Ytel communication platform review

Ytel Communication Platform Review: Benefits, Pricing, And Alternatives

Ytel communication platform started in 2012. It offers application development for businesses to communicate through calls and text messaging services.

Communication today serves as a backbone for any business. An efficient and flexible communication system that is harmonized with business structure speaks wonders. Atomization within the communication system has now fastened the business operations and so the expectation with the results through it. Communication service provides this as an opportunity and offers multiple options for businesses. When it comes to business communication, Ytel is probably the best software for power communication. It offers a communication API app and contact center module that help businesses of all sizes boost sales using optimized communication options. Let’s learn more about Ytel.

Having effective communication serves all stakeholders in an organization, be it their staff or customer. Companies now invest in software to enhance their communication with clientele. That software is then used by front staff or departments like CRM and can be used on your desktop, Mobile phone, or on the web.

Ytel software is developed to handle clients for different-sized companies. It offers services mainly for 24/7 customer care, and other of its services include; improved networking, generating leads for prospective customers, providing knowledge base, managing business development campaigns, marketing department, tracking calls, offering support through help desk, call, emails, etc.

Benefits of Ytel

Ytel comes with great features such as customizability for business setup, scalability, set of features, and communication tools. Plus, it offers more streamlined and faster communication methods. Let’s explore some more great benefits of Ytel:

Enhanced communication processes

When it comes to communication, some key hurdles that most businesses deal with are bouncing emails and downtimes. This communication platform provides top-notch deliverability and consistent uptime with a carrier-grade network. Moreover, it also provides the best security solutions that secure the clients and users at all times. 

Customizable call center setup

The advanced communication solution helps the businesses of handling the most complex and simple cases simultaneously, but it doesn’t have the services that a business exactly needs. Ytel doesn’t have such issues since it features an application programming interface that can be integrated with over a hundred sales and marketing apps. So, it makes it easy for businesses to modify the system as per their specific requirement.

Unified communications platform

In today’s digital world, using multiple modes of communication has become a requirement for businesses. This way, they can effectively interact with their customers and prospective clients. Moreover, it is the best way to increase your brand awareness. But it gives you scattered info about your customers that is hard to join to make analytics that helps you to take further actions. Ytel has solved this problem as it allows the users to handle their communication process, including emails, voice calls, and text messages, in a centralized platform.

A representation of ytel as communication platform

How to install Ytel in Firefox

Ytel supports Firefox, and it integrates with your browser to create a powerful hub for business communication. However, there is no extension for firefox that makes it easy for your teams to access the features of this communication software without your browser. It increases productivity and simplifies the process of workflow. Moreover, Ytel didn’t mention how to install it in Firefox. However, it provides remote support to get you to fix it up through TeamViewer. Ytel engineers give you remote support using TeamViewer software and control your Mac or computer remotely over the internet within minutes. 

They also mentioned on their official website that you should have an updated version of Firefox to use Ytel. Clear the browser’s cookies and cache to update the latest version of Firefox. You may experience performance degradation with your products that use the Webphone of this software. So, it is recommended to clear your cache except for stored passwords. 

Ytel supports

Ytel offer support for communication to all its stakeholder by providing advanced and cloud-based solutions for telecom. The company values and priorities human resources and organizational culture to deliver services for success.

It has created a growing network system with its customers to empower communication in a boundary-less world. This enhanced communication is enabled through voice messaging and short messaging services.

Ytel aims to add candidates to its network who are passionate and experienced with computers and clouding. These people then offer support to their end-users, i.e., both home and office. The services are provided as per the need and knowledge of their customer who may not be familiar with the usage of Ytel.

Customers get to solve professional support services for any technical issue at an optimized level. As to add ease of providing support, Ytel used different channels, including telephone calls, chat, or emails. All these services are provided with a prioritized system. Ytel also believes in providing drills to its clients so they can make the best use of their products and services. All these services are managed in a way to even keep their cold clients happy through departmental follow-ups.

Ytel pricing

Ytel offers a free trial version to its users. Otherwise, it charges according to the choice of software, i.e., for starters, for call center management, or for organizations. Their pricing starts from $99-499. Follow the link for a detailed pricing guide on features and licensing.



A screenshot of Ytel pricing plan

Ytel admin login

For Ytel admin login, you need to take the following steps and agree to the licensing terms:

  1. Use this link to signup and login for Ytel.
  2. Create your account by entering your username and password. Once you successfully log in, a login screen will appear.
  3. Once your account is ready, enjoy the benefits of the Ytel platform. 
  4. Check the troubleshooting options if you can’t access the admin login of Ytel.
A screenshot of Ytel login page

How to set up voicemail with Ytel

Setting up Voicemail with Ytel allows you to interact without disturbing your clients through ringtones or calls. This is a great way to communicate your point without disturbing their routine. Your voice note is dropped in their mobile voicemail box, which can be attended to later.

To set up voicemail, log in to your account and click on the campaign tab. When you open it, select the option of ‘follow up the engine,’ which will take you to a new page with an option of ‘add rule’ at the top of the right-hand side. Here you can add a description of your campaign, a number of the call, list, and status. After this, details for RVM (Ringless voicemail).

Note that there is a limitation to your call/ second, i.e., you can send only up to 100 API calls, but it can be used for both texting and calls too. Also, that RVM (ringless voicemail) is only practical on mobile phones, and so the quality of audio.

What CRM does Ytel work with

Ytel works with various CRM software, including Zoho, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sugar CRM, Agile CRM, and Pipeliner CRM.


Ytel can be integrated with Salesforce that helps you amplify customer engagement. You can send voicemails, SMS to Salesforce customer relationship management leads during the engagement process.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Ytel also works with Microsoft Dynamics CRM that helps you engage better with your customers and get prompt responses by receiving and sending SMS. When it comes to marketing workflows, sending text messages is part of it. It offers text message templates to efficiently influence your campaigns.


You can also access Zoho using Ytel. It helps you send SMS with marketing and contact lists and two-way SMS conversations. Customers can integrate the functionality of text messages in the CRM and download the message 360 extension.


With SugarCRM, you can engage with your customers by receiving and sending SMS. It also offers SMS templates to power your campaign efficiently.

Ytel alternatives

Genesys Cloud

Genesys cloud can be a great alternative to Ytel that is the all-in-one interface. It helps to create a conversation across voice and digital channels. It provides a great experience for the customers and employees as well. It reduces complexity, changes your contact center into an experience customer center. It comes with speedy deployments and simple administration.


You can use AirCall instead of Ytel that can be used on any device. It is a phone system for contemporary businesses that require no hardware equipment. In a few minutes, you can set it up and dial in. It can be integrated with more than fifty CRM software like Helpdesk. Its dynamic call center enables your sales team to manage your calls. It also offers some other great features too like live activity feed, IVR, power dialer, CTI, analytics dashboard, call coaching, power dialer, and more.


Reply is a sales automation tool that helps you outreach more effectively while making each customer communication personalized. 

Microsoft Bing Speech API

Microsoft Bing Speech API is a cloud-based application programming interface that provides a more advanced algorithm to process the language. It allows the developers to add real-time interaction with the user and other speech-driven actions.

SolarWinds VNMQ

SolarWinds VNMQ is VoIP monitoring software that is designed for WAN performance insights and QoS metrics. With VNQM, users can monitor VoIP performance with the help of call detail records analysis. This way, you can identify and eliminate noise, latency, and distortion.

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