Top 10 entrepreneurs you must know

Top 10 Entrepreneurs You Must Know

Millennials today and everyday work become handy through different kinds of technology that support our daily needs and uses.


Did you ever question who might be those people with great minds that invented valuable technologies?


Make our work easier through communication and many other things.


Thus,  entrepreneurs build businesses to solve real customer problems through technology and innovation.

Top 10 Entrepreneurs

The lists below are the top ten entrepreneurs you must know.

1. Elon Musk

Top 10 entrepreneurs you must now

He was 17 when he left South Africa to continue his studies in Canada as a business administration student. After that, he moved to the United States to study computer engineering at the University of Pennsylvania. He used his house to build a club and throw massive parties to sustain his studies, but in 1992 he dropped out of college. Next, along with his brothers Kimbal Musk and friend Brian Chesky, he built his first company. The Zip2 Corporation, a web software startup, created online newspaper city guides. Today, he who has revolutionized the way we use and think about technology has been successful with his co-founded businesses and their functions in society, namely:


Paypal – is an online payment system that allows users to pay through online banking by linking bank accounts and credit or debit cards. Moreover,  securely send money to friends and family and receive money from people. After co-founding the most popular online payment platform, he sold to eBay for around $1.5 Billion. Then,  He invested half his total share, $70 Million into Tesla and $80 Million into SpaceX. 

Tesla Motors is the most popular electric car company, a battery powered by solar energy, then transported by electric vehicles. The tesla motor allows a driver to autopilot. Furthermore, an advanced driving system with a Full Self-Driving mode allows the driver to drive hands-free, make automatic lane changes, and eventually auto-steer on any road, even off the highway.

Space X – The entrepreneur Elon Musk, CTO of SpaceX, the first privately funded company that launches and recovers a spacecraft from low-earth orbit and the first private company to take humans to send one to the International Space Station.  

Solar City – is a leading residential solar installer in the U.S. Furthermore, it allows your home to generate clean energy and store it for use anytime—at night or during an outage. This SEO entrepreneur will never stop helping us convert our home to eco-friendly energy; he is indeed an innovator.



2. Jeff Bezos

op 10 entrepreneurs you must now

The founder & executive chairman of multi-national technology company today, it is also the world’s e-commerce cloud computing’s largest online retailer. Furthermore, It has over 100 million products on its website and sells items from clothes to electronics. Today, known as the largest retailer on the internet of sales and an online merchant of books, later books sold various products. 


At an early age, the entrepreneur Jeff Bezos has a passion for computers. Later on, he studied computer science and electrical engineering at Princeton University. Further, he completed his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering and computer science, focusing on robotics, and worked on Wall street. Four years later, he left his job and founded Amazon. Today he continually develops his website to introduce and improve the facilities for his customers. Moreover, it is not just amazon, which he founded, but also The Washington Post and Blue Origin. 


Washington Post – the entrepreneur owns a daily newspaper covering national and international news and events serving the residents of Washington D.C, including areas of  Maryland and Virginia. Moreover, the daily newspaper covering is the seventh-largest newspaper by circulation in the United States.

Kindle – is a portable device wireless electronic device used by readers. There are hundreds of books copies can store on Kindle. This electronic device allows users to read everywhere instead of a book, which you can bring anywhere.

Blue Origin- is an aerospace company that is developing technologies. He is also the founder.

3. Brain Chesky

op 10 entrepreneurs you must now

Brain Chesky is an internet entrepreneur and also the CEO and co-founder of Airbnb, an online platform that operates a marketplace for lodging, room accommodations for long-term guests, or just staying for vacation; Airbnb can be downloaded through an application or by visiting the site, you can book your room. Last 2015, Time magazine listed him as one of the most influential people. The idea of building Airbnb started in 2007. Nearby hotels seemed fully booked during the San Francisco Industrial Designers Society of America conference.

Then Chesky and his friend Gebia have difficulty paying for their apartment. Afterward, they bought three air mattresses for the guests who stayed at their place. The first night and decided to let the guest pay for staying in their apartment, called “Airbed and Breakfast. Finally, in 2008, they realized how big their idea was, so they pursued the business. It was not easy for them to reach the goal. There are hindrances and problems the investors reject their proposal many times.

Despite the company’s crisis in 2016, Airbnb expanded its services in a series of high-end launches and acquisitions near to it’s to its leading service. Airbnb is gaining popularity in places with high rates of space for rent or rooms due to 100,000 listed on Airbnb in cities and towns worldwide and 5.6 million active listings.

