Logistics Outsourcing Companies

Logistics Outsourcing Companies

From 1995 to 2021, the U.S. third-party logistics (3PL) market has seen impressive growth, expanding by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.2%. 


This growth highlights the increasing role that logistics outsourcing companies play in today’s economy. 


The significant expansion of the 3PL market in the United States suggests that more and more businesses are finding value in partnering with specialists.


So, in this article, we’ll discover the best logistics outsourcing companies, their benefits, and things to consider while hiring them.


Let’s begin!

What is Logistics Outsourcing?

Logistics outsourcing is when a company chooses to have its shipping, handling, and storage of goods managed by another company.


This means instead of managing all the complex and time-consuming tasks, companies hire specialists to do this for them. 


This helps businesses focus on what they do best, like making products or providing services, without worrying about the logistics details.

Best Logistics Outsourcing Companies

Stealth Agents is the best logistics outsourcing company; offering a range of logistics solutions tailored for companies looking to enhance their supply chain management and logistics operations.




They provide comprehensive services including transportation management, warehousing, distribution, inventory management, freight forwarding, and customs brokerage.


These services are designed to streamline operations, allowing businesses to focus on their core activities while reducing operational costs.


For companies looking for reliable logistics outsourcing, Stealth Agents stands out with its flexible and scalable solutions.


How do Stealth Agents help you?

– Warehousing Solutions

– Distribution Capabilities

– Inventory Management Expertise

– Freight and Customs Proficiency



  1. Advanced technology use
  2. Customized service solutions
  3. Cost-effective pricing
  4. Efficient and timely delivery

What are Logistics Outsourcing Services?

1. Freight Bill Processing

Freight Bill Processing serves as a crucial component that ensures the smooth operation of transporting goods from point A to point B.




Companies that specialize in logistics outsourcing take this task off your hands, handling the complexities of calculating costs and managing payments to carriers.


This service aims to streamline your shipping operations, reduce administrative burden, and save you money by catching any discrepancies or overcharges.

2. Invoice Processing

Invoice processing means handing over the cumbersome task of handling payments and billing documents to experts who specialize in making this process as smooth as silk. 


These experts use advanced software to quickly and accurately process invoices, ensuring that suppliers are paid on time and financial records are kept in perfect order. 


This saves valuable time and cuts down on errors that can cost money and harm relationships with partners. 

3. Logistics Data Entry

This process isn’t just about typing information into a system; it’s about maintaining the backbone of logistics operations.


Good data entry enables companies to track shipments in real time, manage inventories efficiently, and make informed decisions swiftly.


Fast, reliable data entry services allow businesses to streamline their processes, reduce errors, and save a considerable amount of time and resources.

4. Warehousing

A good warehousing service doesn’t just store your products; it manages them efficiently. 


This includes making sure your items are secure, tracking stock levels to know when it’s time to reorder, and preparing orders for shipment accurately and quickly.


The goal is to ensure that your products are handled with care and reach your customers in perfect condition.


It significantly reduces your overhead costs and improves your operational efficiency.

5. Port Services

Port services are a critical component of logistics outsourcing, where companies entrust the handling of their goods to experts at seaports.


It simplifies the complex process of getting products from ships to stores or final destinations, ensuring efficiency and reducing delays. 


These services are designed to streamline the flow of goods worldwide, offering businesses a hassle-free solution to manage their supply chain effectively.

6. Transportation

Transportation involves moving products from where they’re made to where they need to be, whether that’s a warehouse, a store, or directly to a customer’s doorstep.


Effective transportation is not just about moving things quickly; it’s also about doing so safely and cost-efficiently.


It means trusting experts to handle the complexities of routes, regulations, and the best modes of transport.

What are the Benefits of Logistics Outsourcing?

1. Reduction in Operational Costs

One major advantage of outsourcing logistics is the significant reduction in operational costs. 


When businesses hand over their logistics needs to external experts, they tap into a pool of resources that might otherwise be out of reach. 


This move eliminates the need for heavy investment in warehouse space, transportation, and technology.

2  24/7 Support

With 24/7 support, logistics outsourcing becomes a game-changer for businesses. 


Day or night, you have a dedicated team ready to handle any issue, ensuring your operations run smoothly. 


This round-the-clock support means you can rest easy knowing that experts are always on hand to manage unexpected challenges.

3  Short Turnaround Time

It can also dramatically reduce the time it takes for products to move from the warehouse to the customer’s doorstep. 


This efficiency optimize the entire supply chain so that every step, from inventory management to delivery, operates at peak performance. 


You get a smoother operation that’s not only quicker but also more reliable, ensuring products are delivered on time, every time.

4  Secured Services

When companies choose to outsource logistics, also tap into a level of security expertise that might be hard to achieve in-house.


This includes everything from safer transportation routes to secure warehousing solutions


This security allows companies to focus on their core activities, assured in the knowledge that their logistics needs are in safe hands.

5  Industry Expertise

This means businesses can leverage the vast experience of logistics firms to streamline their supply chain, ensuring products move seamlessly.


With experts handling logistics, companies can focus on core operations, boosting productivity and innovation.


These partner are also equipped with the latest technology and systems, providing real-time tracking and optimized routes for faster delivery times. 

6  Quality Assurance

On the other hand, companies can leverage their expertise and sophisticated systems designed to monitor and improve the quality of services. 


This ensures that every step of the logistics process is optimized for efficiency and reliability, meeting high standards and reducing the likelihood of errors or delays. 


So, ultimately can expect smoother operations, satisfied customers, and a stronger reputation in the market.

How to Choose a Logistics Outsourcing Provider?

Firstly, you should evaluate their experience and track record in your industry. A provider that understands your sector’s specific challenges and needs is invaluable. 


Then ensure they have a robust network, capable of managing your distribution needs efficiently. 


You should also consider the technology they use; a provider with advanced, reliable, and user-friendly systems can significantly enhance your logistics operations. 


Don’t overlook the importance of communication; ensure they have a responsive and proactive customer service team. 


Finally, assess their scalability; as your business grows, your provider should be able to adapt and support your expanding logistics requirements.


Following these steps will help you select an outsourcing partner that can support your business’s unique needs and contribute to its success.

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