15 strategies to increase sales on amazon

15 Strategies to Increase Amazon Sales

As you can imagine, selling on the world’s largest online retailer and web service provider needs to have a good strategy so that people will choose you over other sellers.


Aside from struggling and finding strategies to increase sales on Amazon.


Finding the best suppliers for Amazon FBA is also a challenge.


In addition, if you are also one of the sellers who seeks to find answers to the strategies to increase sales on Amazon.


Then, these are the secrets of successful sellers on Amazon despite a competitive market.  It’s better to hire a virtual assistant for Amazon that are more skillful. 

15 Strategies to Increase Amazon Sales

Every strategy below should be tested first. It might be inconvenient and expensive because some of it needs payment to work on. 

15 strategies to increase sales on amazon

1. Use the NARF program 

Learn about the NARF program first. This is what NARF stands for: North American Remote Fulfillment. But there are things you need to do before you can join this program, and you have to wait for Amazon to confirm that you are a legible and affirmative seller who meets the standards. Why is the NARF program a good way to get more people to buy things on Amazon? They have a program that lets sellers fill orders from northern countries like Canada and Mexico, so they don’t have to deal with the hassles of shipping and borders. It is also faster and easier to send to customers in other countries with the NARF program. 

2. Turning on PPC in different places 

Adding more places to use PPC, like Canada and Mexico, could help increase Amazon sales. People can now buy your goods in other markets since you are part of the NARF program. Thus, simple ads can bring people to your page, which leads to more sales. Moreover, it would benefit you because it is cheap and less competitive. Don’t worry the clicks rates are also less expensive than in the U.S. You only have ten dollars to spend, and voila, you can use it to increase Amazon sales and reach the intended audience. 

3. Use the Amazon coupon code 

15 strategies to increase sales on amazon

Most Amazon sellers do not use Amazon coupon codes. What makes sellers turn to your account is having this strategy because as your customers scroll over the page, they will notice the coupon codes that are highlighted. As you see, that attracts a seller, so try it yourself. Thus, that would increase customer clicks to your Amazon shop more than others. 



4. Amazon post

It’s free advertising when Amazon notices you, but before they will post you on Instagram, you have to be a registered brand on Amazon. In the post tab, you can add your product, and Amazon might see your post. If they do, it will be helpful because Amazon can see that your product is beneficial and uncommon. However, Amazon would take your videos or pictures to post on their Instagram. Then, that’s free advertising with a vast of followers. You can also tag items, which is a fun way to get people to see and click on your product listing.


Use the Helium 10 extension to find those low-hanging items. It lets you see the most recently shared product that matches your product. Using the Helium 10 extension, you can increase Amazon sales. Then, you can see on the screen  “Creation date.” Click that and then choose “most recent and oldest product.” Now, you can see your competitors listed as new items with no reviews and fewer stars. 


Also, if you want to steal that by making a product for the PPC campaign, make sure it’s one of the most recent goods or sellers. The fact that they are new and only have a few reviews makes this work. Thus, it’s different from yours, which has more reviews and a better price. Customers count on reviews and feedback to decide what to buy.

6. Post on social media 

When gathering an audience, social media would be your great companion in attracting an audience persona. Remember that persistence in posting social media updates every day is beneficial. As time passes by, the more you post, and you have increasing followers, the more your audience will become a customer. But that will not happen overnight. Be persistent. There are many tools to use in making content images or building social media presence. Today, the most used strategies from business owners is hiring virtual assistants like Stealth Agents and social media management to handle the task so that it will effectively increase Amazon sales. 

7. Improve product images

When selling something online, having great product images is like having a killer first impression. You know how when you see a cool pic of something you like, you wanna know more? That’s the idea! That is why good pictures grab people’s attention and make them feel like they can trust your product. Moreover,  you can add videos to look extra awesome and stand out from the competition. Plus, they make it super easy for folks to figure out what they’re getting. 


From side to side, details of the product, you can zoom in to see the details and more ideas on how to present your product to increase sales on Amazon. Oh, and with everyone using their phones for shopping these days, having sharp, clear images is like the secret sauce for getting people to buy your stuff.

8. Use the right keywords

The power of keywords is a powerful strategy. That’s why using those keywords with high traffic is a great way a customer will find you, and that’s a win for you to increase sales on Amazon. For example, if you are selling a “cup for toddlers,” that’s the only detail you put on the listing, but your customers have specific needs, like “cup of toddlers with lid” or “cup of toddlers 1-3”. Remember always that putting specific keywords or long tail keywords in search engine bars on Amazon would be a great help in increasing Amazon sales. 

