20 best suppliers for amazon fba

20 Best Suppliers for Amazon FBA

Success in the fast-paced Amazon FBA industry heavily depends on your suppliers’ reliability and credibility.


A reliable supplier ensures product quality and enhances your business scalability and customer satisfaction.


After all, if Amazon is not your place to sell then there are still best places to sell online, don’t get discouraged.


Therefore, this blog will teach you all you need to know about finding reliable Amazon FBA suppliers and wholesale suppliers for Amazon sellers so that you will refrain returned items that might affect your product reviews. 

How do I choose the right product for Amazon FBA?

Choosing the right product involves understanding market demand, analyzing competition, evaluating profit margins, and aligning with your interests.


Tools like Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank and Google Trends can provide insights into popular products.


To stand out in the market, consider niches with lower competition.

What are the ways to find the best suppliers for Amazon FBA?

20 best suppliers for amazon fba

Locating top-notch suppliers involves several strategic steps:




  • Research Online: Use platforms like Alibaba, Global Sources, and ThomasNet. Also, pay attention to social media and supplier directory sites for potential leads. Virtual assistants for Amazon can help with searching for suppliers. 


  • Trade Shows: Events like these provide an opportunity to network and meet suppliers in person, gaining deeper insight into their operations and product quality.


  • Request Samples: Before finalizing a supplier, assess product quality and packaging by requesting samples.


  • Check Reviews and References: Insights from other businesses can highlight a supplier’s reliability and product excellence.


  • Verify Credentials: This step is crucial to ensuring suppliers have the necessary certifications and business registrations and to avoid potential legal issues.


  • Trial Orders: Place a small order initially to test the supplier’s reliability and the quality of the product delivery.


  • Wholesale Purchasing: Buying in bulk can offer cost advantages and help maintain a consistent supply chain.

20 Best suppliers for Amazon FBA 

20 best suppliers for amazon fba

Check on the best suppliers for Amazon FBA, whether a wholesaler, manufacturer, or drop ship supplier.


To get to know more about suppliers of specific products you’re looking for check on the wholesale central site to see more of the best Amazon FBA suppliers and preferred locations. 


Please be aware that the listed below are uncategorized.

1. National Procurement Professionals

20 best suppliers for amazon fba

This best supplier of Amazon FBA supplied ten categories of products such as Health/Beauty/wellness, toys collectibles, video games, electronics, tools, pet, seasonal, office, PPE, baby, ASOTV, etc. Also, they have been serving sellers for ten years, sourcing and shipping to FBA. 




Address: 704 Washington Street, Pembroke, Massachusetts 02359

United States

Contact: 617-780-2033


Supplier type: Distributor, wholesaler, closeout broker/liquidator, business service

2. MagneHealth

20 best suppliers for amazon fba

A wholesaler of magnetic jewelry for health and healing. If you are looking for a supplier for bracelets, rings, necklaces, and anklets, then this best supplier for Amazon FBA of jewelry has a benefit and would catch customer’s attention. Not only that, they have been supplying for 5 years in Amazon FBA resellers. 


Address: 60 Beechwood Drive

North Andover, Massachusetts 01845

United States

Contact: 978-683-5657


Supplier type: Wholesaler

3. Nektova

20 best suppliers for amazon fba

They are a distributor of electronics based in the US with premium products up to 6 percent cheaper and 85 percent faster than any other suppliers.


Also, this supplier of Amazon FBA has been serving 41 countries and 2,000 businesses.


Moreover, they are selling phones, laptops, tablets, smart homes, and wearables for audio, gaming, and streaming


Address: 80 Lehigh Ave Suite 2, Lakewood, New Jersey

Contact: [email protected]

+1 732-835-2303


Supplier type: Distributor 

4. B2B Sportswear

20 best suppliers for amazon fba

They have 30 brands of sports apparel and accessories for men and women. Also, this best supplier for Amazon FBA is a multi-vendor from apparel for babies and adults with all sizes and screen printing supplies.


