GroupGreeting online group card platform review

GroupGreeting Online Group Card Platform Review

Sending free ecards is a great way to connect with your friends and family. Moreover, you let them know how much you care about them whether they live across the country or next door. If you are not a fan of old-fashioned greeting cards and want to ditch paper cards, GroupGreeting is for you. It offers a wide range of cards to celebrate coworker birthdays, work anniversaries, retirement, sympathy, and other special occasions. You can even personalize your card with images and signatures. It’s a fast, convenient and economical option for all. Learn more about GroupGreeting!

What is GroupGreeting?

GroupGreeting is a digital greeting card service where co-workers, friends, and family can create cards and celebrate the moments. They are on the mission to make it easy for us to share appreciation at the workplace. The best thing about GroupGreeting is that you can create a digital card and have multiple people sign it. When you purchase a card, they provide you unlimited signs, multiple sticker inserts, customizable texts, unlimited pages, and a variety of images. Moreover, they have a library of card templates. The remote team can sign and send a greeting card from a group. It offers a link that has multiple signatures that you can send to your co-worker. It is a perfect platform for busy HR professionals and managers who want to appreciate their employees and foster recognition.

GroupGreeting pricing overview

The pricing of this greeting service starts at $4.99 for one feature. The starting price is a one-time payment. They don’t offer any free version to their customers. Moreover, they don’t offer a free trial. Each card comes with unlimited pages, signers, PDF version of the card upon delivery. You can even add personalized images too. It comes with four different pricing plans, i.e., sprout plan, sapling plan, grove plan, and forest plan.

Sprout plan

It is a basic plan which is priced at $42 a year.

Sapling plan

You can purchase 25 cards with this plan which costs you $93 annually. You can use it any time of the year. 

Grove plan

It is the same as a sapling plan, but it comes with 50 greeting cards, and each card costs $3.48- a total of $174 annually. 

Forest plan

This plan has 100 cards, and each card is priced at $2.99- a total of $299 yearly.

A screenshot of GroupGreeting pricing

How does GroupGreeting work?

This digital greeting card service provides a modern approach to its users to sign and send greeting cards from a group. You can create a great digital card; add personalized images and meaningful messages from your pals all over the world.

How to get started with GroupGreeting?

Here are steps to get you started in sending a card:

A screenshot of how GroupGreeting works

Create a card

Head to the GroupGreeting website and click on the option ‘start a new group card.’ This will create a card and now enter your details.

Purchase the card

Now purchase the card. Keep in mind that you can only purchase one card at a time because it doesn’t have a card system.

Invite people

Once you made a purchase, you can invite other people to sign. All you need to click is the ‘invite others to sign’ option. You can find this option on the right side of the card. Now copy the card URL and send it to your friends, coworkers, and family via email, IM, etc.

Sign the card

Your co-workers can add the messages and even photos too. For signers, registration is not required.

Edit the card

The one who creates a card can edit it as well. He/she can delete or move the messages before the card is sent.

Send your card

Send your card, or even you can schedule the card-sending by selecting the date and time.



PDF download

You can download this card too by downloading its PDF version after delivery. You can even print this PDF copy of the card.

Alternatives to Groupgreeting

A group greeting card is a great way to send wishes to your teammate collectively. Gone are the days when the social gesture is made physically. In this fast-paced world, people need digital tools to connect with their friends and family. Digital greeting cards are an amazing way to send wishes by a group of people to the people near you or those who are geographically far from you, like your remote team workers. Such tools help people to automate the messages’ compiling and make them bigger than ever. In addition, it is a fun thing to do.

Many people use GroupGreeting to mention management, goal management, and manager-to-peer recognition. But it might not be the right tool for you if ease of use, the value of money, affordability are your top priority. Groupgreeting is not the only group greeting card service. There are also several alternatives to GroupGreeting out there that could meet your needs. Following are some alternatives to Groupgreeting that include similar features. They share the same features and close to GroupGreeting when it comes to benefits and functionality. Here are some alternative options for you:


Kudoboard is probably the best alternative to GroupGreeting which makes the process of group greeting cards easier. Its interface is very user-friendly. You can create a card in just four simple steps, i.e., create a Kudoboard, add your message, invite other people and send your card. You can deliver the card online and even print it as well. Users can also make it into a slideshow.

Kudoboard also offers a free version with the name ‘mini board’ that allows you ten board posts. This is perfect for small groups. It also comes with a one-time payment scheme which varies in the number of board posts such as milestone board and premium board. Premium board can accommodate 100 board posts that are perfect for a large group. Its pricing starts at $5.99. On the other hand, the milestone board allows you unlimited board posts that cost you $19.99. It is a great option for larger groups. 

Group Greets

Group Greets is a self-assembling and autonomous greeting tool for groups. It organizes the digital messages of the group and automates assembling in almost all types of media forms. The best part about this group greeting tool is that you do not need to do manual editing. All you need to do is add media like photos, texts, videos, audio, and even GIFs. Group Greets will take care of the rest. Each template is available for $9.95. Users can also choose add-ons too, such as CG live, personalized control slideshow, and longer access period. All of these features are priced differently.


If you are a medium-sized organization with 100 to 1500 employees and don’t want to risk paying for workers that are not using their recognition program, Nectar is a great choice for you. With this tool, you will be able to pay for active employees only.


It is a free employee recognition platform that is available for free. It helps the businesses to scale their company culture. However, only up to twenty users can use its free version. Businesses of all sizes can use this platform to increase morale.

Mo Software

This is also an alternative to the GroupGreeting tool that is used in more than 45 countries and available in over 15 languages. It is perfect for medium and large-sized businesses. Their notable clients are William Hill, interstate hotels, sage, and more.

Xoxoday Empuls

If you’re looking to engage your employees, understand their sentiments, and builds a culture of appreciation, then this platform is for you. Gamified rewards and peer recognition are the ways to build a culture of appreciation using this platform.


This tool is for small and medium-sized companies who want to make peer recognition effective, fun, and easy for managers and workers. 

Vantage Circle

Are you a medium or large-sized company and looking to boost your employee engagement? If yes, then the vintage circle is definitely for you that lets you recognize your employees through 360-degree feedback, Reward and recognition, corporate wellness, and others. 


It is a great tool for small-sized companies that want to run recognition programs and use Amazon rewards.


GroupGreeting is a feature-rich, customizable, easy to use, and must-have tool in the workplace. Whether you are celebrating a work anniversary, retirement, colleague’s birthday, or any work-related milestone, it is a great resource. It is always a great feeling when you work remotely, and you receive a personalized birthday from your co-workers. Reading personalized messages from your colleagues is a wonderful thing. Moreover, when you receive warm wishes from your co-workers, you feel involved, and you want to share your sentiments with them as well.  

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