Gaming Outsourcing Companies

Gaming Outsourcing Companies

Gaming outsourcing companies help game developers by taking on some of the work, such as creating art, coding, or even whole sections of games.


This allows the main game developers to focus on other important tasks and helps get games finished faster and better.


So, in this guide we’ll discuss top gaming outsourcing companies, choosing the right outsourcing partner, and their benefits.


Let’s begin!

What is Gaming Outsourcing?

Gaming outsourcing is when companies that make video games hire other companies to do some of the work for them.

This can include creating art, designing levels, testing the game for bugs, or even developing parts of the game. 

This helps the main company focus on the big picture and get the game made faster and sometimes more cheaply.

Top Game Development Outsourcing Companies

1. Stealth Agents

Stealth Agents is a standout among game development outsourcing companies, known for their ability to sneak up on you with their impressive talents.


They have a team of experts who are not just good at what they do; they excel in bringing game ideas to life. 


With Stealth Agents, you’re not just handing off a project; you’re teaming up with creative minds who care about building something memorable.




They have a track record of working smoothly with their clients, ensuring every pixel and line of code contributes to an engaging gaming experience.



– Exceptional creativity

– Cutting-edge technology

– Competitive Pricing

– Unmatched quality

2. Game-Ace

Game-Ace is a big name in making video games for others, kicking off in 2005 under the umbrella of the well-known Program-Ace.


They do it all, from simple 2D and 3D games to the latest in Web3, VR, and AR technology. 


They take a game from the drawing board all the way to your screen, making sure every detail is perfect. 


They’re all about bringing new ideas to life and making sure their games are fun and play well on any device. 





– Experienced team

– Wide service range

– Quality-focused

– Innovative solutions


These elements make Game-Ace a strong candidate for anyone looking to outsource game development.

3. Moonmana Games

Moonmana Games has been making waves in the gaming world since 2008 with its knack for creating super realistic and strategy-packed MMO games using Unreal Engine. 


Their big hits like “Pirates of Overseas” and “Ultimate Pirates” are loved worldwide and have topped the charts in app stores.


They’ve got a dream team of game makers – from designers to engineers – who bring games to life from the first sketch to the final product. 


They’re known for nailing complex game mechanics and working well with partners under tight deadlines. 


Plus, they’re always upping their game with the latest tech, like Unreal Engine 5, to make games that are not just fun to play but a feast for the eyes too.



– Global client base

– Expert Unreal developers

– Full-cycle development

– Strong portfolio

4. Capermint Technologies

Capermint Technologies has been around for over nine years and has built a strong name for itself by creating top-notch IT solutions and games.


They have a huge global client list of over 500 satisfied customers who rave about the quality and impact of their work.


They handle everything from sketching out game ideas to launching them, offering a wide range of services to businesses.


Clients love how they meet but beat their expectations, especially when it comes to app downloads and keeping users interested.



– Competitive Pricing

– High-quality deliverables

– Effective communication

– Comprehensive services

5. Virtuos Games

Virtuos Games has a huge team of over 1,600 people spread out in countries like Singapore, China, the US, and many more. 


This helps them bring in talented people from all over the world to work on big gaming projects. 


They’ve made more than 1,500 games, working with some of the biggest brands in gaming. 


What sets Virtuos apart is they can either help out with parts of a game or do everything from start to finish. 



– Extensive global presence

– Broad service range

– Advanced technology use

– Proven industry reputation

6. Cubix

CuBix offers a bunch of services for different game types and platforms. Using cool tech like Unity and Unreal Engine, they make games that look amazing and run smoothly. 


They’re all about making games that work on any device. Plus, they really listen to their clients, customizing games to fit what they need. 


Their team knows everything from making simple 2D games to complex virtual reality games, ensuring they’ve got all your gaming needs covered.



– Cross-platform expertise

– Advanced technical tools

– Customized game solutions

What are the Benefits of Gaming Outsourcing?