Address: 4846 N University Dr.,
Lauderhill, Florida 33351
United States

Contact: 844-770-7705


Supplier type: Importer, distributor, manufacturer, wholesaler, closeout broker/liquidator, drop shipper, business service

5. Best Wholesale Lingerie

High-quality lingerie, plus-size women’s beautiful knickers, sleepwear, shapewear, costumes, hosiery, and pajama sets are all available at wholesale prices from Best Wholesale Lingerie, a global distributor and wholesaler. Then, if you are searching for lingerie suppliers then this best Amazon supplier would be a good choice. 


 Address: 29021 Ave Sherman, #104

Valencia, CA 91355

Contact:  661-373-8725


Supplier type: Distributor, wholesaler, import/export 

6. Bulk Buy Outlet

20 best suppliers for amazon fba

They supply items such as musical instruments, arts and crafts materials, home improvement and gardening supplies, sporting goods, apparel, jewelry, pet supplies, and more can be found here. Everything they sell comes straight from the factories and manufacturers. Moreover, interested in purchasing big quantities of closeouts, liquidations, and overstocks. This best supplier of Amazon FBA originated in 2008. 


Address: 2205 Bremer Rd.

Ft. Wayne, Indiana 46803

United States

Contact: 260-422-9221


Supplier type: Importer, wholesaler, drop shipper, business service

7. MIA Jewelry

20 best suppliers for amazon fba

For over 18 years, the Brazilian factory has produced high-quality 18K gold-filled jewelry. Quality is always their first concern. Guarantee to provide the market’s best and most wanted designs. MIA Jewelry’s unique style features a sophisticated, refined, and feminine aesthetic that is realized in the finest 18K gold, rose gold, and rhodium.


Address: 4846 N University Dr.,
Lauderhill, Florida 33351
United States

Contact: 786-332-2581


Supplier type: Manufacturer

8. SN International Distribution

20 best suppliers for amazon fba

Offering customers a selected catalog of high-quality Home and Office products at competitive prices to meet their day-to-day demands. a California distributor headquartered in Sacramento.


Address: 11076 Coloma Rd #5,

Rancho Cordova, California 95670

United States

Contact:(888) 795-8816 


Supplier type: Distributor, wholesaler, closeout broker/liquidator

9. Safety Technology

20 best suppliers for amazon fba

Genuine distributor, no drop ship fees or minimum orders required. They are ready to assist you in wholesaling self-defense items, selling at gun shows in the United States, flea markets, swap meetings, trade fairs, home parties, online stores, hidden cameras, and more if you are interested in selling on the web. They are also ready to assist you in selling at trade fairs.


Address: 1867 Caravan Trail #105, Jacksonville, FL 32216

Contact: 1-904-720-2188 (Local)

1-904-720-0651 (Fax)


Supplier type: Wholesaler and dropshipper

10. Lifeforce Glass, Inc.

20 best suppliers for amazon fba

The wholesale supplier Lifeforce Glass specializes in motivational items. Unique glass stones, magnets, plaques, and more are all for sale here. Each product is designed to grab the attention of the receiver by using inspiring words or images. All major credit cards are accepted here. 


Address: 2a Lowell Ave. Winchester, Massachusetts 01890 United States

Contact: 423-246-7188


Supplier type: Manufacturer and wholesaler

11. Global Mobiles, Inc.

20 best suppliers for amazon fba

Global Mobile distributes household brand-name electronics domestically and internationally. Since 2014, we have been committed to serving our customers with only the finest electronics. This company is the go-to for all of Amazon FBA’s needs. Mobile phone add-ons, chargers, and headphones monitor printing tablets.


Address: 8006 Haute Court

Springfield, Virginia 22150

United States

Contact: 703-309-7111


Supplier type: Importer, distributor, wholesaler, closeout broker/liquidator, drop shipper

12. Misioo Handmade

20 best suppliers for amazon fba

They sell playground equipment and children’s clothing. Baby equipment, including playpens, mats, and furniture. Moreover, Poland is home to this top Amazon FBA supplier.


Address: Glubczyce 48-100 Poland

Contact: 48-531-644-524


Supplier type: Manufacturer and wholesaler

13. The Luxury Linen Shop

20 best suppliers for amazon fba

Supplies bed and bath linens, pillowcases, tablecloths, and mattress coverings. Their product is resistant to dust mites, bacteria, stains, ironing, washing machines, and rain. The city of New York’s primary hotel supplier. They own three warehouses for distribution.


