ClickCease Oracle Service Cloud Software Review: Features And Pricing
Oracle service cloud software review

Oracle Service Cloud Software Review: Features And Pricing

Oracle Service Cloud is an advanced customer experience application allowing organizations to connect with customers and deliver the best customer experience to the customer’s channel of choice.

You may call it a complete suite of tools to configure, extend and integrate customer experience apps on the Oracle Service Cloud. This platform has been helping integrators and developers in extending customer experience apps with custom objects to be used by all areas of the service cloud for supporting the business processes.

Cloud service is a full configuration integration framework that takes pride in offering a click integration experience. It features monitoring and error management for supporting SaaS and on-premise integration. Customers are sure to benefit from the pre-built integrations as well.

For any business that is looking forward to streamlining its customer service and support system, Oracle Service Cloud could just be right. Call it an enterprise-grade software that combines the benefits of a customer service system and contact center apps. It’s a hub for all the right tools for simplifying support efforts so that you don’t have to invest in multiple apps.

What is Oracle Service Cloud?

This omnichannel solution is allowing organizations to engage with customers on social media, web, chat, email, phone, and any other mobile device the customer likes.

Their system is fully configurable which means you can capture data, tailor the screens, route information, and do a lot more. The self-service portal enables customers to interact with your agents around the clock and deliver the best customer service.

This platform includes:

  • A web and mobile customer service that encourages your customers to use the self-service through their portal, Facebook page, knowledge base, or peer-based community.
  • The unified cross-channel contact center captures a 360-degree view of each consumer across different channels so that your agents can offer a seamless solution.
  • Predictive field service management automatizes and optimizes operations in the field
  • Policy automation offers smart advice to customers for a more personal and rich interaction

Benefits of this software

Wondering how can this application help your business? Here is how it will help:

A single view of all your customers

Wouldn’t it be convenient to have all customer interactions displayed in a single place? Oracle Service Cloud makes it happen. This can be done via integration or by embedding other app screens inside the software so that your teams can easily access customer information to address their concerns quickly.

Your customers can also maintain their own details so that your staff doesn’t have to waste time completing administrative tasks.

Reduce service cost

This application lets you reduce the cost of service by using its self-service digital channels. This way, you don’t have to rely on the traditional support channels such as counter service or telephone.

You may also use automated responses so that your staff doesn’t have to spend time handling the common inquiries manually. This app provides guided assistance for customers as well as the staff.  The system lets you automate your request management the way you require.

Features of Oracle Service Cloud Software

Let’s have a look at the features to learn more about this application:

  • Customizable reports
  • Unified multi-channel support
  • Customer profiles
  • Cross channel customer infection
  • Open API
  • Customer intent and content matching
  • Actionable insight reports
  • Email support, virtual assistance, and live chat
  • Personalized services
  • Actionable insight reports
  • FISMA complaint

Oracle Documents Cloud Service

You may call it the cloud-based content collaboration solution with superior app integration and security. You can add oracle documents cloud service with Oracle web center portal to add, view, and share documents. You may also collaborate with others using the oracle document cloud service.

A cloud interface lets you add, view, and share documents or collaborate with others on the cloud server to access your content securely.



Oracle Mobile Cloud Service

Oracle Mobile Cloud Service also known as MCS, is a newly launched service that is designed to provide enterprise-quality mobile backend as a service. It also comes easy to use for professionals for analyzing and minding data. This service has been designed keeping the follower user personas in mind:

  • Mobile app developers
  • MCS admin
  • Service developer
  • Line of business stakeholders
  • Enterprise architect

It simplifies as well as secures the process of connecting mobile apps to enterprise systems as well as other cloud services. MCS does more than just let you connect your mobile apps to the enterprise. It also offers meaningful metrics to provide insight into how successful your mobile strategy is. You can also use the app for creating your own events and monitor the behaviors that are important to your business. Other than this, these are the questions this app will help you uncover:

  • Number of users using the app
  • How many users have successfully used the app to be productive?
  • The location of users?
  • Do users get stuck in the app at any point?

How to connect Oracle Service Cloud with third-party software

To connect your oracle service cloud with third-party software, you must register that app using REST APIs.  It is a public API that uses the Connect Common Object Model Version 1.4. This model follows the standard of Oracle Rest.

How to allow Oracle Service Cloud RightNow applocker

oracle service cloud right now enables the user to create an integration with an oracle service cloud app. it enables organizations to combine web, social network, and customer experience of contact center into a single cross chancel service solution. It generates automatic maps for event subscriptions or exposed business objects during the adapter configuration.

Oracle Service Cloud pricing

The service cloud software has subscription-based pricing.  If you want to test the waters, the good news is they have a free trial available. If you would like to know the price, it starts from $90 per seat as a standalone chat DAD. The enterprise plan on the other hand could cost up to $250.

The company requires its customers to contact them with their needs such as business details, the number of agents, etc., and a representative contacts you with pricing based on your needs.

Demo version available

Another great quality of this software is that its demo version is also available. You can test it out and then upgrade to the paid version if you are happy with everything.

This robust cloud-based technology allows you to engage with your customers via cross-channel transitions. You would also get behavioral data on your customers for making predictions.

How can Oracle Service Cloud help you

The top-notch features of this application which make cross-channel customer management easier have won the heart of small to medium businesses. This software doesn’t just help your support but empowers your customers by providing them the information they are searching for.

It was 2011 when oracle acquired a handful of companies in order to gain a competitive edge in the CRM market. They acquired InQuira for knowledge management solutions in 2011. This showed that Oracle is serious about being a leader in the cloud space when it comes to CRM. The company founded

Oracle acquired RightNow CX and provided core features like web experience, social experience, and contact center experience and engagement. Over time, this product was rebranded as Oracle Service Cloud to help the company compete in the customer experience cloud service industry. Later on, another notable acquisition happened and Oracle knowledge came into being. Oracle continued growing and expanding its cloud app and add more features into the oracle service cloud. It was able to successfully meet the growing demands of the customer experience service market as well. No wonder businesses trust it when it comes to offering a great customer experience.

Access it anywhere you want

Among the many features to love Oracle service cloud, another admirable one is that it provides reliability, scalability, and security for a business that’s mission-critical.  With its cloud delivery platform, you will enjoy complete peace of mind when it comes to security. It’s has scored security compliance certifications like FedFRAMP, DoD, PCI DSS, and some others.

This industry-leading platform provides a multi-layered approach to security. It’s available everywhere infrastructure is highly scalable and offers 6 fully redundant geographically dispersed data centers.


This cloud-based platform provides top-level management such as IT managers, and CIOs actionable insight into the mission-critical operations.  With real-time channel monitoring, you can improve business operations and answer customer queries in the most profound way.

Oracle Service Cloud will give your organization a best-in-class tool they can rely on for offering a great customer experience. With its global architecture, security control, reliability, operational maturity, and enterprise integration, this platform provides its organizations with a great customer experience. 



If you would like to determine how your organization can benefit from the Oracle service cloud, contact their support team to request a demo version. Test all the functions to understand how they work and identify how they can help you offer state-of-the-art customer support services.

Not only your customers but your agents will thank you for upgrading to this cloud-based solution to streamline support services.

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