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7 Common Types of Social Media Marketing Strategies

Go through this article to help you reach the audience and increase your followers with helpful social media marketing strategies.

In addition, you should understand the algorithm, what’s happening around you, and what needs to be forgotten.


Furthermore, it is not your fault if social media platforms’ algorithms change, and it’s difficult for you to reach the right audience and gain followers despite your efforts.



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What is an algorithm?

 An algorithm is like a recipe that provides instructions on accomplishing a specific goal or solving a problem. It takes inputs, performs a series of operations or calculations, and produces an output or a solution.


Moreover, the “brain” of a social media platform analyzes various factors to decide what content should appear on your feed. It depends on your past interactions, interests, the content’s popularity, and recent posts.



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The algorithm in social media shows content that it believes you will find exciting and engaging.


Similarly, it considers your preferences, the content’s relevance to your interests, and its popularity among other users.


Don’t forget that each platform has unique algorithms, each with its own rules and factors.

The platform constantly refined and updated algorithms to improve user experience and encourage more meaningful interactions.



News feed algorithm

Facebook’s news feed algorithm finds the content users see on their home pages.




It analyzes various factors that users commonly use, such as interacting with a Facebook trend, engaging in friends’ posts, posting marketing advice, and user-relevant ideas.






Then the user’s content is shown to his or her news feed. 

Types of social media marketing strategies

Effective marketing drives sales and helps you stand out from the competition.



Remember to use creativity to achieve your objective when using commonly used social media advertising approaches.


1. Social media advertisement

Social media marketing is important because it enables businesses to reach a broad audience, engage directly with customers, increase brand awareness and recognition, gain valuable insights, advertise cost-effectively, drive website traffic and conversions, build authority and trust, and stay competitive in the market.


Before making an advertisement, know your target audience and create an ad based on the platform.



Hence, you should be specific about the details you put on.



This means every platform has a diin fwhichent audience and impact.



Just like on TikTok, you will not post pictures there.



Possibly there are ways how social media changed.



Besides, you’ll need an advertisement that compliments the younger generation and is more interesting In TikTok, just like other platforms. Therefore, here are some ideas you must include in your advertisement. 


  • Use eye-catching visuals

Craft appealing images or videos relevant to your ad’s message and connect with your brand.



The higher the quality of your visual images can capture attention and increase engagement.


  • Add call to action 

7 common types of social media platforms


Use CTA in a clear, concise, and action-oriented. If you’re not familiar with it, check on the image samples.



The reason why this is important is that it encourages users to take the desired action, such as “Shop now,” “Learn more,” or “Sign up today.”



As a result, this compelling language creates a sense of urgency or incentivizes increasing conversions.


  • Test and optimize

Publish as many ads as possible to test different headlines, visuals, ad copy, and CTAs.



Then, each advertisement has insights into the performance metrics, such as click-through rates, conversions, and engagement.



Some platforms provide the performance of each advertisement so you know if it is working or not. Hence, the results can be seen then you have the advantage of optimizing your ads and improving their effectiveness.


  • Captivating headline

It is effective to produce a social media marketing strategy with a headline that grabs attention and entices users to read further. Make it concise, fascinating, and relevant to your target audience’s interests or main points.


Social media marketing helps organizations attract more targeted traffic by employing various strategies.



This includes audience targeting, content personalization, retargeting, custom audiences, lookalike audiences, A/B testing, and analytics.



These tactics ensure that organizations reach specific segments effectively, increase engagement, and attract traffic that is more likely to convert into leads or customers.

2. Meme marketing

Before anything else, scan viral content and internet trends.




Some pages have memes and browse popular platforms like Reddit and TikTok. Get ideas and pay attention to what’s being shared and talked about.



Stay relevant to the meme trend in your strategy. Be aware of this following in making memes. 


  • Sensitive on culture

 Memes often rely on cultural references, so be mindful of cultural sensitivities and avoid offensive or inappropriate content.



Think of it before you publish, understand your audience, and ensure your memes are inclusive and respectful.


  • Timing

Memes are relatable but have only a short lifespan. Make your meme a blast so that when you release your memes, it has a huge impact and is fun for the users. Don’t forget to stay relevant to the audience.



Pay attention to real-time events, pop culture moments, or viral happenings to create timely and impactful memes. Upload on time with more active users while it’s trending and hot.


3. Influencer marketing

7 common types of social media marketing strategies


Influencers create content highlighting the product’s features, benefits, and personal experiences through social media posts, stories, videos, blog posts, or a combination of different tactics.



Above all, the goal is to create content that effectively prompts followers to purchase by including a clear call-to-action (CTA).




Then, this type of social media marketing boosts sales through live selling, content making, podcasts, etc. 

4. Content Marketing

Content marketing in social media involves creating and sharing beneficial, engaging content to attract and retain an audience.



It includes various formats like blog posts, videos, and images and aims to build brand awareness, credibility, and trust while driving conversions.


To help you with the best strategy for social media marketing.



Create an engaging and informative blog that impacts your audience’s needs. You may provide valuable content.



For example, you are selling healthy food, so on your content. Share industry insights, tips, and tutorials on making healthy foods.



Moreover, engage the audience by answering their common questions.

5. Paid marketing ads 

Before the internet, the only advertisement we always saw was on the television.



Today, you can increase brand visibility, drive targeted traffic, and generate leads or conversions through paid social media advertisements. All sizes of business can avail.


Paid marketing in social media refers to paying to promote content or ads on platforms to reach a wider audience.



It includes sponsored posts, video ads, and targeted display ads. Paid marketing is crucial for increasing brand awareness, engagement, and conversions in social media marketing strategies.



Here are guides on how to start your paid marketing ads.


