Benefits of hiring a virtual assistant as a solopreneur

10 Benefits Of Hiring A Virtual Assistant As A Solopreneur

Let us say that your business is growing, and that means you’ve got a lot of clients coming, and your revenue is also increasing—it’s a great feeling, isn’t it? When a business starts to grow, that also means that there are a lot of tasks that need to be done, not to mention the different challenges and opportunities arising that demand different solutions. 

As a solopreneur, you get overwhelmed with your workload and wish that you’ve got plenty of time to do it all together. Remember that in business, it is important to be efficient and productive, but how can you do it all with only one pair of hands? Lo and behold, the idea of hiring a virtual assistant as a solopreneur pops in your mind.

Perks of hiring a virtual assistant as a solopreneur

There are a lot of benefits that you and your business can get upon hiring a virtual assistant as a solopreneur. Below, we gather the thoughts and experiences of some business owners who have hired VAs to help them through their day.

Improves flexibility

“My experience with virtual assistants came in the middle of the Covid-19 Pandemic. With more and more restrictions placed on workplaces, I needed a solution for the overload of work I was finding myself doing alone. My virtual assistant was hired to help with office administration tasks as well as appointment management. I was unsure as to how things might go, but I found myself pleasantly surprised.

Not only were the tasks done just as well as if they had been done in the office, but I found that I was able to increase my flexibility. Because my assistant was online, we weren’t bound by the 9-5 workday. They were able to work around my schedule to be there for the tasks when I needed them. Additionally, because the position was entirely virtual, I was able to greatly expand my pool of applicants– increasing the chances of finding a quality hire.”

– Ravi Parikh, CEO of RoverPass

Saves you money

“Profitability is one of the advantages of hiring a virtual assistant. By hiring a virtual assistant as a solopreneur, you can save money on employee-related expenditures, which quickly mount up to increase your profit margins. Your bottom line will steadily increase when you don’t have to pay for benefits or sick days.”

-Bryan Carter, Founder & CEO of ResumeBuilderPro

Makes your life easier

“In my perspective, as a business owner, managing a business is a stressful task and solopreneurs are the ones who need more assistance to do or sort things that need to be done that they can’t do alone. That is why solopreneurs should hire a virtual assistant because they can handle various and complex tasks such as monitoring your competitor’s moves, collecting feedback, or marketing your brand.

Moreover, VA will give solopreneurs peace of mind because they can focus better on important things without worrying about the other things.”

-Michelle Devani, Founder of lovedevani

Gives you peace of mind

“I’ve had a stellar experience outsourcing a lot of my tasks to a virtual assistant. The tasks that I’ve given them are primarily administrative. These are repetitive and mundane tasks that take up too much of my time. Ever since I’ve hired a virtual assistant, my mind has been at peace. Furthermore, it gives me more time to focus on the strategic planning and decision-making aspect of my role. My virtual assistant is comprehensive in work and is always punctual. Knowing that my work is being handled by a seasoned professional puts me at ease, and they’ve yet to disappoint me in any way.”

-Scott Keever, Founder at Scott KeeverSEO

Provides you with work-life balance

“I cannot overstate how liberating having support in the form of a virtual assistant has been. It allows me to play to my strengths and compensate for my weaknesses so the quality of services I can provide is improved exponentially. My virtual assistant also multiplies my time. In addition, by delegating to her, I can honor my priorities, including my family and other parts of my personal life that were being neglected. My VA has created balance in my life, and my business.”

-LaurenDa Silva, Owner of The Flourish Hub Media Co. LLC

Prevents you from burnout

“In a world where e-mails, texts, and social media are simultaneously part of business and a hindrance to productivity, a good virtual assistant is a solution for preventing burnout.

You can look at hiring a VA as an efficient middleman that will allow you to free up busy work time and get the opportunity to think about the future success of the business. Virtual assistants usually do a thankless job, but nowadays they are the backbone of several successful businesses with a true heart for the empowerment of the company, its employees, and its goals.”

-Sam Shepler, CEO of TestimonialHero

They are masters of all trades

“Different VAs are available for every area of a business. Accounting, bookkeeping, and email management are the VA services that I acquired. Since they already have the experience, handing over tasks is hassle-free. They can immediately perform their work tasks with little to no supervision. And the best part is, you can have additional time to manage the more critical aspects of your business, making it improve and grow more.”

-Tyler Garns, CEO at Box Out Marketing

Customer support

“One of the perks of hiring a virtual assistant as a solopreneur is that they will provide 24/7 customer support. If you are based in a single region, providing customer service to a worldwide audience in their various time zones is difficult.

For example, if your headquarters are in New York, your operating hours for Australian consumers will be approximately midnight. To provide customer service, you’ll need a remote employee.

Hiring a VA enables you to cover time zones in different parts of the world.. Additionally, your employees can retain a work-life balance while delivering 24-hour customer service.”

-Hutch Ashoo, Founder & CEO of Pillar Wealth Management, LLC.

More time to grow your business

“I can say that hiring a virtual assistant as a solopreneur makes the executive life easier and lighter. Getting rid of little but many tasks like arranging appointments and schedules, answering emails, free up a lot of time which can be more used in better things like pursuing goals and creating plans.

Overall, the experience is worthy and helpful because it serves the purpose of what it is meant to. It is also a good option to have while your business is scaling.”

-Chris Muktar, Founder of

Organize day-to-day tasks

“A virtual assistant can handle the daily tasks that solopreneurs may not have time for. virtual assistants can handle schedules, note-taking during calls, and even schedule social media posts. These five-minute tasks take up time for a solopreneur who is handling every aspect of the business, and an assistant can easily complete these mini assignments.

Additionally, the global pandemic has made it so all companies are working from home, so we’ve been using virtual assistants for almost two years now. If solopreneurs are trying to get their business off the ground, a virtual assistant can take over the day-to-day activities so the CEO can focus on more urgent needs. Delegating tasks to your virtual assistant will help you reach your goals quicker and more efficiently as your business grows.”

-Corey Walters, Founder and CEO of Here


Hiring a virtual assistant as a solopreneur for your day-to-day gives you ease at almost everything. As they give you the assistance that you need, you will be able to focus more on the fundamental activities of your business. The benefits of hiring a virtual assistant as a solopreneur mentioned above only prove that virtual assistants are superheroes that every business owner needs.

So if you are a solopreneur who is wearing multiple hats, then this is your sign to hire a virtual assistant.

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