4. Andrew Houston

op 10 entrepreneurs you must now

The CEO of Dropbox is a cloud storage service that allows storing files in remote cloud services. Moreover, instead of using a flash drive, you can use this cloud storage by signing up for an account to store your data. It is accessible anywhere via internet access. Furthermore, allow sharing files with file synchronization and keeps the file updated across all your shared files. You can store data such as any file type of images, videos, or documents.

He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a degree in computer science. Hence, he met Arash Ferdowsitoday, the CTO and co-founder of Dropbox. Houston signed up for a game and discovered there were plenty of bugs. He informed the company and later invited them to work at his very young age, 14 years old. He worked in several newly established businesses before he started founding Dropbox. Moreover, Houston was rated one of the top entrepreneurs under 30 years by, and Dropbox has been called one of the best startups in the southern part of San Francisco.



5. Jack Dorsey

op 10 entrepreneurs you must now

Behind the popularly known social media company called Twitter is Jack Dorsey, the CEO and co-founder of Twitter. A social networking site where users broadcast short messages or likely called tweets. The so-called tweets contain photos, videos, links, and text posted in your profile, sent to anyone, and used to search on Twitter. In addition, aside from Twitter, he also launched an innovative mobile gateway service called Square. Furthermore, it allows one to pay using a credit card, debit card, e-wallet, or bank transfer from a shopping site that acts as a virtual card reader. 

He went to high school at Bishop DuBourg High. Then, he proceeded with his education at the University of Science and Technology in Missouri and later decided to drop out. So that he could continue his career goals at the University’s Tandon School of Engineering, he came up with the idea of Twitter. Unquestionably, last 2012, Jack Dorsey was awarded the Innovator of the Year By the Wall Street Journal.

6. Michael Dell

op 10 entrepreneurs you must now

Michael Dell is the chairperson and CEO of Dell Technologies, one of the world’s largest It companies. He was famous and became the youngest CEO leading a Fortune 500 company in 1992. Moreover, like the other entrepreneurs, he builds the company from scratch. Michael Dell was fascinated by math and computers when he was studying. Furthermore, who would’ve thought that his natural talent brought him a fortune? The young Michael started taking apart the motherboard of his Apple II computer.

Thus, he began selling computers he had reconfigured with extra memory and disk drives. His parents were shocked when he left college at 19, where he started selling computers in his dorm. Today his brilliant work brought the Dell company to serve the needs of corporates, governments, small businesses, and consumers. Therefore the company’s unique structure was trusted by large enterprises. Lastly, his dedication and passion for computers listed him as one of the wealthiest people in the world, with a wealth of over 20 billion dollars.

7. Sundar Pichai

op 10 entrepreneurs you must now

Most of your questions and answers are found on his site, which is known as Google. The business executive Sundar Picha is the CEO of the search engine tool. Further, he was born and raised in India. When he was studying, Pichai was intelligent from the very beginning. Moreover, he became a source of pride for the Indian community. Sundar’s parents are from a middle-class family where his mother, Lakshmi Picha, worked as a stenographer. His father, Ragunatha Pichai, was an electrical engineer at the conglomerate General Electric Company. 

Thus, the SEO entrepreneur Sundar was exposed to technology in his father’s daily work and experienced it by telling him the difficulties and how his father resolved the issues in his work in which he was interested in technology. Then he was accepted to Stanford and had a scholarship, so his father funded him to extend his study in the United States. However, he dropped out but worked as an engineer and product manager at Applied Materials, a Silicon Valley semiconductor manufacturer. His hard work, dedication, and strong credentials led him to work as a product manager at Google on his innovative software product initiatives.

Later on, to build of its web browser was rejected. Therefore, if Microsoft had not constructed its search engine and installed it as the default choice in Internet Explorer, Google would have been permanently shut down, but in 2006 it was approved. Hence in 2015, it underwent restructuring and created Alphabet Inc, a global technology company that offers a wide range of products and platforms such as ads, Gmail, and hardware products. Therefore, Google Larry Page and Sergey Brin took up the op posts at Alphabet, while Sundar Pichai was appointed to become the CEO of Google Inc.

8. Bill Gates

op 10 entrepreneurs you must now

 If you hear his name or read may read in the newspaper, the first thing that will sync in is “rich” and “billionaire,” He was one of the most successful entrepreneurs and made himself the richest man in the world. Besides, he didn’t invent new technology; instead used the existing technology to create another product that would adapt to a specific market.