1. Resource Use

Firstly, outsourcing game development can help companies use their resources more wisely. 


Instead of hiring full-time staff for every role needed in creating a game, a company can work with external teams. 


This way, the company can focus on what it does best, like coming up with game concepts or marketing while leaving specific tasks to experts.


This approach saves money on hiring, and training and leads to higher-quality work since each part of the game is crafted by specialists.

2. Building Partnerships

Outsourcing isn’t just about handing off work; it’s creating strong relationships with other studios and experts worldwide. 


By working together, both sides can learn new strategies, share knowledge, and help each other grow. 


These partnerships mean access to a global pool of talent, where game developers can find the best fit for their specific needs. 


Over time, these bonds can lead to better quality games, innovative ideas, and even cost savings.

3. Reducing Risks

When a company delegates certain tasks to outside experts, they’re not just handing off work; they’re also sharing the risks.


These experts often have the right tools, technology, and team to tackle challenges that might be too costly or time-consuming.


Also, they know all the ins and outs, which means they can avoid common pitfalls and guide the project away from potential problems. 

4. Content Variety

On the flip side, you get to tap into a rich pool of creative ideas and perspectives. Different teams from different places bring their unique styles and innovations to the table. 


This variety makes your game more engaging and appealing to a wider audience. It’s as if you’re getting a mix of spices from around the world to season your game just right.


You’re not just stuck with what you know; instead, you get a chance to incorporate fresh, diverse elements that can set your game apart in a crowded market.

5. Market Competition

Finally, you can stay one step ahead. This is because outsourcing often means faster development times, which allows games to hit the market quicker.


When a company outsources, it also gets to tap into global talent, bringing fresh ideas and cutting-edge skills to its projects. 


This gives them a unique edge over their competitors, offering players new and innovative gaming experiences. 


The cost savings from outsourcing can be reinvested into marketing or further development, making the company’s games stand out.

How to Choose a Gaming Outsourcing Company?

1. Experience

Firstly, you want to look at their past projects and success stories. It’s about seeing the types of games they’ve worked on and the quality they’ve delivered. 


An experienced company has a portfolio you can review, showcasing its versatility and expertise in different gaming genres.


This background gives you a clear idea if how they can handle the specific needs of your project. 

2. Quality of work

Next, quality of work is also a crucial factor; review their portfolio to see the types of games they’ve developed or contributed to.


You should check reviews or ask for references to learn about other clients’ experiences with the company. 


High-quality output can significantly enhance your game’s appeal and success in the competitive market.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Also, look for a partner that offers transparent pricing without hidden costs. Sometimes, the cheapest option can end up being expensive in the long run due to lower quality or extended timelines. 


Aim for a company that provides good value for money, meaning they deliver the quality and services you need at a fair price. 

4. Scalability

A reliable partner will have enough resources and flexibility to adjust to your game’s development cycle demands. 


This means if your project grows or your needs change, they’ll be able to accommodate you without sacrificing quality or deadlines. 


Look for companies with a proven track record of managing projects of various sizes and complexities.

5. Communication

Lastly, a good partner will keep you updated, listen to your feedback, and actively contribute ideas for improving your project. 


Effective collaboration depends on both parties being on the same wavelength, so choose a company that aligns with your project management style and values teamwork. 


The success of your project hinges not just on the skills but also on how well you and the outsourcing company can work together.

How Much Does it Cost to Outsource Gaming Services?

1. Cost Range

The cost of developing games varies significantly, with basic mobile or web games costing between $5,000 to $20,000, while more complex games with detailed 3D graphics or extensive interactivity can range from $50,000 to over $100,000.

2. Service Options

Either hire a full-service game development company for everything from design to launch or go for individual freelancers who might be cheaper but less reliable.

3. Location Factors

Costs depend on the developer’s location. North America and Western Europe could charge around $150 per hour, while Eastern Europe and Asia offer more affordable rates at $25 to $50 per hour without compromising quality.

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