Real Estate Cold Calling Virtual Assistant

Real estate cold calling brings efficiency and effectiveness to your outreach strategies, ensuring you connect with clients professionally.


Investing in them boosts your business’s productivity and enhances your client engagement process, setting you apart in the real estate arena.


So, in this article, we’ll discuss what is real estate cold calling virtual assistant, the best real estate cold calling VA, and what are their benefits.


Let’s begin!

What is a Real Estate Cold Calling Virtual Assistant?

According to Investopedia, cold calling is when someone selling something calls a potential customer who hasn’t talked to them before. 


It’s a type of telemarketing and has been used for a long time as a way to market products or services.


A Real Estate Cold Calling Virtual Assistant is a specialized helper who works online to make phone calls to clients on behalf of real estate professionals.


Their main job is to reach out to people who might want to buy or sell property and introduce them to the real estate services available.

Best Real Estate Cold Calling Virtual Assistant?

When it comes to choosing the best cold-calling company for your real estate team, Stealth Agents stands out as a top contender.




Their virtual assistants help maintain up-to-date databases, ensuring that your cold-calling efforts are targeted and effective. 


They are capable of performing tasks like lead generation, appointment setting, customer follow-ups, and managing CRM systems


These services are crucial for keeping your sales pipeline healthy and active.


How Do Stealth Agents Work?

Stealth Agents work smoothly with your current business tasks. They offer VAs who are great at making cold calls, sending out marketing emails, and handling customer relations at different stages. 


They’re flexible, and ready to help with both short-term tasks and long-term projects, making them perfect for the ever-changing real estate industry.


What is their pricing structure?

They provide skilled virtual assistants at hourly rates; which greatly varies depending on the types of services you choose. 




Usually, their services start at $7 per hour ($280 per week) to $15 per hour ($600 per week).


Each package includes the top 1% virtual assistants guarantee, daily reports, AI tools/software use, and unlimited work.


What is their mock call training process?

Each assistant undergoes detailed training that covers communication skills, sales techniques, and customer service, generating hot leads.


These things make them well-equipped to handle real estate cold-calling projects efficiently and professionally. 


This training ensures that they can engage leads effectively and convert them into qualified leads for your business.



– #1 recommendation

– Access to a team of professionals trained specifically

– Cost-effective support that helps manage overhead costs

– Scalability to match the changing demands


Hiring Stealth Agents will boost your marketing efforts because they have skilled pros who know a lot about real estate and how to handle clients. 


They’re a great option for real estate folks wanting to reach more people and handle client talks more smoothly.

What are Real Estate Cold Calling VA’s Benefits?

1. Cost Efficiency

Cost efficiency stands as a significant advantage that many real estate investors use these days to increase lead generation.


You’ll save on the typical overhead costs associated with in-office staff, such as workspace, utilities, and equipment.


You’re also leveraging a global talent pool, often at a fraction of the cost of local employees. 


This financial efficiency allows you to allocate resources more effectively, investing in other areas of your business to drive growth and innovation.


VAs also operate on flexible schedules, which maximize productivity without the extra expense of overtime pay. 

2. Increased Productivity

These dedicated professionals help real estate agents maximize their time by handling the initial outreach to clients.


This means less time dialing numbers and more time closing deals. They’re trained to sift through leads efficiently, ensuring that agents focus on core functions. 


This systematic approach not only speeds up the sales cycle but also increases the overall success rate.


Moreover, you can allocate more energy towards negotiation and client satisfaction, fundamental aspects that drive business growth.

3. Scalability

A significant advantage of these professionals is the remarkable scalability it introduces to your business operations.


As demand fluctuates, you can easily adjust the number of VAs working for you, or scale down when the market slows. 

4. Enhanced Lead Generation

They focus on reaching out to clients, ensuring that your business connects with people genuinely interested in what you’re offering. This means more qualified leads and hot leads coming your way. 


Qualified leads are those clients who meet your criteria and are likely to do business with you. Hot leads are even more exciting because they are ready to take action now. 


So, hiring them will help you target individuals who are most likely to convert into clients, making your efforts efficient.

How to Hire a Real Estate Cold Calling Virtual Assistant?

You should follow these steps for hiring a virtual assistant:

1. Define Your Needs

Firstly, you should clearly understand what you’re looking for. This step involves outlining the specific tasks you want to delegate. 


Are you seeking someone to handle initial contact with clients, manage follow-up calls, or perhaps qualify leads before you step in? 


Pinpointing these details helps you find a candidate with the right skill set and sets clear expectations from the start.


Moreover, you should consider the volume of work you have and the hours you need assistance with. 


This clarity will ensure you find a VA who can truly meet your business needs, making this investment a game-changer.

2. Look for Specialized Skills

On the other hand, it’s crucial to focus on finding someone with specialized skills tailored to your needs.


They should be great communicators, have a solid understanding of cold-calling scripts, and how to handle sales calls effectively. 


A good assistant will know how to engage clients, present your services in a compelling way, and move conversations toward successful outcomes. 

3. Utilize Trusted Hiring Platforms

You should also consider using a trusted hiring platform. These sites have a reputation for connecting employers with skilled professionals. 


By choosing a well-known platform, you can browse through a list of candidates who have experience in real estate cold calling.


These platforms often provide reviews and ratings from previous employers, giving you insight into a candidate’s reliability and performance. 

4. Conduct Thorough Screening

This step goes beyond just looking at a resume. You should start with a detailed interview to understand the candidate’s experience, proficiency in real estate terminology, and communication skills. 


Pay close attention to their ability to handle rejection, as cold calling often involves navigating through many ‘no’s’ to get a ‘yes’. 


Assess their level of comfort with technology, especially CRM software, which is vital for tracking calls and customer interactions. 


Lastly, don’t forget to check references or previous employment history to verify their track record. 

5. Offer Training and Resources

Providing comprehensive training and resources ensures that your VA is fully equipped to meet your expectations and contribute to your real estate business. 


You should set clear guidelines on how to approach leads, manage conversations, and handle objections. 


Then, invest in quality training sessions that cover key topics, from the intricacies of real estate cold calling to the details of your property listings.


Access to a robust library of scripts, FAQs, and market research can further enhance their effectiveness. 

Are Cold Calling Virtual Assistants Worth It?

Absolutely, investing in cold-calling virtual assistants can significantly boost your business. 


Not only do they increase efficiency, but they also come with the added advantage of being cost-effective compared to traditional in-house teams. 

Telemarketing Vs Cold Calling

Telemarketing and cold calling are two techniques businesses use to reach out to customers, but they’re quite different.


Telemarketing is a broader term that includes making phone calls, but can also involve other forms of communication like emails or text messages, to promote products or services.


On the other hand, cold calling is more specific. It means calling people who have never interacted with your business before. 

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