Step 1. Choose social media platforms that you specifically target audience and marketing goals. Such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are popular platforms for paid advertising. It has unique features and audience demographics.


Step 2. Create accounts on the chosen advertising platforms. There are platforms such as Facebook where you can separately create a business account or page and link it to your payment method.


Step 3. Set your budget for paid ads. Decide on a daily or lifetime budget based on your overall marketing budget and campaign objectives.


Step 4. Select a format for your ads that suits your campaign goals and audience preferences. In addition, include image ads, video ads, carousel ads, sponsored content, or interactive formats.


Step 5. Create Compelling Ad Content that is appealing and engaging ad content. Most importantly, include:


-Captivating visuals.


-Concise and persuasive copy.


-A clear call-to-action (CTA) that prompts users to take action.


Step 6. Define Targeting Parameters: Utilize the targeting options provided by the advertising platform to narrow down your audience. Set parameters based on demographics, interests, behaviors, location, or even retargeting options for previous website visitors or engaged users.


Step 7. Set the duration of your ad campaign. Thus, decide whether you want your ads to run continuously or for a specific period.


Step 8. Launch ads monitor the insight regularly to track metrics such as impressions, reach, and click-through rates (CTR). Also, the conversion rates and return on ad spend (ROAS).


6. Affiliate marketing

This type of social media marketing is excellent for those on a budget because you’ll only have to pay commissions when your affiliates successfully produce sales or leads.




Indeed, affiliate marketing in social media marketing strategies is highly beneficial and worth considering.




Affiliates promote your products or services. Not just that they extend brands by promoting your products or services to their own social media followers and



7. Unboxing marketing strategy

Unboxing videos is one of the types of social media marketing strategies that can generate high levels of engagement. Provide an immersive and interactive experience for viewers.




This type of social media marketing strategy is effective because people are often curious about the contents of a package and enjoy the anticipation and surprise factor that will increase engagement.




In addition, this type of social media marketing strategy showcases the products transparently and authentically.




By demonstrating the unboxing process, viewers can see the actual product, packaging, and overall quality. An effective type of social media marketing strategy to gain trust and credibility in your brand.



List of social media and their types of audience

You know only the basics of these platforms listed but have you ever asked who and the types of people are most active on those platforms? Yes, you need that data to use your strategies effectively.




Check out this social media platform’s purposes to hop in the right boat and the best time to row.



1. Facebook

This platform has evolved with billions of active users. Besides, it has an extensive reach and diverse targeting options.




Businesses can be daunting, but Facebook frees your mind and worries because you can create pages, run ads, share content, engage with customers, and build a community.

On the other hand, if you find the insights not increasing and not effective, there could be reasons why your marketing is not effective.



Don’t panic if you are tired of seeing the solution alone. Instead, hiring a Facebook virtual assistant to boost your brand is the key to solving your problem.




2. Instagram

Have you noticed that the algorithm has changed for a while? That’s why you should be aware of the changes to use the best types of social media marketing.




Moreover, this platform is known for its visual nature. Instagram is ideal for businesses with visually appealing products or services. Mostly, you will see photos and videos sharing, stories, IGTV, and influencers collaborating.



3. Twitter

If you want to target a passionate audience and need the most active users with real-time updates, news, and conversations.



Then, this platform may be helpful for you to share short messages (tweets), engage with followers, join trending discussions, and leverage hashtags to increase visibility.

4. LinkedIn

This platform is like a hub focusing on professionals and B2B networking.



Thus, LinkedIn is a powerful platform for networking and lead generation. In addition, businesses share their industry insights, connect with professionals, and share insights about leadership.

5. YouTube

As a video-centric platform, YouTube has opportunities to create and share engaging video content for your business, such as video ads, channel creation, tutorials, product demos, and building a subscriber base.



This platform has a double purpose and a very effective way of marketing simultaneously, and you can earn tons of money creating content. 

6. Pinterest

It is a platform for social media marketing strategies where you can connect with users who find and save ideas, inspiration, and products.


You can hire also a Pinterest virtual assistant to handle the tasks.




Moreover, this platform targeted users or businesses in fashion, home decor, food, and DIY industries.



That’s why this platform can be handy for your social media marketing strategies, showcasing their products, and driving website traffic.

7. TikTok

A popular platform for a younger audience through entertaining and viral content.



If you plan to use affiliate marketing, then TikTok is very effective. Just recently, they added Tiktok Shop for selling.




Then, it is known for its short-form, creative videos. Use this best type of marketing to engage with a younger audience through entertaining and viral content.

8. Snapchat

To understand each platform, use it and study algorithms like Snapchat, which younger people mostly use. Businesses can connect with users fun and uniquely by using engaging features like augmented reality (AR) effects, snap ads, and stories.

9. Reddit

In digital marketing, there are many ways to reach your goal.



Reddit would be appropriate if your marketing team wants to connect users through discussions, communities, and sharing content.



The platform has niche-specific communities where businesses can participate, provide value, and engage with target audiences.

WhatsApp and Messenger

These messaging platforms owned by Facebook let businesses connect with customers, provide customer support, and send targeted messages or ads.



You can use either of the two platforms to send an automated or private message for inquiries. Moreover, Whats App can be useful to others because it has security encrypted messages securing conversations. 


Marketing ideas are effective if you use strthategic marketing tips to maximize ROI. Defend your business with knowledgetasks future setbacks.




Aside from it, you can invest in a virtual assistant that can perform the day-to-day task.




Thus, outsourcing could be the bridge to success. Don’t stick to the traditional way of investing follow the latest tools and services, if necessary. Because your audience is not from the past but the younger generation.



Make use of the tools available to be on top.



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