The importance of email marketing in e-commerce

Email Marketing For E-Commerce: Why Is It Important

Email marketing for e-commerce is quite an impressive way to make your relationship with customers stronger and drive sales. However, it is also hard at the same time. You have to handle different things at once whether it is automation, campaigns, deploying integrations, events tracking, mobile-friendly emails, and more.

Since email marketing is one of the most effective tactics for e-commerce businesses, it’s imperative to set these things up. Digital marketers know that well-designed emails engage customers as compared to plain text emails. Designing email templates can take hours and hours of work.

So in this article, we’ve got you covered with 12 email templates, so you can run a successful email campaign without any delay.

The importance of email marketing in e-commerce

You must be wondering that email is an old way of marketing, so the question is that, is it even important now? With the rise of social media, it seems that email’s fate has been decided, and it was reduced to spam. However, this is not the case. Email has developed into a vital marketing tool for both large and small businesses. People are checking their emails on their smartphones, making it even easier to contact them in real-time.

According to 61% of respondents in a survey, Customers prefer to be contacted by brands via email.

Email marketing has proven to be a more versatile and cost-effective alternative to conventional marketing methods. You can secure leads, close sales, and keep customers without spending much money.

Email marketing best practices

Here’s how you can do your email marketing:

Know your target audience

The very first thing to do is know your target audience and their needs. You need to know exactly what offers, deals, products, and services they need.

Be relevant

Classification is closely related to the first point and should not be ignored. Even if you have exactly the leads you need based on your ideal buyer group, the classification will help you make your offers to them even more relevant.

Make your email campaign mobile-friendly

According to EmailMonday’s Mobile Email Stats Overview 2018, “mobile opens accounted for 46 percent of all email opens..“71,6 percent of users will delete emails if they don’t look good enough when viewed on a mobile device.” This means that you should always double-check that your email campaign looks great on all devices, especially mobile devices.

Automate your email campaigns

Automation is an important key of the twenty-first century. Email list creation, email list authentication, email sending, follow-ups, and email monitoring are only a few of the elements of email marketing that can be automated. All of these tools are available on different platforms, allowing you to save hours a day and streamline your email marketing.

Don’t over do it!

You can, of course, send as many emails as you want. I can assure you, however, that the recipients do not want to receive hundreds of emails each week.

Whatever the case might be, it all depends on the product and target market. As a result, you can test, measure, and figure out what the best email frequency is for your target audience.

Add an unsubscribe link

While this is a no-brainer, keep in mind that, in light of the GDPR, all of your emails must provide a way for recipients to opt-out of receiving future emails. The most straightforward way to do it is to provide an unsubscribe link.

The best e-commerce email templates

Welcome emails

What better way of introducing your brand to new customers than with an interesting welcome email? You just get one shot at making a decent first impression. And if you don’t make a good first impression on a new customer, your follow-up campaigns won’t make it either. With this email, customers can easily monitor their orders and receive wonderful membership benefits. You may also use this technique to promote free shipping or any other additional services you have.



The best tactic is to offer your new customers a special deal, such as free delivery or a 10% discount. Explain what your customers can expect from your emails in your welcome email. You may also use welcome emails to advertise your goods. Have a look at this welcome email template:


Subject Line: Welcome aboard!

Hello Branden,

Thank you for signing up to our up If you have tried lots of tools to boost productivity and solve management problems, but nothing improved, get ready to feel different with

A warm welcome from’s team.

All the best,


Promotional Emails

The purpose of promotional emails is to encourage people to buy products. You want your new customers to place their first order as soon as possible. With the promotional emails, you can show your creativity and run campaigns like exclusive deals for VIPs, sales, and big events like Black Friday. You can also ask for help from your virtual graphic designer to optimize email to create enticing visuals that will make your promotion more interesting and engaging.

Referral emails

Referral emails are a smart way to tap into your customers’ networks and attract new ones. Relatives and friends of current customers are more likely to buy a product from your brand as a result of referrals than someone who saw your paid ads somewhere on the internet.

Since no one does something for free these days, referrers are often paid for introducing your website to a newcomer, with the referral getting something in return. So why not offer them some discounts?

Engagement emails

People must be reminded of your brand regularly, or they will forget about it. That is why, to engage, you must send an email out of the blue. Other than just slapping some details together and pressing “send”, concentrate on improving your customer’s connection with you.

You can send a “Where have you been” or “We haven’t heard from you” email and remind your customer that YOU STILL EXIST! Don’t be hesitant to get up and leave. Allow recipients to opt-out of your emails if they aren’t interested.

Abandoned shopping carts emails

About 88.05 percent of online shopping orders were abandoned in March 2020, meaning they were not turned into a purchase. The good thing is that by using a well-designed abandonment email, you can promote purchases in several ways. Know how you can give a raise to your conversion rate by emphasizing the importance of your offering.


Subject: Are you still overthinking it?

Dear Jessica,

We are holding the items in your cart. Don’t wait too long. Order today!

Click here to return to your cart.



Discount email

Discounts are extremely popular. Why not give discounts to your customers once in a while? Offering a discount is a standard and effective idea to gain loyal customers and increase online sales. However, try to save the discounted rates for those who participate in your e-commerce email marketing campaigns regularly.

But be careful, although discounting can be beneficial, you must keep the balance.

If you do it too much, your sales will suffer and if you do it rarely, you risk losing customers to a rival.

Order confirmation emails

You can send order confirmation emails as soon as the customer has completed their purchase. It’s also a perfect way to boost sales and get people to return to your website. Among e-commerce emails, these have the highest open rates. It means there’s a lot of chance for cross-selling here. Note that every email you send is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with the customers!

Shipping confirmation emails

Another way to tell about your company and brand to your customers is by shipping confirmation emails. The purpose of shipment notification emails is to notify customers that their order is on its way and, if possible, to provide them with a clear arrival date and other shipping details.

Some businesses have also implemented an inventory tracking system that enables customers to monitor their packages online.

Arrival of product emails

As the customer receives the order, send a confirmation email to confirm if the customer has received the email. Provide contact information for customer service so that you can be contacted if there is an issue. This shipping email also serves as a user guide for the items.

Upsell and cross-sell emails

Shipping confirmation and order confirmation emails are some good ways to upsell and cross-sell to consumers. Your upsell and cross-sell deals are more likely to be accepted right after purchase. Upselling and cross-selling products should be a part of almost every email you send to your current customers. Make your e-commerce company stand out by adding value to your boring confirmation emails.



You can do this by sending them an email after they place an order with information on items in the same category that they would like.

Feedback emails

Asking for reviews from your customer may make them feel like someone has got their back. You’re likely unaware of a problem. You should certainly find out. If you know about your customer’s then take advantage by reaching them out and ask for feedback.


You will greatly increase the chances of success by using the above-mentioned techniques when it comes to writing emails that convert. Every email, from a welcome email with exclusive deals to an order confirmation email with a big “Thank You” and additional suggestions is an opportunity to develop a connection with your customers. From the moment they subscribe, treat them well, and direct them through their customer journey. Write them promotional or birthday emails and don’t be ashamed to admit if you haven’t heard from them in a while.

These e-commerce email template examples, on the other hand, will assist you in working more effectively. They will make it much easier to find time for other important e-commerce marketing activities.

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