Address: 4 Martin Road

Whippany, New Jersey 07981

United States

Contact: 973-204-9323


Supplier type: Wholesaler

14. Coral Port Distribution

20 best suppliers for amazon fba

 Supplies Amazon FBA sellers with wholesale items—everything from electronics, home and health, cleaning supplies, general merchandise, and more. Not to mention, they have been in distribution for 30 years. Therefore, you don’t need to worry because of their long span of service as wholesaler and distributors, one thing is for sure most of their customers rely to them and trust them.


Address: 1099 Vine Street, Suite 205,


Contact: 916-866-9798


Supplier type: Wholesaler and distributor

15. Kay Wholesale Deals

20 best suppliers for amazon fba

They guarantee the greatest prices so your business may provide the highest quality service to your clients. Thus, Amazon FBA vendors rely on them for a wide variety of kitchen, beauty, health, and appliance products. Overall, this best supplier for Amazon FBA will not let you down. 


Address: 13350 W Bellfort Ave

Suite H, Texas 77099

United States

Contact: 346-485-8148

Website: www.

Supplier type: Distributor, Wholesaler, Business Service

16. Kole Imports & Closeouts

20 best suppliers for amazon fba

For the past 34 years, this best supplier for Amazon FBA has led the way as a provider of import and closeout goods. Also, you can get anything from them, including things for your pets, your home, and your tools.  Moreover, one thing that sets them apart from other suppliers is that they donate to various charities.


Address: 6440 Columbia Pike

Annandale, Virginia 22003

United States

Contact:  202-400-1543


Supplier type: Distributor and wholesaler

17. Lotus Light

20 best suppliers for amazon fba

Distributor of health and body care products to multiple industries across the United States, including the health food industry, the new age industry, spas, salons, and bath shops. Additionally, they provide for charitable causes. The location of this best supplier for Amazon FBA is in the upper Midwest, specifically between Milwaukee and Chicago, which provides a convenient location.


Contact: 800-548-3824


Supplier type: Wholesaler distributor

18. Sonara Jewelry

20 best suppliers for amazon fba

Direct importer, manufacturer, and wholesaler, as well as importer of fine jewelry crafted from gold, diamonds, and silver. Additionally, for more than 35 years, Sonara Jewelry has been in operation. Furthermore, this best supplier for Amazon FBA imports the newest trends and styles. Moreover, provides excellent jewelry at wholesale prices directly to wholesalers.


Address: 640 S. Hill St., Suite 538

Los Angeles, California, 90014

United States

Contact: 213-622-4111


Supplier type: Importer, manufacturer, wholesaler

19. DP & Company Inc.

20 best suppliers for amazon fba

Central Florida’s largest wholesaler. In addition, they provide a wide variety of things, including hardware, novelties, tarps, tactical equipment, airsoft guns, knives, and swords, home defense items, auto and lawnmower components, pet supplies, home furnishings, and garden accessories.


Address: 7743 SR 471

Bushnell, Florida 33513

Contact: 352-678-3661


Supplier type: Wholesaler

20. KCP Wholesale Distributors

20 best suppliers for amazon fba

A business-to-business (B2B) distributor of high-end names of cosmetics, skin care products, HBA, and eyewear. Moreover, many different types of distributors buy from them, including beauty salons, discount stores, online stores, boutiques, and discount stores. Overall, established the best suppliers for Amazon FBA since 1998. 

Address: Matawan, New Jersey, USA

Contact: (732) 583-1975


Supplier type: Wholesale and distributor


10 Trusted Wholesale suppliers for Amazon seller

In this section, we will discuss some of the top wholesale suppliers that are trusted by many Amazon sellers.


1. SaleHoo

Another popular wholesale supplier directory that connects sellers with verified suppliers from all over the world. 


The platform offers access to over 8,000 suppliers and more than 1.6 million products. 


SaleHoo also provides market research tools and a community forum for Amazon sellers to share tips and advice.


