Top 25 Ideas For Salon Names

Top 25 Ideas For Salon Names

A beauty salon or parlor is a perfect small business for people who are starting in the industry. In this time and age, people frequently go to the Salon to have a makeover or a little glow-up for themselves. They value the saying “why is time management important” because of their busy schedules. Moreover, the Salon always has many ways to keep customers happy through its various excellent services. The people who go to the Salon sometimes base it on their appearance if they have a lovely salon name because it sometimes reflects on the services they offer. In addition, the people who often go to the Salon are self-conscious business people, and in what category do you belong to the four types of entrepreneurs that have no time for themselves? We listed some of these salon name ideas to help you pick the best name in the future.

Salon name ideas for free

Valid business names to start your salon business give you ideas to create a perfect reputation.

1. Person Hair Salon (your name) 

Having your name on the label of your salon business is one of the perfect salon name ideas because it means that you are the owner. If you’re a well-known person, it would be an advantage. Moreover, it is easy to recognize if your name is on the Salon’s label, and you won’t hesitate to try your different beautification services. 

2. The Salon of Your Place

A place where you live or your business could be an excellent salon names ideas. Living in a well-known and great place or city could be an advantage for your salon business. Furthermore, a salon name with a specific area is a unique technique for every starting salon business. For example, “The Salon of Los Angeles” this state is famous because of the Hollywood stars and amazing beaches, so you could never go wrong with this idea. 

3. Elegant Beauty Salon 

When we hear “elegant,” we associate it with class and excellent thinking. It will be one of the grand salon name ideas if you put an elegant word on your salon label. Moreover, it would attract more customers because of its classy name. Plus, many wealthy people will try your Salon if it’s located in a mall or a high-end place and offers quality beautification services. 

4. Pretty Parlor

We all know that a salon or a parlor is a place we enter where we have a fantastic makeover or beautification ourselves when we go out. It would be one of the excellent salon name ideas if you named your Salon in this way. Moreover, the word pretty is always associated with salons because the Salon is where we beautify ourselves. It will be perfect for labeling your Salon as a “pretty parlor.” 

5. A Touch Of Class

A touch of class in the presence of your Salon will be one of the fantastic salon name ideas. The word class is what elegant people will always look for, whether in what aspect it would be. Furthermore, a classy salon label will be eye-catching for those who are into the Instagram-worthy atmosphere. Also, many customers would be attracted by this Salon’s name. 

6. Rapunzel Salon 

Rapunzel is a well-known Disney princess because of her long, lovely hair. It will be one of the perfect salon name ideas if you label it that way. We cannot deny the fact that millennials or generation Z are the people who often go to the Salon for amazing makeovers, so they probably know Rapunzel. Moreover, customers would be curious about your salon services, so having a Rapunzel on your Salon’s name is a good choice. 

7. My Hair Lady 

Some salons only do hairdo services for women, so it is one of the perfect salon name ideas if you label it “My Hair Lady.” Women are meticulous about their hair, so they would probably do everything to have fantastic hair. A salon is a perfect place to go. Moreover, this label on your Salon would be attractive to all the women who want a fabulous hairdo makeover. 

8. Serenity Salon 

Serenity is described as being at peace and calm. That’s why people often go to the Salon to pamper themselves and feel calm in their minds and body. So it would be one of your perfect salon name ideas if you have “serenity” on your salon label. Moreover, customers would be curious if your Salon truly has serenity vibes, and they won’t hesitate to try your different services. 

9. Director’s Cut 

This movie-inspired salon name would be one of the unique salon name ideas. This salon label will suit you if your business is well-known for excellent haircuts. Moreover, we often hear the words “Director’s cut,” so why don’t you have a little unique experiment and make it your salon name? Probably, customers would wonder what your beautiful services are. 

10. Angel’s Touch 

It is one of the fantastic salon name ideas because Angel means light and calmness. If your salon staff has angel hands to transform someone into beautiful, this salon label is perfect for you. Moreover, curious customers would try your angelic salon services because of that name label. Also, many customers want a lightweight hand for there to pamper time. 

11. Bel’ Hair Care

It is one of the lovely french salon name ideas you can try to label your Salon name. France is a well-known place for beauty and fashion, so it would be a great idea to associate your salon name with a french idea. Furthermore, it will attract more customers if you partner it with the French vibes interior design of the Salon. 

