Jasper AI review

Jasper AI Content Writing SEO Tool Review

“Can Jasper replace human writers?” This is the question everyone asked.


Today, people are investing in this AI-powered copywriting software for them to save time and money.


However, is it really worth the hype?


In this Jasper AI review, we will talk about everything about this software and how it can be useful for virtual assistant content creator tasks

Jasper AI review: What is Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a copywriting tool that uses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning.


This AI copywriting software can produce high-quality content such as blog posts, ad campaigns, email subject lines, marketing emails, social media copywriting, and more.


Aside from being rated 5 out of 5 from over 3000 reviews, Jasper AI has become the smartest AI copy-generation tool. 

Using Jasper AI, you’ll get 99.99% original content with zero plagiarism flags, plus it offers you pre-written templates on specific categories.


Because it offers content that is free from plagiarism, this means that it allows you to produce high-quality and SEO-friendly content. 




What’s more about Jasper is it supports more than 25 universal languages.

Jasper AI review: Who uses Jasper AI

If Jasper Ai is compared, it works like a virtual writing assistant. However, with Jasper AI, you can access it 24/7.


This copywriting tool is very beneficial to content writing outsourcing, bloggers, marketers, students who need help in writing essays, small business owners who can’t afford to hire a professional writer, copywriters, and social media managers who need to produce compelling content. 

Jasper AI review: Key features of Jasper AI

Below are the best features of Jasper AI, making it stand apart.

Jasper commands

You can write and run commands to tell Jasper what content to create. 

Write content up to 5 times

By using Boss Mode in Jasper, you can speed up your work up to 5 times faster.

Content improver

This feature allows you to rephrase or rewrite specific content that might need a little touch-up or small tweaks.

Support over 25 languages

Speaking of languages, Jasper can translate into over 25 languages!

Produces SEO-friendly content

As we have mentioned above that Jasper produces content that is free of plagiarism, it can help you with rankings on search engines. Also, this software has strong in-built optimizing tools that can take your content to the next level.

Smooth support

If you ought to get help from Jasper, you can quickly get a response within 20 minutes. You can email [email protected] or you can even ask questions from the app itself!

Customizable tone of voice

Jasper AI has a built-in GPT-3 data that allows Jasper to understand a tone of voice and mimic an existing one to match your content generation.

Jasper AI pros and cons

Here are the pros and cons of using Jasper AI.


  • 99.99% original content with zero plagiarism flags
  • Can speed up your work up to 5x faster
  • Easy-to-use built-in tools and templates
  • Produces SEO-friendly content
  • Supports over 25 universal languages
  • Excellent support


  • You can notice a repetition of words.
  • You need to fact-check Jasper’s output

Jasper AI recipes

From its website, “Recipes” are pre-built workflows that help you create content. It’s like instructions or a guide on how to create your content. The Jasper AI recipes consist of a series of commands that might efficiently help you use the Boss Mode. Below are examples of Jasper AI recipes.


  • Write about (+ keyword)
  • Write a conclusion for (+ keyword)
  • Write a video description for (+ keyword)


Jasper AI recipes are simply structured, not like coding or programming. so you do not have to spend hours directing the AI in Jasper.

Jasper AI integrations

Integrate your Jasper with the following!

Surfer SEO

One of the most powerful on-page SEO tools, you can integrate Surfer SEO into your Jasper AI. The integration of the two platforms allows you to produce SEO-optimized blog posts or content for the web with ease and with the help of artificial intelligence. However, you cannot integrate Surfer SEO with the Starter plan.

Plagiarism checker by Copyscape

With the partnership of the Jasper AI team and Copyscape, you’ll get access to plagiarism scanning right within the AI software. However, this can cause you additional charges. Even if you have a Jasper AI subscription, you’ll have to load in credits in $10, $20, or $100 intervals — searches cost $.03 for the first 200 words plus $.01 for each additional 100 words.

Grammarly support

You can access Grammarly’s power with the use of Jasper AI for free! You’ll get a perk of having consistent strong grammar, especially for users whose native language is not English. 

Jasper AI review: Jasper AI pricing

A screenshot of Jasper AI pricing plan

At present, Jasper AI offers 3 pricing plans; Starter, Boss Mode, and Business.


A starter plan is the best for hobbyist that is just getting started. With the Starter plan, you can access over 50 AI copy generators to write short-form content, such as product descriptions, and ads, and improve existing copy. Moreover, it can be accessed by 5 users and users can have access to its chat support. 

Boss Mode

Boss Mode is the most popular among the three pricing plans. Best for bloggers and marketers, Boss Mode allows you to use its ability to create full-length content with full control and flexibility. Obviously, Boss Mode has all the features of the Starter plan. What’s more, it offers you compose and command features, with Google docs style editor, you can access priority chat support, maximum content lookback, and increased limits on templates. 


With the Business plan, you can get custom words or user packages and billing options. Moreover, with this plan, a dedicated manager will be assigned to you and you can have premium technical support.


In this Jasper AI review, we can say that Jasper AI could be a writer’s best friend. Although this copywriting software is not perfect, its features make it stand out among other copywriting software. Whether you want to generate content for blog posts, scripts for videos, listicles, school essays, and even stories for eBooks, you can always seek help from Jasper AI. Plus, with its integrations, it allows you to produce high-quality and SEO-friendly content. However, please take note that you should use Jasper only as your writing assistant. You must still direct Jasper in the right direction and do fact-checking by your own research of the topic. 

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