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Recruitment Virtual Assistant

Recruitment Virtual Assistant | Cut Down 50% on In-House

Recruiting virtual assistants transforms the recruitment landscape by offering data-driven insights, automating repetitive processes, and ensuring a smoother experience.


So, in this article we’ll discover the best recruitment virtual assistants, how they can help you, their benefits, and how to hire them.


Let’s begin!

What Is a Recruitment Virtual Assistant?

A Recruitment Virtual Assistant is a software or a person working remotely who helps companies find and hire the best candidates for their job openings.


They handle tasks such as posting job ads, sorting through applications, scheduling interviews, and sometimes even initial candidate screening.


This helps businesses save time and focus on interviewing only the most suitable applicants. 

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Best Recruitment Virtual Assistants

Stealth Agents offer top-tier recruitment virtual assistants, ensuring businesses get the most skilled support in their hiring processes. 


What are the deliverables from our Recruitment VA?

Recruitment virtual assistants at Stealth Agents can significantly streamline the recruitment process. 




They are involved in:


– Crafting and posting job descriptions across various platforms to attract the right candidates.


– Conducting initial resume screening to filter applicants based on specific keywords and criteria.


– Integrating seamlessly with a company’s existing HR systems for a smooth workflow.


– Providing data-driven insights to refine recruitment strategies and improve hiring outcomes.


Why Choose Stealth Agents?

Picking Stealth Agents for your recruitment needs gives you a team of top-notch pros from the Philippines; the best of the best.


They go through a tough selection to make sure your business gets only the top helpers, boosting your efficiency and success.


They’re amazing at important jobs such as managing data and helping customers.





– Highly skilled

– Cost-effective

– Boosts productivity

– Streamlines tasks


How do we work?

These are the steps to start working:

1. Firstly, understand the specific needs and objectives of your business.


2. Set up communication channels, define workflows, and align expectations.


3. Ensuring the virtual assistant is fully prepared to meet your business needs.


4. The virtual assistant begins handling tasks, with continuous support and adjustments as needed.

What Does Recruitment Virtual Assistant Do?

1. Candidate Sourcing

They use a mix of advanced search techniques, leveraging both popular job boards and the hidden corners of social media, to cast a wide net.


The goal is simple yet crucial: to compile a list of potential candidates who possess the required skills and align with the company’s culture and values.


This process ensures that only the most qualified and fitting candidates make it through to the next stages of the hiring process.

2. Resume Screening

A recruitment assistant doesn’t just skim through; it dives deep into each resume with precision. 


It evaluates every detail against the job requirements; educational background, work experience, skills, and more.


The process is thorough yet swift, ensuring only the most fitting candidates make it to your desk. 


So, you get a streamlined, efficient way to pinpoint top talent, making your recruitment process smarter and faster.

3. Interview Coordination

A RVA efficiently takes charge of scheduling interviews, ensuring a smooth and organized process for both the hiring company and the candidates.


This involves setting up interview times that work for all parties and sending out timely reminders to ensure everyone is prepared.


By handling these tasks, the assistant removes the administrative burden from the recruitment team.


This streamlined approach saves time and enhances the overall experience for candidates, making the hiring process more efficient and effective.

4. Database Management

A recruitment VA skillfully juggles multiple entries, making certain that every piece of data, from resumes to cover letters, is carefully filed and easy to retrieve. 


This crucial task streamlines the hiring process and enhances the efficiency of the recruitment strategy, enabling recruiters to quickly find the right candidates. 


They also ensure that all data management complies with privacy laws and regulations, safeguarding both the company and candidate information against breaches.

5. Job Ad Placement

A VA also takes charge of posting job ads across a variety of channels, ensuring that they reach the right candidates.


This involves choosing the perfect platforms and creating the ad content to be clear, engaging, and informative.


They understand the significance of using the right keywords and job titles that prospective applicants are likely to search for.


This process is crucial in attracting top talent and filtering in candidates who best match the job requirements and company culture.

6. Job Description Creation

They gather essential details about the vacancy, including job responsibilities, required qualifications, and desired characteristics of the ideal candidate.


With this information composes job descriptions that stand out, effectively speaking to the aspirations and interests of potential applicants.


They ensure that the job listing covers the technical requirements and aligns with the company’s culture and values.

7. Interview Preparation

This involves scheduling the interview, and ensuring that the candidate is fully equipped with knowledge about the company, the job role, and the expectations.


The RVA diligently gathers insightful information, including company culture, mission, and values, as well as interview questions.


This enables candidates to walk into their interviews with confidence, armed with relevant details that can significantly boost their performance.


They also offer tips on professional etiquette, effective communication strategies, and how to make a lasting, positive impression.

7. New Hire Onboarding

Lastly, they handle tasks ranging from setting up initial meetings and coordinating onboarding schedules to ensuring all necessary equipment is ready from day one. 


This assistant guides you through paperwork and connects you with your new colleagues and the company culture. 


Their mission is to create a welcoming environment that fosters a sense of belonging from the very start.

What are the Benefits of Recruitment VAs?

1. Increased Productivity

Firstly, these VAs are powerhouses when it comes to completing repetitive and administrative tasks that can significantly slow down the momentum of your recruitment efforts. 


They make your core team free to focus on engaging with candidates, strategizing the recruitment process, and making pivotal decisions. 


This division of labor revolutionizes how companies approach talent acquisition, making the process faster and more effective.

2. Flexibility

On the other hand, hiring a recruitment VA brings unparalleled flexibility to your hiring process. 


Whether you’re dealing with seasonal peaks, scaling operations, or simply need to fill roles more quickly, you can scale down based on your needs.


This adaptability ensures your company remains agile and competitive, without the burden of fixed overheads associated with full-time recruits.

3. Improved Customer Service

They’re also equipped with the skills and tools needed to communicate effectively with your clients and candidates.


By handling inquiries, scheduling interviews, and providing timely updates, VAs ensure that everyone involved feels valued and informed.


This attention to detail and personal touch significantly boosts your company’s reputation.

5. Decreased Cost

A significant advantage of hiring a recruitment virtual assistant is the noticeable reduction in operational costs.


This setup not only trims your budget for employee expenses but also saves on office space and supplies. 


VAs work remotely, bringing their own tools and technology, which means you can allocate your resources more efficiently. 


This cost-effective approach doesn’t compromise quality; in fact, it often enhances productivity and streamlines the recruitment process.

How do I choose the right Recruitment Virtual Assistant?

Choosing the right Recruitment Virtual Assistant involves assessing their experience in HR, familiarity with recruitment tools like LinkedIn and ATS, and strong organizational skills.

Evaluate their communication abilities and integrity, as handling sensitive information is crucial.

Conduct interviews to understand their recruitment strategies and consider a trial project to gauge their real-world effectiveness.

Checking references can provide insights into their reliability. Ensure the VA aligns with your company culture to represent your business effectively during recruitment processes.

This approach helps you find a VA who enhances your hiring efficiency.

What is the cost of hiring a Recruitment Virtual Assistant?

The cost of hiring a Recruitment Virtual Assistant varies, typically ranging from $15 to $50 per hour for freelancers, and $25 to $100 per hour through agencies, depending on their experience and expertise.

Some VAs also offer fixed-price packages for specific recruitment projects, which can cost a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

Alternatively, retainer models are available for ongoing recruitment needs, providing a cost-effective solution for continuous support.

Balancing the cost with the efficiency and broader talent access they provide is crucial when hiring a Recruitment VA.

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