Best 10 website designers in chicago

Best 10 Website Designers in Chicago

What makes Chicago a famous tourist destination? If you’re a food lover, Chicago is the ultimate dining paradise in the United States. Beyond its culinary delights, Chicago offers rich history and unique architecture.

Additionally, Chicago is home to many talented and trusted website designers.

To find the best website designer in Chicago, consider their performance, reviews, portfolios, and the companies they work with.

Use the internet to research each designer’s background to avoid wasting money and time. Here is a list of the best website designers in Chicago.

For those in Milwaukee, check out our guide on top web design services in Milwaukee for additional options to elevate your online presence.

1. Flamingo Agency

Best 10 website designers in chicago

The most viewed and highly reviewed website designer in Chicago. There’s no doubt that this web design company is trusted by many and, in the first place, was awarded as a top web designer in 2019 and top-rated SEO agency in 2020 by trusted ratings and reviews platforms in Chicago. Furthermore, some industries they work for include tourism and hospitality, information technology, architecture, and more. Book an appointment for a consultation if you work for them. This best website designer in Chicago prefers to talk personally. 


Address: 3752 N Southport Ave, Chicago, IL 60613, United States


Contact: 📞+1 312-967-7044

Google rate: 5/ 5 of 39 review

2. 10com Web Development

Best 10 website designers in chicago


They work with popular brands such as Asics, Adidas, Miss USA, wrangler, and CAT. Yes, you read it right; those are just a few brands. There’s more, recognized as the best website designer in Chicago, ten com web development company featured in CBS, fox sports, NBC, ABC news WIX and WSJ. Visit their page to check all you want, from testimonials, reviews, and portfolios. Thus, most web designers provide their portfolios to clients’ preferences because, in that way, they can showcase their talents and gain the trust of their clients. 




Address: Michigan plaza, 205 N Michigan Ave Suite 810, Chicago, IL 60601, United States


Contact: By online appointment or phone number provided to contact them.📞 +1 312-321-7496

Google rate: 4.9/ 5 of 303 reviews

3. Comrade Digital Marketing Agency

Best 10 website designers in chicago


Looking for a full-service and guaranteed best web designer in Chicago? Then, Comrade Digital Marketing will help you with advanced and updated monthly progress reports to ensure the credibility of their work. Indeed, most entrepreneurs trusted this one of the best web designers in Chicago. So far, over 300 design and marketing projects have been in service for over twelve years. Therefore, they provide a package that guarantees their work effectiveness.

If you start working with the team, they charge 50% of the cost, and after achieving the goal of a specific website, that’s the time to pay for the whole rate. Additionally, suppose you want to work with them. In that case, it might be available in your area. Thus,  reach them in Miami, Los Angeles, Austin, Milwaukee, Dallas, and San Diego.


Address: 770 N Halsted St #106, Chicago, IL 60642, United States


Contact: 312-265-0580

Google rate4.9/ 5 of 76 reviews

4. Alpha Efficiency

Best 10 website designers in chicago




Alpha Efficiency is one of the best website designers in Chicago to work with a touch of art and technology. On their web design services in travel companies, they’ve provided email support, digital marketing, and SEO services. In addition, their service can help the growth of startup businesses. Such as designing and developing a website from scratch for a restaurant platform startup based on the unique design of one of the best website designers in Chicago. 


Address: 1130 N Dearborn St, Chicago, IL 60610, United States


Contact:📞 +1 312-300-6746

Google rate: 5/ 5 of 20 reviews

5. SEO Design Chicago

Best 10 website designers in chicago


This website designer in Chicago is unmatched and unparalleled services specializing in search engine optimization, web development, analytics, and digital advertising experts. Furthermore, helping businesses and agencies through marketing services, campaigns, and marketing solutions over 125 different categories of companies. Some lists humbly extend their expertise in these industries, especially e-commerce website design matters. As such, additional marketing strategies, chiropractor, chocolatier, and church marketing. On the other hand, for static websites that need to be updated, this best website designer will enhance the existing website from Joomla, Drupal, HTML, or other interfaces to WordPress, Shopify, and Magento. Therefore, turning your website to what you wanted to upgrade on your page would also suggest ideas to increase the growth of your business. 