9. Maintain positive reviews and responsive seller

When customers buy something from you and have a great experience, they can’t wait to share it with others, right? So, ensuring your products are top-notch, and your service is A+ helps increase sales on Amazon, unlike not responding to returned items affects the reputation. Also, customers appreciate when they reach out with a question or even a concern. Then, you are a responsive seller who shows you’re there to help, which can brighten their day. It’s like being there for a friend when they need you and you know what’s cool? 


When you’re super transparent about your stuff and how things work, people appreciate it. It’s like building that trust that keeps them coming back for more. After responding to their concerns, you may ask, “Hey, how did you like our product?” to know if there are problems so you can make a few adjustments. Plus, if someone’s not too happy, don’t stress! A little understanding and a genuine effort to make things right can turn things around. After all, it’s all about spreading those good vibes and making every customer feel special and heard. 

10. Post Pins on Pinterest

15 strategies to increase sales on amazon

We’re going to talk about how you can use Pinterest to drive more sales of your Amazon goods. Customers will trust you more if you make a Pinterest account with a claimed website. Make attractive Pins of your products that are so eye-catching that people will say, “Whoa, I need that!” You know, the drill uses the brand’s bright colors and clear shots. Now, don’t forget to add the powerful keywords of the product. People need to know what’s great about your goods and why they need it. Also, make it simple for them by adding the Amazon link. That way, they can just click it and buy it. Also, did you know something cool? For every product or kind of goods, make different boards. In this strategy, you arrange it to be more accessible to scan. Also, it helps your Amazon sales a lot when people save or share your Pins. 

11. Brand registered on Amazon 

Registering your brand on Amazon can help protect it from copycats and counterfeit products. It’s kind of like having your personal security guard making sure nothing suspicious happens. And on top of that, you also get to use some useful marketing and advertising tools like Amazon’s Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display ads. So, it turns out that using advanced tools in selling has increase sales on Amazon more than yours. So, don’t hesitate to turn your brand registered on Amazon. 



12. Use PICKFU

Do you need help choosing the best idea? PickFu makes your choices faster and more helpful than struggling with what’s best by asking real people what they think about your products and ideas. Above all, you can use it to test out different versions of your product listings, like trying out catchy titles or eye-catching images. For that reason, you’ll know what could be clickable. In addition, it helps you create listings that stand out in the crowd. You can even use it to spy on the competition. Therefore, getting low feedback helps you to transform some great ideas on how to make your products even more awesome. Additionally, you can use it to brainstorm new product ideas or see if your packaging is a hit with customers. 

13. Virtual Assistant Amazon experts

Hiring Amazon virtual assistant expertise can transform your business like having a super-knowledgeable friend who understands everything about Amazon. Moreover, partnering with them can increase Amazon sales and let them handle the tricky parts so you can focus on improving your business. Hire an Amazon professional to manage your inventory, process orders, and handle customer inquiries, which can consume your time.


As a result, with the help of a virtual assistant, it can create new ideas and grow your business. They’re like your marketing buddy, creating innovative ways to promote your products. Amazon virtual assistants understand most when algorithms change (which they often do!), keeping your business ahead of the game. Moreover, it is best to partner with them because they satisfy customer’s needs, answer questions, and ensure a good experience. Thus, happy customers equal more sales and, let’s face it, happier dancing!

14. Eye-catching product listing 

Using this strategy makes your product grab customer’s attention. How to do it? Make your Amazon listing description clear and exciting so that your customer can’t help but look and want to know more about your product. Thus, making your product listing showcase all its important features and make it attractive so that customers will choose you over other sellers so that it can increase Amazon sales. 

15. Affiliate marketing 

To increase Amazon sales, partner with influencers and offer them the affiliate program. This strategy is commonly used these days because partnering with an influencer in line with your product is super helpful because they can reach lots of people you might not be able to on your own. And the best part? You only pay them when they help make a sale, so it’s budget-friendly too! Well, you must choose an influencer who loves what you’re selling. Remember to thank them for their hard work – a little gratitude goes a long way. Like giving them special deals, they can share, like discounts or limited-time offers. Also, ensure they have all the info they need to talk about your products in a fun and exciting way. With the help of an affiliate program, you’ll reach more people and increase Amazon sales in no time!


Most sellers who manage their businesses know exactly how to use the go-to-market strategy framework to succeed in launching a product. As a seller with a highly competitive market needs innovation ideas that are useful in business. Thus, giving all these ideas can change your problems in selling Amazon. You should also know that a virtual assistant will help your business and end your struggles. 

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