20 Things That Make A Great Virtual Assistant

20 Things That Make A Great Virtual Assistant

In a digitally connected world, the role of a virtual assistant has become increasingly vital. 



These trained and skilled individuals provide numerous services, contributing significantly to the efficiency and productivity of those they work for. 



So, in this article, we will discuss the essential qualities and skills that set exceptional virtual assistants apart.



Let’s begin!

What Makes A Great Virtual Assistant?

1. Honesty

A great virtual assistant embodies the virtue of honesty in all interactions. Honesty is the foundation of all successful professional relationships. 



For a virtual assistant, this means always providing accurate information, taking responsibility for mistakes, and being transparent about capabilities and timeframes. 





This honesty builds trust with clients, ensuring they feel confident that tasks will be completed accurately and on time.



It also fosters open communication, allowing the client to always know where they stand. 

2. Reliability

Reliability is about trust and dependability. When you enlist the services of a VA, you want to have the peace of mind that tasks will be completed accurately and on time. 


A reliable assistant will consistently meet deadlines, maintain open lines of communication, and be prepared to go the extra mile to ensure the work is done to the highest standard. 


They are dependable professionals who understand their role in helping your business succeed. 


Trusting them with your tasks means you can focus more on the strategic elements of your business rather than getting bogged down in administrative duties.

3. Attention to Detail

This characteristic involves being meticulous about tasks, taking the time to understand instructions fully, and ensuring that every part of the work is completed to the highest standard. 


It also means catching and correcting mistakes before they become issues, which saves time and prevents complications. 




Attention to detail can make a significant difference in the quality of work, making it an essential trait for a successful virtual assistant. 


This trait reflects their commitment to excellence, and all tasks are not just completed, but accomplished with a high degree of accuracy and professionalism.

4. Works Quickly

A top-notch virtual assistant is characterized by their ability to work quickly and efficiently. In the dynamic world of VA, time is of the essence. 


These professionals are expected to manage multiple tasks simultaneously, meet pressing deadlines, and respond promptly to requests or inquiries. 


Their ability to work at a fast pace without compromising the quality of their work is a significant asset. 


This efficiency helps keep projects on schedule and contributes to overall productivity, which makes them an invaluable asset to any team or project.

5. Resourceful

On the other hand, a great virtual assistant is resourceful, showcasing a knack for problem-solving and innovation. 


This attribute proves crucial when faced with unforeseen challenges or circumstances. 


A resourceful assistant doesn’t panic or give up easily, but instead efficiently explores all viable options, harnessing every available tool and resource to find effective solutions. 


Their ingenuity in various situations provides seamless operations and saves time, enhancing productivity for themselves and those they assist. 

6. Kindness

This quality is vital in creating a comfortable atmosphere for communication and fostering positive relationships. 


Even in a virtual setting, acts of kindness, such as using polite language, showing understanding of the client’s needs, or patiently explaining complex issues can significantly enhance the overall experience. 


This attribute humanizes digital interaction and builds rapport and trust with clients, which promotes a pleasant working relationship.

7. Ability to Multitask

The ability to multitask means managing a calendar while also responding to emails and coordinating a client’s social media presence. 


The ability to multitask effectively is not just about doing multiple things at once, but also about prioritizing tasks, keeping track of them, and ensuring they are completed to a high standard. 


It requires excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to remain calm under pressure. 


A virtual assistant who can successfully multitask can save a business time and improve efficiency.

8. Handles Challenges Well

They are also proficient in handling challenges and obstacles that arise in the course of their duties. 


They might maintain a calm and composed demeanor when faced with pressure, displaying resilience, and seeking effective, innovative solutions. 


An assistant who handles challenges well is not deterred by difficult tasks but rather views them as opportunities to learn and grow. 


Adaptable, focused, and resilient, they excel by navigating challenges, meeting deadlines, and achieving success in their role.

9. Dependability

This trait refers to the assistant’s reliability in consistently delivering high-quality work on time. 


A dependable VA won’t leave you in the lurch when a deadline is looming, but rather, can be trusted to manage tasks effectively and meet expectations. 


They maintain excellent communication and promptly respond to inquiries or requests, ensuring they are always on the same page with their employer. 


In essence, a dependable assistant provides peace of mind, letting you focus on strategic aspects of your business.

10. Full of Ideas

This means that they are not just there to take orders and complete tasks. Instead, they are proactive, bringing their unique ideas to the table. 


They may suggest new strategies for managing your schedule, propose innovative ways to streamline your tasks, or recommend modern tools that can enhance your productivity. 


