6 Best Service Desk Outsourcing Companies

6 Best Service Desk Outsourcing Companies

Service desk outsourcing companies are big and important players in the businesses to handle technical queries and operational issues for organizations of all sizes.

These outsourcing firms have experience, technology & practices in professional customer support.

The growth of service desk outsourcing reflects the increasing need for scalable, flexible support solutions that can adapt to the dynamic demands of the digital workplace.


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What is Service Desk Outsourcing?

Service Desk Outsourcing is a business practice where companies delegate their service desk operations, including IT support and customer service functions, to a specialized external service provider.

This way, businesses can avail of expert services to manage technical inquiries and operational flow without the need to maintain a full-time, in-house IT support team. 

It not only reduces operational costs but also allows them to focus on core competencies and initiatives.

Best Service Desk Outsourcing Companies

These top 6 Service Desk Outsourcing Companies are well-known for excellence in delivering professional and efficient service desk solutions.

1. Stealth Agents

Stealth Agents stands at the forefront of service desk outsourcing with our commitment to excellence.


With a focus on empowering you to elevate your customer support experience, we ensure each interaction is handled with professionalism and efficiency.


Our team comprises industry experts with expertise and knowledge in what they do and what you need with proven methodologies to deliver unparalleled service.




At Stealth Agents, we believe in becoming an extension of our client’s team, aligning with your goals and visions to foster growth, reduce operational burdens, and champion customer satisfaction.


How Do We Work?

Our work process is built on a foundation of transparency, collaboration, and continuous improvement. 

We start by conducting a comprehensive analysis of our client’s current service desk operations to identify specific needs and pain points.

Let us explain a bit more about it in detail.

Client-Centric Approach

At Stealth Agents, we pride ourselves on a client-centric approach that starts with a deep understanding of our client’s unique challenges and objectives. 

We recognize that every business has its own set of needs and pain points.

Our initial step involves a thorough analysis of our client’s current service desk operations, with the goal of identifying areas for improvement and opportunities.

Technology and Team Deployment

We deploy dedicated teams specifically chosen for their expertise in the client’s industry and service needs, ensuring that specialized knowledge and resources are always on hand. 

It ensures that our solutions are not only effective but also relevant and customized.

Performance Reviews and Continuous Improvement

A key component of our work at Stealth Agents is our commitment to continuous improvement. 

Through regular performance reviews and feedback cycles, we stay in tune with our client’s evolving needs and adjust our services accordingly. 

This ongoing interaction forms a growing partnership, ensuring that our support services remain at the forefront of quality and efficiency.

Our goal is to exceed expectations consistently, fostering an environment of trust and mutual growth.

2. Dataprise

Founded in 1995, Dataprise has established itself as a leading provider of IT support and services.



It focuses on delivering comprehensive solutions that empower businesses to achieve their IT objectives.

Based in Rockville, Maryland, and with a strong presence in Washington, Virginia, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and Scottsdale, Dataprise brings a localized yet expansive approach to IT services.

Over 500 professionals provide 24/7 Help and Support Desk services, IT Managed Services, Cybersecurity solutions, and Cloud Consulting and SI, resulting in annual revenue of $62M.


XACT was founded in 1998 and has carved out a niche for itself as a versatile provider of customer contact solutions. It offers an extensive range of services tailored to enhance the customer service experience. 

With a team of 200+ professionals, XACT delivers top-tier customer help desk, chat and web support, outbound survey/response services, service and support dispatch, and telephone answering services. 

With a minimum project size of $1,000 and an impressive annual revenue of $28M, XACT demonstrates not only financial stability but also a proven track record of delivering exceptional services.

4. Pomeroy

Founded in 1981, Pomeroy has grown into a renowned IT services company specializing in IT infrastructure management, workplace services, managed services, and digital workplace solutions. 

With headquarters in Hebron, Kentucky, USA, Pomeroy operates with a team of 1,000 professionals. It provides a range of IT services to optimize and streamline clients’ business operations.

While the company maintains a stance of privacy regarding its annual revenue, its long-standing presence and expansive service offerings underscore its stability and expertise in the IT sector. 

5. Rikkeisoft Services

Founded in 2012, Rikkeisoft is a dynamic force in the IT services industry, championing innovative solutions in software development, IT outsourcing, and web and mobile application development.

The headquarters are in Hanoi, Vietnam, and the team consists of approximately 300 diligent professionals dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology and delivering exceptional results. 

While they keep our annual revenue private, the growth and breadth of offerings speak volumes about Rikkeisoft’s commitment to excellence and the trust of clients.

6. Giva

Giva was founded in 1999 and stands out as a pioneer in the IT service management industry. It provides cloud-based solutions designed to streamline help desk operations and customer service processes. 

Giva, headquartered in Burlingame, California, USA, operates with a dedicated team of approximately 50 professionals. It serves clients globally with innovative and efficient incident management software.

The core services aim to enhance the customer experience by offering scalable solutions that address the varied demands of IT service management, ensuring organizations achieve operational excellence.

How to Find the Best Service Desk Outsourcing Companies?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you choose:

1. Identify Staffing Needs

You need to start by determining your exact requirements, such as considering the volume of requests, the complexity of IT issues, and the level of expertise necessary.

2. Quality Assessment

Evaluate the quality of potential service providers by looking into their service level agreements (SLAs), average resolution times, and customer satisfaction scores. 

High-quality providers will have clear metrics that underscore their commitment to excellence.

3. Technology Integration

Ensure that the outsourcing company can integrate seamlessly with your current IT infrastructure. 

They should be able to work with your existing technologies and platforms to provide a smooth, uninterrupted service experience.

4. Local VS Global Capabilities

Depending on your organization’s needs, decide if you require a provider with a global presence or if a local provider would better serve your interests. 

Global companies offer extensive resources and multilingual support, whereas local providers may offer more personalized service.

5. Analyze Cost Efficiency

Compare the cost of outsourcing versus in-house operations. 

Look beyond just the immediate cost savings; consider the long-term value of services provided, including efficiency gains, scalability, and the potential for reducing downtime.

6. Reputation and Reviews

Research customer feedback, third-party reviews, and case studies. A trustworthy service provider will have a solid track record and be recognized for their commitment to client success and service quality.

Benefits of Service Desk Outsourcing

Outsourcing your service desk operations can bring multiple advantages to your organization:

1. Cost Savings

One of the primary benefits of outsourcing is the potential for significant cost reductions. 

It stems from savings on labor, training, and infrastructure. Organizations can shift from fixed IT costs to variable costs and only pay for services when they need them, leading to better allocation of resources.

2. Access to a Larger Talent Pool

Outsourcing opens up access to a global talent pool, providing your business with the opportunity to work with IT professionals who possess specialized skills and expertise.

It is particularly beneficial for organizations in regions facing skill shortages.

3. Increased Efficiency

Service desk outsourcing companies specialize in IT support, leveraging industry best practices and advanced technologies to deliver services. 

This specialization often results in faster response times, reduced downtime, and a higher quality of service, increasing overall operational efficiency.

4. Flexibility

Outsourcing offers the flexibility to scale up or down quickly in response to business needs or seasonal fluctuations. This capability ensures that your organization can adapt to changes in demand without the need to hire or reduce staff, thus maintaining continuity and stability.

5. Risk Management

By outsourcing your service desk, you also outsource risk management related to IT support. 

Service providers are adept at managing security, compliance, and continuity risks, thanks to their expertise and advanced technologies. 

With service desk outsourcing, businesses can focus on their core operations, secure in the knowledge that their IT support is in expert hands, thereby driving growth and innovation.

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