August 24, 2021

18 tasks for a graphic designer virtual assistant that you can easily outsource

Tasks you can outsource to a virtual graphic assistant

Graphic design is more than just having good appearances, it helps you create your brand identity too. When used effectively, it can boost your marketing and messaging to your audiences —it can give you the power to inform, educate, and persuade.

But how can you do it right? Simple, add someone on your team who has the expertise in dealing with your graphic design needs— and this is where a graphic designer virtual assistant comes to the rescue.

18 tasks that a graphic designer virtual assistant can help you with

Having a graphic designer virtual assistant on your team can help you stand out from the competition. This VA creatively presents your product/service and turns your ideas into visual concepts. 

Let’s have a look at 18 tasks you can outsource to a graphic designer virtual assistant to get you ahead of the competition:

Creating brand logos

When you are considering building a business or creating a brand, having an effective logo should be one of your top priorities— and why should you make it a priority? Because it tells people what your brand is and what your organization’s vision is. 

A well-designed logo can grab the audience’s attention, make a strong impression, and distinguish your brand from the competition.

Website graphics

According to Stanford University, 75% of users judge a company’s credibility based on its visual design alone. 

Visual appeal is very important to any website because it sets the first impression— it impacts how your audience perceives your brand. When your website looks unappealing and outdated, there will be a huge possibility that your audience will leave your page and will turn to your competitor’s website. And with that, you will lose some leads.

Social media graphics

Posting on social media platforms is a great way to market your brand. That is why it is very important to be creative in posting your day-to-day content.

When you are the social media virtual assistant on your team, you can collaborate with a graphic designer VA or with a virtual assistant for Canva to help you have more effective social media posts as visuals provide an identity to your brand and can create an engagement between your audience and product/service.


Creating an infographic is the best way to get rid of lengthy messages. It is composed of imagery, charts, and minimal text that gives your audience an easy-to-understand overview of your product/service.

A visually appealing infographic can help you to make your audience attract, focus, and digest the message you want them to remember. Therefore, using infographics is one of the best tools you can use for marketing.


Brochures are one of the most powerful marketing tools to capture potential customers. Whether it’s a digital or printed brochure, it is important to put together the important details about your brand.

Along with it, brochures should also be well-designed such as having the right images, font, and colors. Having a graphic designer virtual assistant onboard can help you with these elements.

E-book design

As technology takes place, some people nowadays prefer e-books compared to traditional ones. E-books have become an effective tool in marketing as it is accessible on the Internet and it provides reliable information to your customer about your brand and can drive leads to your website. 

E-books play a significant role in your marketing process, they should be made of interesting content and captivating design to attract the attention of current and potential customers. 

Making its visual (cover and page design) engaging and enticing may be a hard task, and that’s when you need a graphic designer virtual assistant to keep an eye on it. 

Business card

A virtual graphic designer can help you with your business card. With a catchy layout that comprises your brand and contact number, you can surely create a first impression and attract new prospects.

Image editing

Take that burden off to yourself when you want to improve the quality of an image. A graphic designer virtual assistant with a Photoshop skill set can help you enhance the images you want to use. 

Branded characters

One way to build a brand persona is to create an animated figure or mascot that will represent your brand. A virtual graphic designer assistant can help you create a variety of versions in a more personalized way. These animated figures will speak about the different aspects of your brand in any media form that you need.

Product packaging

A graphic designer VA can make your product stand out among its competitors. He or she knows about choosing what design and best materials that you should use. With well-designed packaging, the consumers are more likely to purchase your product.


If you want them to focus and listen, make your PowerPoint presentation appealing. Well-organized ideas and well-designed visuals can help the audience absorb your message better— achieve this by having a virtual graphic designer assistant. 

Graphic Interchange Format (GIF)

Turn your message more expressive and effective! GIFs are commonly used in social media to gain more likes and shares. Incorporating GIFs with your content can create more engagement. To get your GIF game going, work with a virtual graphic designer assistant!


Providing a guide along with your product or service is the perfect solution to help your customers use your product or service the right way. 

