

This refers to the option of converting this app into iOS and Android applications for downloading. This native conversion is made possible as the ArrowChat made on Onsen UI.

In-page chat

This feature allows you to execute a mobile chat application from your website, and your user will not need to install or download an app.

A representation of arrowchat in-page chat feature

Added features for mobile version are JavaScript API, pull down option for refresh lists and obtain history, a custom setting for mobile, push server, multi-language, and open source.




Admin panel

All versions of ArrowChat have an admin panel that can be customized for almost everything from significant to small features, i.e., from chat room to background theme. Admin Panels features analytics for comprehensive chat stats of your page, your uploaded emojis, real-time announcements for users, word censoring, chat logs and group permission for monitoring and controlling purposes, and user ban for IP address.

A screenshot of arrowchat admin panel page


HTML and CSS files allow you to set up ArrowChat in your style. The admin panel is equipped to easily and quickly change colors.

A representation of arrowchat html and css feature


Though admin panels, administrators, and moderators can be assigned to chat rooms for reporting and controlling purposes.

Admin needs to have more authoritative features, so ArrowChat has equipped the admin version with those required features like maintenance, RTL language setup, embed codes for chat rooms, changing theme colors, and set up notifications.

A screenshot of arrowchat moderation feature


For wider usage opportunities, ArrowChat supports integrations with numerous other applications and software in the category of CMS, Dating, Social, framework, and forums.

A representation of arrowchat integrations

ArrowChat nulled

Nulled are gained by a third-party website for working without a license key, virus, or malware. ArrowChat v2.11 scripts are free and Nulled by producing download links of Nitroflare, FileNext, and File-Cad on websites that include Leech. Ninja,, Cocoleech, etc. 

Virustotal is GPL licensed website where you can search ArrowChat v2.1.1 for scanning viruses and malware. Another website that provides ArrowChat Nulled are Nulled,, etc.

ArrowChat vs. CometChat

CometChat is one of the alternatives or competitors of ArrowChat, being in the same category, i.e., live Chat. CometChat can be entirely customized by developers for adding chat plugin to websites. On the other hand, ArrowChat can be installed on your website without any hassle of coding. Each software offers free trial versions and is a third-party application.

Both ArrowChat and CometChat are solutions for handling traffic for the service you provide on your application or website. CometChat is an excellent choice for getting engage with your customers via text and video calls by having a completely customized platform. Their user interface is easy for managing with integrations. These integrations are ready plugins with drag and drop options that can be used on WordPress and other such platforms.

CometChat is equipped with a white-label user interface, and this application supports JS, MySQL, etc., for APIs computing and cross-platform. This support system allows your user to interact with you or communicate with you to get services from your business.

ArrowChat is supported on PHP and jQuery and offers benefits while texting and video call with its great features and integrations on those formats appropriately. ArrowChat has gained admiration from its user due to it simple integrations, speed for white label services.

However, apart from the free trial versions, the pricing at ArrowChat starts at $45, whereas at CometChat, the cost initiates from $ 149, which is comparatively a big difference. ArrowChat support team is quite active to resolve any query you might have during its execution.

ArrowChat: How to integrate with PHPBB

ArrowChat offers and allows ready integration on host websites, including PHPBB. With automatics integrations, you will be visible to others by profile link. In case you don’t know to code for integration with ArrowChat, you can always access it by enabling guest chat only, which will not require any coding. 

How to install ArrowChat on Boonex

Installing ArrowChat on Boonex Dolphin is matter takes no additional effort, and you will have it available on top of your website without any specific server or software. The user on Boonex Delphine will be routinely logged into ArrowChat, and it will display the link of the profile to others.

ArrowChat adopts your avatar on Boonex and will update itself for your friend list for any addition or removal on contact. ArrowChat features can be restricted here for the group of users, which can be used on obtaining approval.



You can then connect to Boonex having ArrowChat on it from anywhere and from any device and enjoy texting or video chat with a customized look through the Admin panel.

ArrowChat: How to hide private tab

ArrowChat understands that privacy is a concern of many users today, so one of its features includes completely hiding private tab. You can use CSS to hide the whole tab bar; another way is to add Chatroom type, i.e., Unlisted or Private; this way, the tab will only show chat room that is defined, and an unlisted tab will not be displayed.

You can always go back to the home page and make changes accordingly when you wish to unhide it.


While looking for any flaws experienced by the user with ArrowChat, many users couldn’t find the integration of this app with their desired one; others reported the breaking of audios and video during the chat session. However, you always have the option to contact their support staff for any assistance with its integration with other apps, and a better server or connection can be employed for avoiding distortion while audio and video sessions, respectively. 


In the pool of numerous live chat software available today, ArrowChat is one of the best choices, which offers almost complete customization for the user interface on the admin panel for analyzing, managing, and controlling. With great features, it provides its users at both ends to communicate via texting or video call with almost live expression in real-time.

Overall, ArrowChat manages to win its user confidence by providing a platform to engage with the client on their page along with reasonable pricing. Free demo is also available for web, mobile, and admin usage; other add-ons can be purchased for added benefits according to your preferences.

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