Ways how social media has changed marketing

14 Ways How Social Media Has Changed Marketing

Not just has social media changed people on a personal level but also brought a change in business, specifically in marketing. Social media drastically changed how businesses market their brands. According to statistics, 90% of marketers have increased their brand exposure using social media, it’s impressive, isn’t it?

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, Reddit, WhatsApp, Twitch, and Clubhouse aid in brand development and marketing. From Facebook’s broad reach to TikTok’s short-form video engagement, each platform offers unique opportunities for connecting with audiences, sharing content, and building brand awareness.

To have a better understanding of how social media has changed marketing, let us share with you the insights of business owners and professionals that have experienced the power of social media.

Marketing made affordably

One way how social media has changed marketing is that it made marketing affordable. Why? Because companies nowadays no longer need to shoot for commercials and print ads which is often costly. These campaigns need more workforce, professional services, and technical resources. On the other hand, social media only requires a creative mind, a social media account, and minimal fees to boost the content.

Our company uses Twitter to promote our website and finds it powerful since Twitter has billions of users worldwide. More people can see our articles in just one click, and if they find the article interesting, they will surely visit the site.

Connor Brown, Founder of After School Finance

Reach larger audience

A visually beautiful marketing campaign is more likely to be remembered by your target demographic and to go viral. You can reach a larger audience than you ever imagined. On a daily basis, you may communicate and engage with your consumer base in the most virtual, direct way conceivable. As a result, social media allows brands to better understand who their customers are and what they want. You can start designing campaigns and services based on this, demonstrating to your audience and prospects that you care about their requirements and that they are at the heart of your company.

Daniel Carter, Marketing Specialist at PharmacyOnline

Customer handling

Small businesses and start-ups are commonly hiring social media managers who can answer queries of customers almost around the clock, enabling customer satisfaction and ultimately generating positive reviews. 

Joshua Rich, CEO and Founder of bullseyelocations

Immediate customer feedback

Social media allows users to watch and comment on company posts. This enables businesses to adjust their marketing efforts in response to negative feedback. Additionally, an individual can always solicit followers’ participation in polls or surveys to assist in steering the business in the appropriate direction.

Mark Valderram, Owner and CEO of  Aquarium Store Depot

Communicating with customers is easy

The wait time has been altered via social media. Now, customers can ask a question and the business can respond by typing an answer. While the response is not always fast for the consumer, it saves time and effort, especially for non-urgent concerns.

Jamie Opalchuk, Founder & CEO of HostPapa

Competitor research

Another major social media trend is to learn from competitors’ social media failures. Companies may save a lot of the trial-and-error experience that costs a lot of time and money by just observing what tactics have worked and what approaches have failed for competitors.



Callum Dooley, Managing Director of Elite Fridges

Faster advertising

Another way how social media has changed marketing is that it has become easier and less expensive to advertise. If you develop a good ad copy for example on Facebook you can get leads for $10 apiece in a lot of cases that is how it impacts our business. It also enables any business owner to practice their marketing and expand their business. It also allows you to get your brand in front of people much faster than TV advertising. Users actively scroll their feeds which means they will see one of your ads much faster than a TV commercial.

Tim Connon, Founder of ParamountQuote Insurance Advisors

Streamlined customer engagement

Social media takes the fourth wall out of marketing. One more way how social media has changed marketing is that brands can take a more playful and less professional approach with their marketing/advertising. Interacting with customers on social media allows brands to build connections that email campaigns and Google Ads simply don’t allow for. Likes, comments, and shares make customer engagement more streamlined than ever before and are things traditional marketing can’t achieve. Customers like to be able to put a personality on a brand, and that personality can really shine through on social media.

Brad Hall, Co-Founder and CEO of SONU Sleep

Gathering market data

Social media apps offer many features to help your business flow. It can show you the peaks and valleys of your posts. What time does your post gets the most clicks, or the day and hour when people visit your page the most. Specific demographics are also available. “Send Message” and “Call Us” are CTAs or call to action prompts that are helpful.

Cynthia Halow, Founder of Personality Max

Establish credibility

Having a public image is like showing off confidence. Social media posts and content allows me to share things about my business, introduce them to the public, and create an engagement with them. Also, with people that interact with my posts, taking time to leave comments, and giving reviews as a way of recommendation, my business tends to get credibility in doing our purpose.

Scot J Chrisman, Founder and CEO at The Media House

Brands become more like a person

Social media has irreversibly changed the way businesses interact with their audiences. Ads used to be the only way to do marketing which was a form of indirect communication. But now through social media, businesses are able to communicate directly with their customers. Brands became less an entity and more like a person.

Robert Calderon, Marketing Manager at Dalvey

End of paper trail

One of the most impactful changes brought about by the era of social media is the end of the paper trail. From flyers and posters to other marketing materials, it had become the norm for companies and marketing agencies to use tonnes of paper in marketing and advertising — only for most of it to end up in the bin. Thankfully, the advent of social media put an end to this rampant waste of paper. And in addition to saving trees, this move has also helped brands cut down on costs related to logistics and personnel.

Larissa Pickens, Founder of Everfumed

More visibility to businesses of all sizes

Social media has added another layer of visibility for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It’s allowed smaller businesses and even solo freelancers like myself to build an audience and share thought leadership without significant investments. I see it as having an overall positive impact on my brand because it allows my audience to see the human side of me, given I work mostly behind a computer all day. To me, those deeper connections will be more valuable than any PPC ad, email, or billboard.

Alli Hill, Founder and Director of Fleurish Freelance



Geographical barriers removed

With social media’s help, the reach and awareness about the different deliverables of organizations to the target audience have increased manifolds. Now any business can have customers from all over the world. Unlike earlier, creating awareness and brand value in the local market was also a hard nut to crack. Moreover, free of cost, one can showcase their products and services to their potential targets on social media regardless of time, space, and location.

Rahul Vij, CEO of WebSpero Solutions


Businesses of all sizes have indeed experienced positive changes when they use social media for marketing. As stated above how social media has changed marketing, there is no doubt that it offers a lot of opportunities that have helped them boost their business.

Investing in social media management and content marketing services yields multiple benefits for businesses. Through consistent engagement and targeted marketing, brands boost awareness, loyalty, and conversions. Cost-effective advertising, data insights, and adaptability enhance competitiveness, enabling businesses to thrive online and achieve marketing goals efficiently.

So if you haven’t utilized social media to market your brand, you might want to consider it now! And if you are in need of help using social media as a marketing tool, we are ready to help!

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