Bill Gates was interested in computer programming and went to Harvard to proceed with his education in 1973. Then, they developed and refined their ideas in computers to produce extraordinary output with his friend Paul G. Allen. Like other entrepreneurs, he was also a college dropped at Harvard. Afterward, Gates and Allen moved to Albuquerque, officially establishing Microsoft. They continued their business in Seatle in 1979 when Microsoft was a big hit. So, when they moved into Seatle, he bought an existing operating system from a small company for $50,000 and developed the MS-DOS licensed to IBM. Hence, MS-DOS became the standard operating system, and Bill Gates developed and improved the operating system. It is advantageous to the millennial user because it plays a significant role in daily work and for entrepreneurs. 

9. Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

op 10 entrepreneurs you must now

The co-founder and CEO of Facebook, the popular social networking site. That allows users to connect with people, friends, and colleagues by creating a free profile. Zuckerburg is a self-taught computer program. He was studying at Harvard and has not contended, just learning to study programming, so he started a site called Facemash. Furthermore, Zuckerberg used photographs of students at Harvard without its permission. Hence, the school reprimanded Zuckerberg for violating and creating a program by hacking into student records and breaching security.

However, he continued and finished the Facebook platform and combined the concept of traditional Facebook and social networking sites like Myspace and Friendster. Zuckerberg and his roommates started Facebook at the age of 19 in 2004. After a short time, more than half of the students had signed up for their accounts. His roommates, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes, and Eduardo Saverin, who are the co-founder today, expanded to more universities and colleges. 

After that, in 2005, he officially changed the company’s name to Facebook. Above all, the site expanded from colleges and workers to groups of people. Anyone was allowed to join and had an email- address. He was ready to bring the company to the next level after raising $12.7 million. Thus today, Facebook has 2.45 billion users worldwide active users. It was also the third most visited website.

10. Steve Job

op 10 entrepreneurs you must now

Steve Job is the co-founder of today’s latest brand gadget, Apple. Moreover, his father worked as a coast guard mechanic. Further, his talent adopted an early interest in electronics and gadgets. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, in their teenage days way back in 1972, designed and sold the blue box, which manipulated telephone networks for free long-distance calls. His friend, Wozniak, had been trying to build a small computer. Meanwhile, Steve Jobs returned to the United States, and dropped out of Reed College in Portland, taking only one semester, so he reunited with his friend Woznick whose hobby is repairing and improving a tiny computer. Still, Steve Jobs was a visionary and convinced Woznick to work with him. They began building the Apple l set up a prototype in Job’s garage. They still refined their design to produce another product and launched the Apple II.


After that, in 1977, they introduced Apple II personal computer with color graphics and a keyboard. Two years later, the sale increased to $200 million. It has been successful till today. His product was famous; his net worth after dying in 2011 was $10.2 billion. Although he died, the production of Apple today is very high in the stock market.

5 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs like Andrew Tate exemplify a unique blend of qualities that drive their achievements in the business world.

Here are five characteristics commonly found among them:


1. Resilience and Persistence:

 Entrepreneurs’ journeys are filled with challenges, setbacks, and failures.


Successful entrepreneurs possess a remarkable ability to recover from setbacks and the determination to persevere in facing obstacles.


They view failures as learning opportunities and are determined to persevere until they achieve their goals.



2. Creativity and Innovation: 

Successful entrepreneurs are often creative thinkers who can spot opportunities where others see obstacles.


Creative individuals can develop unique solutions and products that meet market needs.



3. Vision and Strategic Thinking: 

Entrepreneurs typically have a clear vision of what they want to achieve and how they plan to get there.


They are strategic thinkers who can set goals, develop plans, and make decisions that align with their long-term objectives.


They possess the foresight to anticipate market trends and adapt their strategies accordingly.



4. Adaptability and Flexibility: 

In today’s fast-paced business environment, adaptability is crucial for success.


Successful entrepreneurs are flexible and open to change, willing to pivot their strategies or adjust their plans based on feedback and evolving market conditions.


They embrace uncertainty and are quick to adapt to new challenges and opportunities.



5. Strong Leadership and Communication Skills: 

Entrepreneurship often requires working with teams, partners, investors, and customers.


Successful entrepreneurs excel in leadership roles, inspiring and motivating others to share their vision and work towards common goals.


They are effective communicators who can articulate their ideas clearly, build relationships, and negotiate deals effectively.


While these characteristics are not exhaustive, they are commonly associated with successful entrepreneurs and can significantly contribute to their ability to thrive in the competitive business world.


The passion inside is the gateway to becoming who you want to be.


It is not someone’s choice, but we can finish what we started to evolve. Thus, an entrepreneur should be determined, solid, and confident to work against all odds.


They are different types of entrepreneurs, yet each is not just thinking about how much they will earn. Instead, they visualize the future of humankind.

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