2. DHgate

Wholesale marketplace that offers products in various categories, such as electronics, fashion, home goods, and more. 


It has over 30 million products listed by verified suppliers and offers competitive pricing options for bulk orders. 


DHgate also has a buyer protection program in place and provides dropshipping services for Amazon sellers.


3. AliExpress

Another popular wholesale supplier platform owned by Alibaba Group.


It provides affordable things from Chinese vendors, making it a suitable option for Amazon sellers.     


The platform also has a buyer protection program and offers dropshipping services. 



Alibaba is one of the most popular and well-known global wholesale suppliers. 


Many fashion, electronics, beauty, and other products are available.


Alibaba monitors its suppliers and offers buyer security measures to ensure product quality.  


These two famous companies have their differences in selling.


5. Wholesale Central

Wholesale Central is a B2B directory that connects retailers with wholesale suppliers in various industries, including fashion, electronics, home goods, and more. 


It offers access to over 1,400 suppliers and provides tools for product research and comparison to help sellers find the best deals.


6. Doba

A dropshipping platform that connects Amazon sellers with verified suppliers from all over the world.


It‘s easy for sellers to keep track of their orders because it has a simple interface and a lot of goods.  


 Doba also provides market research tools and a community forum for sellers to connect with each other.


7. Worldwide Brands

One of the oldest wholesale supplier directories, formed in 1999. it offers access to over 16 million products and is known for its strict verification process for suppliers. 


The platform also provides market research tools, educational resources, and a community forum for sellers.


8. ThomasNet

Connects buyers with verified suppliers from the United States and Canada.


It has a lot of different types of items, such as industrial and commercial goods.    


ThomasNet also provides tools for product research and comparison to help sellers find the best deals.


9. Wholesale2b

Wholesale2b is a dropshipping platform that offers access to over 1 million products from verified suppliers. 


It‘s easy to use and comes with tools for researching products, managing orders, and automatically setting prices. 


Sellers can also try the site for free for 7 days to see how it works.  


10. TopTenWholesale

A B2B directory that connects retailers with wholesale suppliers in various industries, including fashion, beauty, home goods, and more.


 It has over 4,000 verified suppliers and offers tools for product research and comparison to help sellers find the best deals.


Frequently asked questions

What are the red flags to watch out for amazon fba wholesale suppliers?

Poor communication

  • Delays in response or inconsistent information can disrupt your business flow.


Poor quality products

  • A negative review or complaint regarding product quality can hurt your business.


Consistent delays

  • A history of missing deadlines or late deliveries suggests operational inefficiencies that could affect your supply chain.


Lack of transparency in pricing

  • Unexpected costs might result from hidden fees or confusing pricing.  


Insufficient certifications or non-compliance

  •  Ensure suppliers have necessary certifications and comply with industry regulations to avoid legal issues.


  • Poor financial stability: A financially unstable supplier may struggle to fulfill orders, posing a risk to your inventory and business continuity.

How do I ensure product quality when I can’t visit the Amazon suppliers location? 


Request Samples

Before making a significant order, get samples to check quality.


Use Third-Party Inspection Services

 Hire an independent company to visit the supplier and inspect the goods on your behalf before shipment.


Check Certifications

Ensure the supplier has relevant quality certifications, which indicate adherence to international quality standards.


Review Supplier References

 Ask for and follow up with other clients of the supplier to learn about their experiences regarding product quality.


Implement Detailed Agreements

Define quality expectations clearly in contracts or purchase agreements, including consequences for non-compliance.


Monitor Reviews and Feedback: Keep an eye on feedback from customers and other businesses to detect any recurring quality issues with the supplier’s products.


You can’t say enough about how important it is to work with the right sources.


After all, the path to success is marked by trustworthiness, fair pricing, top-notch product quality, good communication, and a strong commitment to on-time delivery.


To really make things work, you need to build connections with suppliers who not only know how Amazon FBA works but also care deeply about making sure customers are happy.


Moreover, as a seller careful plans should be considered.


Thus, sellers can build a strong foundation for long-term growth and prosperity, building a positive relationship between suppliers and the growing e-commerce ecosystem.

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