Giving this task to a graphic designer virtual assistant who can combine photos and illustrations with text instructions can make your guide easy to understand.


For some, watching videos is way better than reading a lengthy article. If you want to create a promotional video about your product or service, leave it to a graphic designer VA! A virtual graphic designer assistant can showcase the important features of your brand with the use of attractive graphics, stylish images, and engaging music. Through these elements, your brand’s promotional video will likely get more shares and likes. 

Landing pages

Known as a “lead capture page” a landing page is a standalone webpage that is designed to advertise a campaign. 

A virtual graphic designer assistant can help you create an effective landing page. Putting proper layout, design, and images/videos can help your landing page attract potential customers.

Email template and graphics

An email is also one of the most effective online marketing tools that can be used today. MarTech says that 77% of consumers prefer getting marketing messages via email. 

With the support of a virtual graphic designer assistant, he or she can create a proper layout to make an email easy to understand and make it visually appealing.

App design

When you consider having an app for your brand, a virtual graphic designer assistant can help you with it. This VA has the skillset to choose the right color, layout, typography, graphics, animation, and style that will represent your brand. A well-designed app can boost your brand while engaging users.

Online store page design

Online shopping is very popular nowadays which is why it is very important to make your e-commerce page design enticing and user-friendly. 

To attract customers, make your page stand out from the competition. How can you do it? Collaborate with your graphic designer virtual assistant and web developer to have a strategic page design to make it a competition-ready shopping page.


Advertising your brand through a magazine is very effective too. It delivers an impactful message to your audience that makes them updated about your brand.

Full-page magazine ads that are rich in color and visual imagery can draw attention to your products and improve their visual appearance. Having a graphic designer VA on your team is a big help as he or she can develop and execute a good outcome. 

How to hire a virtual graphic designer

As we mentioned the tasks that a virtual graphic designer can help you with, you may be wondering how you can hire one. Read on below as where you can find a virtual graphic designer that will fill your needs.


LinkedIn is a networking platform that allows people to find jobs and recruit employees. 

When you wish to hire someone on LinkedIn, you have two alternatives to choose from. The first is LinkedIn Recruiter, where you can contact your ideal applicants after conducting a filtered search. And the second is LinkedIn Talent Hub,  where applicants will be filling in your job ad for a virtual graphic designer assistant and you will have to select the best applicant to contact.


When you wish to add a new member to your team, Indeed is also one of the best platforms to be. 

The first thing you need to do is to create a job posting with a highly clickable job title and a standout job description. Next is to review thoroughly the resumes of the virtual graphic designer assistant applicants, as this will help you find the best candidates for your hiring process. After you filter the top candidates for your job post, you may now conduct an interview.

Moving forward, when you decide who’s the best person, you may now call him/her first about inviting him or her to join your team, and the terms you offer. When the best candidate accepts the job offer, then you can create and send him/her the offer letter that covers everything you talked about over the phone. 

Facebook groups

According to Talent Hero, Facebook groups are the only active groups on the Internet that allows recruiters to get a job posting in front of a targeted audience for free. 

In most cases, Facebook groups are private that is why you must ask permission first before joining. When the administrators allow you to join the page, read first the rules of the group if they allow job postings. If they allow it, engage first in conversations.

Avoid posting jobs immediately as they will see you as a spammer or will be banned from the group. Moving forward, when you’re ready to post a job, make sure you add an outstanding title, description, and right image. For the image, you can use this guide for the right size of the image that you will use.

Stealth Agents

Stealth Agents is a virtual assistant company that helps business owners save time and money. Our virtual assistants can handle a variety of tasks that include general admin, customer service, marketing management, content marketing, graphic design, and more. 

When hiring virtual assistants, there’s no need to worry about the onboarding process and paying for benefits because we handle it all for you! You can book a free consultation with us and let us know what your graphic design needs are, and we will put the best VA who can carry out the right tasks and work for you. 


A virtual graphic designer assistant is a great asset to your team and business. And when it comes to marketing, having the right person who has a special skill set in graphic design makes it easy for you to build a strong brand image, and create a deep connection with your audience.

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