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40 Policy Communication Phrases

40 Policy Communication Phrases



When it comes to policy communication, the words we use can make all the difference. A well-crafted phrase has the power to persuade, inspire and influence others in a positive way. This is why it’s important to choose our words carefully when communicating policies.




  1. “As per our company policy…”


  1. “In accordance with industry standards…”


  1. “To ensure compliance with regulations…”


  1. “We kindly remind you that…”


  1. “It is important to note that…”


  1. “Our policy states that…”


  1. “We would like to inform you that…”


  1. “To maintain transparency, we would like to clarify that…”


  1. “We understand your concerns and have taken them into consideration when drafting our policy.”



  1. “Please be advised that our policy may be subject to change based on market conditions.”


  1. “In order to provide the best service, our policy requires…”


  1. “We value your feedback and it has been incorporated into our policy.”


  1. “Our policy is designed to protect the rights of all stakeholders involved.”


  1. “It is our responsibility to ensure that our policies align with our company values.”


  1. “We aim to foster a culture of inclusivity and diversity through our policies.”


  1. “We take confidentiality seriously and it is reflected in our policy.”


  1. “To maintain a safe environment, our policy prohibits…”


  1. “We have strict measures in place to prevent any violations of our policy.”


  1. “It is essential that all employees adhere to our policy at all times.”


  1. “We appreciate your cooperation in following the guidelines outlined in our policy.”


  1. “Should you have any questions or concerns about our policy, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.”


  1. “We encourage open communication regarding our policy and welcome any suggestions for improvement.”


  1. “Compliance with our policy is mandatory for all employees, contractors, and partners.”


  1. “Any deviations from our policy must be approved by the appropriate authority.”



  1. “To maintain a fair and ethical workplace, our policy prohibits any form of discrimination or harassment.”


  1. “We are committed to upholding ethical standards and our policy reflects that commitment.”


  1. “Our policy is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure it remains relevant and effective.”


  1. “We strive to be environmentally responsible, as reflected in our policy.”


  1. “It is important for us to maintain a positive reputation, which is why we have strict policies in place.”


  1. “We are dedicated to operating with integrity, as outlined in our policy.”


  1. “Our policy outlines the consequences for any breaches of conduct or unethical behavior.”


  1. “To maintain confidentiality and protect sensitive information, our policy requires employees to sign non-disclosure agreements.”


  1. “Our policies are in line with legal requirements and we constantly monitor for any changes in legislation.”


  1. “We prioritize the safety and well-being of our employees, as reflected in our policy.”


  1. “Transparency is key to building trust with our stakeholders, which is why our policy is publicly available.”


  1. “Our policy promotes a healthy work-life balance for all employees.”


  1. “It is important for us to maintain a positive and respectful workplace culture, as reflected in our policy.”


  1. “We are committed to conducting business ethically and our policy ensures that all employees adhere to this standard.”


  1. “Our policy is regularly communicated to all employees to ensure everyone is aware of their responsibilities.”


  1. “We appreciate your cooperation in upholding our policies and helping us maintain a positive work environment.”





As we wrap up this article, remember that effective policy communication is essential for achieving success in any organization. With the right phrases and tone of voice, you can persuade others to support your policies and create a positive impact on your team.

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