ClickCease Virtual Assistants For Writers: 5 Tasks You Can Outsource
5 tasks you can outsource to virtual assistants for writers

Virtual Assistants For Writers: 5 Tasks You Can Outsource

It may seem obvious but in order to do more things in less time, it would always be better to have an extra pair of hands to get things done effectively and efficiently, and for writers, this is not an exception. 

Writing is one of the most effective ways to inform, educate and express ideas, that is why as a writer, it is very important for you to allocate enough time and deep concentration to make a good piece of writing, But wait, let us not forget about those other administrative tasks on your plate that come with making writing work. Handling all the tasks by yourself is something that is hard to do that is why seeking help from a virtual assistant for writers is the best decision you’ll ever make. 

Whether you want them to write content for you or come up with an idea for your content, virtual assistants for writers are the best help! And in case you’re wondering what are the other tasks that they can do for you, just keep reading.


Executing the right research is one of the effective ways that can help you create great content, not to mention that this can also take too much of your time. By delegating this task to virtual assistants for writers, they cannot only help you save up time but can also provide you with almost everything you must know about the topic you are writing for. 


Four eyes see more than two. One of the tasks that you can outsource to a virtual assistant for authors or writers is editing. With the help of these VAs, it will be easier to identify the errors in your content and can easily fix them for you; these include:

Paragraph structure

Virtual assistants for writers ensure that your piece of writing has the proper and clear paragraph structure that will guide your reader to absorb the idea you want to deliver.

Checks for keywords

Having quality content includes how SEO optimized it is. Just like SEO VAs, virtual assistants for writers also make sure that your content has enough keywords to help your piece be visible in search engines.


As the final stage of editing, virtual assistants for writers check the accuracy in smaller details of your content such as the grammar, punctuations, typos, and spelling.


People just don’t turn up when you just published your content. Today, promoting your content or book to various platforms helps you get the amplification that you need. 

With virtual assistants for authors or writers in your team, they can come up with a strategic content promotion that takes away the burden off your shoulders. Here are just a few of those: 

Sending newsletters

As emails are one of the best ways to reach audiences, virtual assistants for writers and authors can craft newsletters that will help you promote your book or online content to your list. These VAs can team up with your graphic designer VA to make newsletters attractive.

Schedule social media posts

Virtual assistants for writers can act as your social media VA too! Just like a social media virtual assistant, VAs for writers can schedule a post that will promote your content to audiences. They can also find social media influencers to mention the link to your content.

Writing press release

When you want to launch your book, count virtual assistants for writers in! These VAs can help you write a compelling press release to spread the word about your book launching that aims to pique the interests of journalists or publications. 


Hiring virtual assistants for writers can help you lessen the tasks on your plate! As busy as you get, these VAs ensures that you meet your deadlines on time and track your working progress such as helping you with admin tasks, dealing with tech issues, assisting you in self-publishing, type and print manuscripts and so much more! In short, they are responsible for helping you reach your goal as an author or writer.


Setting up an interview is quite time-consuming. Delegate this task to virtual assistants for writers! These VAs will help you out in arranging the whole process of setting up interviews; from figuring out who you want to interview with, setting time, following up your interviewee, and down to requesting assets after the interview. They can do this all for you!


Virtual assistants for writers are experts who help authors like you to keep you from going further with your work. By delegating your non-essential tasks to these virtual assistants, you will be able to focus more on producing quality work that can help you achieve your goal as an author. 

The tasks that we have mentioned above are just a few of those things that virtual assistants can do for you. By having the right person who can support you all the way long, you don’t have to worry about anything.

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