Tasks you can delegate to a linkedin virtual assistant

6 Tasks You Can Delegate To A LinkedIn Virtual Assistant

LinkedIn has become crucial for many small and big businesses. With 740 million users in more than 200 countries, it can undoubtedly offer businesses and professionals a big opportunity to connect with potential clients.


LinkedIn also provides features for businesses, including company pages and advertising options, to showcase products/services and reach targeted audiences. Groups cater to specific industries and interests, fostering networking and knowledge sharing.


On top of that, this extensive professional network is completely free to use—and with the help of an expert such as a LinkedIn virtual assistant, this networking platform is highly effective too. 


Like any other social media platform, managing your LinkedIn account properly will cost you time. As a business owner who wants to utilize time on crucial business matters, delegating LinkedIn-related tasks to a virtual assistant is the right thing to do. In fact, not only can a virtual assistant manage your LinkedIn profile, but they can also help you grow your network. So here, we provide you with the important tasks you can delegate to a LinkedIn virtual assistant.


Tasks You Can Delegate To A LinkedIn Virtual Assistant

Here are the tasks that a virtual assistant is capable of helping you through LinkedIn.

1. Running your LinkedIn company page

To help promote your company on LinkedIn, your virtual assistant will keep your page professionally presentable, active, and updated. Just like other social media accounts you have, a well-managed company page will make a positive impression and can improve your business’ credibility. A LinkedIn virtual assistant can handle profile optimization, prospect research, connection requests, message sequences, content sharing, engagement monitoring, lead generation, appointment setting, analytics, relationship management, content creation, and networking outreach. By delegating these responsibilities, you can streamline your outreach efforts, save time, and focus on building relationships and closing deals.


2. Creating and publishing rich content

Speaking of making a positive impression, your virtual assistant can schedule and post content relevant to your audience. Your LinkedIn virtual assistant can publish and share articles, videos, and images related to your niche, allowing you to be a thought leader in your industry. Moreover, you can ask your virtual assistant to add internal links, such as your website’s landing pages and blog posts, to the posts to drive traffic to your website. 


3. Finding connections

If you don’t have time, you better delegate this task to your virtual assistant. Ensure you provide your virtual assistant with a criteria profile of your target connection so that your VA knows whom you want to connect with. Your LinkedIn virtual assistant can create a script to ensure the message sounds personal and professional, explaining why you want to connect and how you know them. In addition, your  VA will review the requests you get from others to ensure you will only connect with people in your network.




To leverage virtual assistants in scaling LinkedIn outreach campaigns effectively, start by defining your target audience and crafting personalized messages. Optimize your profile, build prospect lists, and train assistants on outreach automation. Track results, refine strategies, and scale efforts as needed while ensuring compliance with LinkedIn’s terms of service. When selecting a LinkedIn automation tool for growing outreach, it’s essential to consider factors like features, ease of use, and compliance with LinkedIn’s terms of service. Some popular options include LinkedHelper, Dux-Soup, Meet Alfred, Zopto, Octopus CRM, and Expandi. These tools offer automation features such as connection requests, messaging, and analytics to streamline your outreach efforts. Evaluate each option based on your specific needs and budget to find the best fit for your business.


4. Joining relevant groups

This is where real networking happens. Your LinkedIn virtual assistant can find groups with members who share your interests. Joining these groups can be valuable to your business because you will have an opportunity to engage with potential clients. Moreover, you can also get your LinkedIn virtual assistant to create your own group and invite existing connections to join and ask them to invite their connections, too.  


5. Interacting with your audience

Interacting with your audience alone can cost you time, yet your network will not grow without it. A LinkedIn virtual assistant can keep in touch with your audiences by commenting and replying to comments and messages, sharing other people’s posts, extending appreciation for recommendations, and interacting in group discussions. By engaging, your company can increase its visibility, leading to new relationships. 


6. Running ad campaigns

One way to help you promote your business on LinkedIn is to run an ad campaign. You can ask your virtual assistant to strategize and develop your content. A LinkedIn virtual assistant can have a well-researched and optimized campaign that can potentially bring new leads.


What is LinkedIn AI assistant?

LinkedIn AI assistant uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve user experience on the professional networking site. It helps users find relevant relationships, jobs, and personalized content.


Moreover, it may assess a user’s profile and offer customized suggestions to boost visibility and attract potential employers. Tips for adding relevant talents, experience, and accomplishments to one’s profile.


The AI assistant can also help users find jobs that fit their abilities and interests. It can recommend appropriate job ads based on a user’s profile, search history, and network connections, reducing job search time and improving job prospects.


Additionally, LinkedIn AI assistants can help users create and maintain their professional network. It can recommend relationships based on interests, industry, or mutual connections. This is especially useful for those seeking mentors or networking opportunities.





Hiring a LinkedIn virtual assistant is one of the best things to do if you want to network with professionals and generate leads. By putting the tasks mentioned above in the hands of your virtual assistant who is skilled enough and committed to bringing you leads- and opportunities, you can surely have a bigger chance to make money without having too much effort and time spent.

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