Strategies for remote assistants in reaching new clients

17 Strategies Remote Assistants May Use For Reaching Clients

In this current economic climate, many remote assistants and online business owners have experienced the highs and lows in their businesses over the past couple of years. In fact, you may have cycled from a time of abundance with great “high-value” clients to a drought where you have struggled to fill retainer clients that you may have lost for one reason or another. The ebbs and flows of a virtual business can cause a lot of stress.

During these times, it’s important to evaluate your virtual business activities and ask yourself some key questions:

• What marketing strategies are you currently using to connect with new clients?
• What strategies or activities have been successful for you? What has not gone well?

Useful strategies remote assistants may use to reach new clients

As a business owner, you must provide the proper tools and strategies to your remote assistants, so that they can help you with your outreach.

Create high quality, fully search engine optimized website or blog site

We can’t emphasize enough how important this strategy is. Through new blog posts and pages, it’s crucial to expand visibility by producing regular content that is optimized with the keywords you want to build the business around and reach new clients.

Build a strong, targeted presence in social networks

Many people are now using social networks to secure joint venture partnerships and post projects in status updates.

Build a targeted Twitter following and actively participate in the community

The same with how a Twitter VA finds leads or clients on Twitter, remote assistants can land clients through Twitter by responding to requests that have been posted by business owners looking for help.

Create a branded Facebook page and offer valuable and relevant content to reach new clients

Given the huge growth of Facebook, this is a very important strategy to help build up visibility for reaching a whole new audience and clients as well. All you need to make sure to add new content to it regularly and share your experience on how you can help to build up visibility for their businesses.

Create a LinkedIn profile

By adding recommendations, joining and contributing to targeted groups, and answering relevant questions one-on-one, you can use LinkedIn to specifically connect with business owners who could become the ideal clients for you.

Join niche social networks

If you’re targeting specific groups like writers, groups, small business groups, etc., look for networks supporting those groups.

Set up locally optimized business profiles in Google Places, Bing, and Yahoo local directories

Because these profiles also have good SEO value, be sure to optimize your client’s profile, add videos, and create branding value for the business in the local community.

Contact Google internet marketing firms / multi-VA firms, PR agencies, and present your portfolio

Connect with the key decision-makers in these firms and agencies to present your portfolio and offer your services.

Create a free information product and offer to build a targeted email list

A golden way of building up the credibility of any business is to offer some kind of ongoing publication targeted to people with your skill sets. It should be valuable content (a video series, monthly newsletter, e-book, white paper, report) that will segue to the services your client is offering.

Start a BlogTalk Radio Show, regular podcast, or AudioBook where you share your expertise

This type of audio content is easily transmitted and shared on networks like Facebook, so it’s very effective for reaching new clients.

Distribute keyword targeted articles and press releases through and

Keywords will help you get listed in the top 10, but be sure to focus on the quality of the content before the keywords and write to benefit your target audience’s lives and businesses.



Create presentations and PDFs through and

With the rise of, this strategy is gaining popularity as it can feed PowerPoint presentations directly into your LinkedIn profile. With these tools, you can also send new clients a link to your portfolio.

Put on webinars for online groups and associations

With tools like GoToWebinar or Free Conference Calling, you can focus on a particular industry (e.g., “Using Social Media for Interior Design Businesses”) and put on an informative webinar or tele-event.

Test out some low-cost Facebook social ads or pay per click ads for targeted keywords

Another great way of targeting new clients is to test out these ads on your “Like” base from your Facebook Page. It is possible to get a lot of interest, visitors, and sales through these ads.

Create a YouTube channel and regularly distribute keyword-targeted videos

Video is quickly becoming the most popular medium and can’t be ignored by anyone. A great way to reach new clients is by sharing videos for businesses (talking heads or demos) to help them promote their businesses.

Miscellaneous strategies

Referral marketing

This is also called “Duct Tape Marketing” and involves being proactive with your existing clients and asking them for referrals to other colleagues. It relies on the “Know, Like, trust factor” and can lead to many new client leads.

Set up joint ventures

Finally, a great way to reach new clients is to partner up with colleagues either inside or outside your industry who offer complementary services. For example, a person who writes articles might partner with someone in the social media space, and they could cross-refer with each other.


We hope you find these tips helpful. If you are interested in reaching new clients, we recommend going through these tips and ticking off the strategies you are currently using (not effective ones), evaluating which activities have been successful for you, and considering which strategies you might want to add to your overall marketing strategy.

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