12. Mia Bella

It is one of the Italian salon name ideas you can have for your salon business. This means “My Beautiful,” so it would probably explain how your Salon embraces the beauty of your customers. Moreover, any salon represents the beautification of someone’s face or body, so it would be an excellent label for a salon name that embraces someone’s beauty. It attracts many customers because of the eye-catching label. 

13. Belle Salon 

Belle word meaning beautiful, so it would be one of the salon name ideas you can try. A salon is a place in which we have our beauty transformation, so it is just right that your salon name is associated with the word beauty. Furthermore, many salons try to associate their salon name with the word beauty, and they believe it’s a good choice for them. 



14. The Makeover Place 

This one is the perfect salon names ideas of all, and it connects the purpose of having a salon to do some makeover for your customers. Moreover, this salon name label entails that your Salon is the perfect place to go to have some fantastic makeovers for yourself. Also, this would be a great choice of salon name that would attract many customers. 

15. Beauty Castle 

A salon is the comfort zone of people who want to have a makeover for themselves or to have queenly confidence. This one of the excellent salon name ideas, “beauty castle,” is perfect if you plan to have a salon business and partner it with castle vibes interior design. Moreover, it could be an eye-catching label for customers. This salon name is a good choice, especially if you live in a constitutional monarchy country; it will give you a castle vibe. 

16. Masterpiece’s Beauty Salon 

A masterpiece is a proven product of someone or something, and you can consider this as one of the salon name ideas you could try. If your Salon produces great masterpieces to level up someone’s confidence, it will be a good choice if you named it that way. Furthermore, if you designated your Salon that way, customers would probably be curious about your masterpieces. 

17. Smooth Transition Salon 

When we enter the Salon and start having our makeover, we call it transition, specifically before and after. We call the outcome a smooth transition if you’re satisfied with it. Moreover, it will be one of the perfect salon name ideas to make it more attractive. Because in a salon, many transitions happen there, so it will be ideal if you associate it with that word. 

18. Beauty With Grace 

People always believe that a salon is associated with beauty, but what if you see a little experiment? It will be more exciting if you put in a bit of grace. Many salon name ideas are associated with beauty, but giving it gracefully will be a perfect combination. Moreover, to attract customers produce beauty services but also with grace. 

19. Magic Touch 

In a salon, much magic happens in the hands of many staff. They made many amazing transformations in terms of the beautification of someone. Moreover, it is one of the nice salon name ideas, “magic touch,” that you could try because customers would probably want to see the magic in the touching hands of your salon staff on how they could transform them to be beautiful. 

20. Sass and Class Salon 

Becoming sassy and also classy is the ultimate goal of some of the salons. So it would be one of the fitted salon name ideas, “sass and class,” that you could label your beauty salon. Moreover, customers enter the Salon to become sassy, and also, it is a bonus if the Salon can make them look classy at the same time. 

21. Mirror Mirror On The Wall 

A mirror is one of the primary tools many salons use, so it is one of the unique salon name ideas if you associate the mirror with the famous line of the evil queen in Snow white. Moreover, this unique and eye-catching salon name would be attractive to many people and become curious about the services that you offer. 

22. “Owners Name” Touch 

It is one of the best salon name ideas for your business. Your name plus the word touch would be ideally perfect for your customers. Furthermore, having a well-known name and outstanding salon services would be advantageous because people won’t hesitate to try your Salon’s makeover touch. 

23. Glitter Girls Salon 

The survey says girls visited the Salon more often than boys. One of the lovely salon name ideas is “Glitter Girls” because the primary goal of many salons is to put glitter on a girl, not a glitter but to make them beautiful and shine on their beauty. Furthermore, having this salon name will boost the confidence of the girl’s customers since they will shine on their own. 

24. Hair Grande 

The hairdo is one of the services of many salons. If you name your salon “Hair Grande,” one of the classy salon name ideas that could ideally attract many customers. Furthermore, it would perfectly fit a salon with various grand hair services and proven many masterpieces that many customers have tried. 

25. Salon Nation 

This one of the best salon name ideas will be well known because if you use this salon name, ensure you have a diverse service. The word nation means you could accommodate any pamper problems that would come along in your Salon. Moreover, this Salon’s name is excellent and could be eye-catching for any customer interested because of the word “nation.”


A unique, excellent, best name has played a massive part in someone’s business; they should set business goals and achieve them. We must acknowledge that customers or clients will sometimes base our business on the outside appearance, such as name brands, design, and many more. Moreover, this article is about unique salon name ideas that you could try ideally on your business. You should be more creative in naming your business because creativity could attract someone’s attention.

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