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XNSPY cellphone and tablet monitoring software review

XNSPY Monitoring Software- Review

Xnspy is a smart and extremely useful mobile phone tracking application that provides you complete access to all the data present in your employee’s mobile phone, including their GPS location, at any time you want.

Whether it’s the teenage tantrums or the employee procrastination that you want to deal with, monitoring is one way to deal with them both.

Smartphone monitoring is the contemporary form of monitoring. It doesn’t require the use of expensive and mammoth security tools, but just an app. Though it still is an enigma whether portable security tools would substitute the traditional ones, startups and parents can use them to save on monitoring costs.

As iOS is generally perceived as more secure over other OS, iPhones are seen dominating most of our workplaces, so it’s necessary that employers go for an iPhone spy for their office. XNSPY is a very renowned app that can be used for this purpose as it comes in numerous editions and package plans.

Parents can also use this app for their kids as it’s equally effective for parental monitoring. So let’s first see what is XNSPY and how does it work?

What is Xnspy

Xnspy is a smart and interesting cell phone tracker app that helps you keep an eye on your employees with utmost ease. Once you have signed up for an Xnspy account, you just need to download Xnspy on your employee’s cell phone. What next? Just relax on your couch; grab your laptop, and view the entire data on your employee’s cell phone wherever you are.


XNSPY has all the aforementioned features. The best thing about the app is its price. You can monitor for as low as $8.33/month. The app is reliable, effective, and works with any android device running gingerbread 2.3 or higher.

How does XNSPY work?

To find all the information that you require, all you need is an Xnspy username and password and an internet connection. Once you have registered for an account with Xnspy and downloaded this mobile spy in your employee’s mobile phone, you can access their entire cell phone data from anywhere in the world at any time you want to.

How to install XNSPY?

Once you have bought the subscription to Xnspy, follow these steps to install this app on your preferred device:

  1. Open the Android download URL received via email
  2. The app will start downloading
  3. Tap on the appv2.apk file to open it
  4. A warning window will appear
  5. Tap Settings and click “Allow from this source”
  6. Then, hit install
  7. Enter the activation code received via email
  8. Read the terms and conditions and tap “activate”
  9. You have now successfully installed the app. Follow the next prompts to proceed with the remaining installation procedures.

XNSPY free

The Xnspy app is not free. There is no free trial version. However, you can check its demo version to get a good feel of how the app works and how to use its features.

Once you have checked the demo version and you are happy with the features of the app, feel free to subscribe to one of its premium plans.

XNSPY login

To get into your Xnspy account and monitor activities on another device, you must log into your account. Follow these steps to access your Xnspy login:

  1. Enter in your browser
  2. Add your email and password
  3. Hit the login button
  4. You have now entered your Xnspy dashboard.

How to uninstall XNSPY?

Xnspy is a discreet app. there are a few ways to uninstall this app. The first option is to search for the app manually and then uninstall it. This can be time-consuming and if you fail to find the app, how can you uninstall it right?

The only feasible option to remove or uninstall Xnspy from another device is to factory reset it. Keep in mind factory resetting the device will wipe away everything from the device in question. Create a backup of all important data stored in the phone before factory resetting.

XNSPY—SMS tracker for smartphones and tablets

If you are looking out for an SMS tracker, then you are in the right place. With XNSPY, you can read all the text messages on the target user’s device, be it a smartphone or a carrier-enabled tablet. The app is designed for employees and kids under the age of 18 years. So If you have notorious children or employees that you want to monitor, this is the perfect app for you.



There are many other features that might interest you:

Calls, SMS and phonebook tracker

It’s not just a text message tracker, and it can do a lot more. With the app installed in the target device, you can access all the calls made to or from that device. The phonebook is also automatically backed up onto XNSPY’s server. So whenever you want to view calls, SMS, or phone number entries, simply log into the control panel on the website.

WhatsApp and other IM chats tracker

With this app, you can view all the conversations of your kids or employees made through WhatsApp or any other IM app like Facebook, Line, Viber, or Skype. Any media files, including photos, videos, and audio, are all recorded and available for your access.

Calls and surroundings recorder

A great recording feature to spy on your kids and employees. You can intercept their calls with just one click on XNSPY’s control panel. If you want to record the surroundings, the app will activate the built-in microphone of the targeted user’s device.

Remote control 

The app turns into a remote control if you want to lock the target device or wipe data over it. Also, you can send certain commands onto the device. It’s a great feature to mediate your kids’ mobile phone usage. Whenever you feel like they are using their phone too frequently, simply lock their devices for some time.

Unlimited backup storage

You can store unlimited data onto XNSPY’s server. So if you were looking out for an integrated backup for all your built-in and third-party apps data, simply install the app on your own device.

GPS tracker

A very necessary feature that’s a must-have for any good monitoring tool is the GPS tracker. With this app, you can do the following:

 • Find the real-time location or

 • Location history

 • Geo-fencing

Geo-fencing is a feature that can allow you to restrict your kids and employees within certain geographical boundaries using the GPS of your smartphones. You will have to mark authorized and unauthorized areas on the map. Once you targeted users will go in and out of an unauthorized area, you will be notified immediately on the app’s control panel.

There is no doubt that XNSPY is a great SMS tracker!

Other amazing features

If you wish to know what your kids browse on the internet all day long, try and plan iPhone tracking with Xnspy to keep an eye on their web browsing history. You may even view all the pages bookmarked by them. Not just this, even all the contact numbers inside the cell phone of your kids are provided to you by Xnspy. You even get to view their entire call log details as well as the exact location whenever you feel the need to.

Benefits of XNSPY

The best support

A cell phone spy software is the best support that any parent can ever ask for. This amazing piece of technology runs covertly in the back of your kid’s cell phone and does not even provide anyone with a hint of its existence inside their cell phone. You must be using an iPhone or Android smartphone to avoid any compatibility issues with this cell phone spy software in the future.

Little downloading time

Give this spy app less than 5 minutes of your time, and it gets downloaded on your kid’s cell phone without any fuss. No feature of your child’s cell phone is disturbed during or after this installation. Simply connect to the internet and use the log-in details that you are provided by Xnspy. Once you have logged in, the entire cell phone data of your kids will be right in front of your eyes.



Top features

Parents are provided complete details of each and every contact number saved in the cell phone of their children with the help of Xnspy. Parents are even shown all the music files, video files as well as all pictures that are stored inside the cell phone of their child. The entire web browsing history of children, as well as all their e-mails, are shown to parents with the help of this cell phone spy software. Even all the pages bookmarked by children are shown to parents.

The best support

There is no need to act extra strict with your children. You simply need to monitor their activities closely till the time they try and get on any wrong path. What better support can you receive in this regard apart from this cell phone spy software, Xnspy?

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