A great assistant’s initiative and creative thinking can be invaluable, helping you to exploit unanticipated opportunities and find solutions to problems.

11. Good at Time Management

This skill is about much more than simply meeting deadlines. It involves allocating time effectively to prioritize tasks and ensuring each task is given the attention it deserves. 


A virtual assistant with exceptional time management abilities can juggle multiple tasks simultaneously without sacrificing quality. 


By planning their schedule well in advance, they can anticipate and mitigate any potential disruptions, ensuring a smooth workflow. 


Thus, time management not only contributes to productivity but also enhances the level of service provided to the client.

12. Top-notch Communication Skills

This quality means that the virtual assistant can convey information, concisely, and effectively to all parties involved. 


They can listen attentively to instructions, ask relevant questions for clarification, and provide timely and accurate feedback about their assigned tasks. 


Good communication also involves understanding and respecting cultural and personal differences which may impact the way messages are received. 


A VA with excellent communication skills can manage tasks smoothly, and minimize misunderstandings.

13. Computer Skills

Computer skills are an essential trait for a successful virtual assistant. In today’s digital age, a VA should have a strong command over various computer applications and software. 


This encompasses proficiency in word processing software, email management, data management tools, and basic project management software is essential. 


Furthermore, the ability to troubleshoot minor technical issues, navigate the internet efficiently, and learn new digital tools quickly is a big plus. 


These skills enable a virtual assistant to perform tasks swiftly and effectively, increasing their overall productivity.

14. Basic Accounting Skills

This does not necessarily mean they need to be a certified accountant, but they should have a fundamental understanding of financial management. 



This includes the ability to manage budgets, oversee invoices, track expenses, and ensure timely payments. 



Having accounting virtual assistant skills allows them to relieve their clients from the burden of these tasks, ensuring smooth financial operations.

15. Internet Research Skills

This skill involves knowing how to use search engines, databases, and other digital platforms to locate specific information needed by their clients. 


For example, an entrepreneur might need data on the latest market trends or a writer might need background information for their next article. 


A proficient virtual assistant can swiftly and accurately find this information, saving their clients valuable time. 


This skill extends to verifying the credibility of sources, and ensuring the information gathered is reliable and accurate. 

16. Writing Skills

A considerable strength of a great assistant is their ability to express ideas clearly and professionally in written form. 


Writing skills encompass more than just grammar and spelling; they’re about communicating effectively and efficiently. 


Whether it’s writing emails, drafting reports, preparing presentations, or creating engaging content, a VA should be adept at tailoring their writing to the task at hand. 


Good writing also means being concise, avoiding jargon, and using a style that suits the audience. 


This ability not only aids in smooth operation but also enhances the professional image of the clients they represent.

17. English Proficiency

It’s not just about being able to speak the language, but also understanding the nuances, idioms, and cultural references which are a crucial part of communication. 


They should be able to clearly express complex ideas and understand the intent behind the words of others. 


This includes reading, writing, and understanding spoken English. In the virtual world, where written communication is often the norm, excellent English skills are a must. 


They help avoid misunderstandings and ensure a smooth workflow. Plus, it’s easier for them to interact with clients and team members.

18. Familiarity with Top Project Management Tools

These virtual assistants are well-versed in top project management tools.



These tools, such as Asana, Trello, or Slack, are vital in today’s digital workspace. 




They help to organize tasks, set deadlines, and monitor progress, enabling smooth communication and efficient workflow between the assistant and the client. 



A VA with this skill can effectively manage and track multiple tasks at once, ensuring all projects are completed to high standards and deadlines are met. 


This allows them to provide top-tier service, which makes them a valuable asset in any virtual team.

19. Planning and Scheduling Skills

These skills are key traits that make a great virtual assistant. Being organized and having the ability to manage time efficiently is central to this role. 


A great VA creates a plan for their daily tasks, prioritizes them based on their urgency and importance, and then sticks to the schedule. 


This ensures all tasks are completed within the agreed timeline, resulting in happy and satisfied clients. 


Furthermore, planning and scheduling skills allow them to accommodate unexpected changes or emergencies without causing major disruptions.

20. Basic Social Media Skills

Lastly, they should understand the mechanics of various social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 


This includes posting updates, engaging with followers, and managing online communities built around a brand or business. 


An assistant should also have the ability to monitor social media trends, analyze performance, and create effective social media strategies. 


Having a basic knowledge of social media advertising is a plus. 


These tasks are crucial in maintaining a strong online presence and reaching a wider audience.

Wrapping UP

So, a great virtual assistant is reliable, organized, an excellent communicator, and tech-savvy. 


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