Address: 3580 W Belden Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, United States


Contact: To contact them, fill in the information for consultation and appointment.📞+1 773-677-5747

Google rate: 5/ 5 of 28 reviews


Best 10 website designers in chicago


Are you looking for the tone of the best web design company in Chicago? The SITE IT NOW provides:

-Custom e-commerce web development.

-Search Engine Optimization.

-Social media marketing.

-Mobile app and software development.

-Secure web hostings.

Thus, web designers are professionals and industry leaders specializing in custom web applications and e-commerce services. Therefore, a leading team of website designers in Chicago with innovative technology solutions for website designing and marketing.


Address: 1016 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60607, United States


Contact: 📞 +1 312-442-0352 📧

Google rate: 5/ 5 of 20 reviews

7. Chicago Website Design SEO Company

Best 10 website designers in chicago


A web design company works for all business sizes. One of their services, keeping the website secure, follows guidelines of Google’s best practices and incorporates white hat tactics. Here are some of what they will build according to your website service. To illustrate, for accountant website design and SEO services, the best website designer in Chicago. Therefore, the team will analyze how an accounting firm uses different strategies. Commit to working with them to stand out, but it is a long process. For accountant website analysis, there are elements to undertake. Such as eliminating 400 errors and dead ends, analyzing the company’s content, and linking the internal and external backlinks. Lastly, revise the website word count to produce an authoritative website. So these are just one of the works to remodel the website and how this best website designer in Chicago will work. 


Address: 10 S Riverside Plaza #875, Chicago, IL 60606, United States

Contact: (312) 448-8310

Google rate: 5/ 5 of 41 reviews

8. Solid Digital

Best 10 website designers in chicago

This web designer is a leading full-service marketing agency in Chicago, Denver, Portland, and Austin. Their services are web design and development, digital growth, UI/UX Design, digital marketing, and app design development. Additionally, the founder of the best website designer in Chicago, Jesse McCabe, is passionate about helping hundreds of businesses through his inspirational work. Thus, Solid Digital, one of the best website designers in Chicago, was founded in 2006. He guided the team to excel in services and experience.


Chicago 100 N LaSalle St.Suite 1400 Chicago, IL 60602

Denver 1624 Market St Suite 226 Denver, CO 80202

Portland 200 SW Market St.Suite 975 Portland, OR 97201

Austin 500 E St Johns AveSuite 2620Austin, TX 78752


Contact: 📞 877-899-9981 hello 📧

Google rate: 5/ 5 of 20 reviews

9. Orbit Media Studios

Best 10 website designers in chicago


Orbit Media Studios has worked in web design and development in the digital service industry for over twenty years. In working with their client, they emphasize the client’s needs and the problem of their website by understanding their customer’s needs. Indeed, one of the trusted website designers in Chicago, which they don’t outsource, is an in-house team of experts. Their recent project was working in the industry of food and beverage, financing, education, and so on.


Address: 4043 N Ravenswood Ave #316, Chicago, IL 60613, United States


Contact: Main (773) 348-4581 Support (773) 353-8314

Google rate: 4.9/ 5 of 34 reviews

10. Marcel Digital

Best 10 website designers in chicago


Are you searching for the best website designer in Chicago and a Google Certified? The Marcel digital team will work on your website. Thus, working with this team does not need to be undoubtful. Whereas this website designer Chicago, is Google Certified, so its services are Google Analytics Audit provides:

-Google Analytics migration

-Google tag manager

-GA4 Consulting services

Hence, they develop a world-class website and data-driven digital marketing strategies.



 445 W Erie St #200, Chicago, IL 60654, United States


Contact:  (312)-255-8044

Google review: 4.9/ 5 of 28 reviews


Whatever the cost of business as an entrepreneur, they would find solutions that boost sales and maintain the growth of their product. Therefore, trust is vital in this investment. The website will bring change, impression, and, most of all, the company’s reputation. Thus, picking out the best website designer in Chicago is a must to minimize problems in a future transaction. If you need a website designer in New York base, that can be trusted and 2x faster than others, humbly recommend Stealth Agent company, one of the best website designers in New York. 

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