ClickCease What Is A Drip Email Campaign: A Complete Definition
A definition of a drip email campaign

What Is A Drip Email Campaign: A Complete Definition

A drip email campaign is an email marketing strategy that sends various emails out at different times, each designed for the other purpose. After your clients subscribe to your email list, they will receive the emails at an allotted time. Drip campaigns have various names. You may know them as lifecycle emails, auto-responders, or automated email campaigns. You can send out emails based on an allotted time scale or use triggers to send them, such as whenever a client makes a purchase.

Marketing can be a convoluted, time and resource-consuming process. It requires immense research and knowledge to effectively reach out to your clients and make long-lasting client relationships. Marketing isn’t just about telling clients about your new products or services. It’s about understanding your client’s thinking processes, putting yourself in their shoes, and understanding what will appeal to them most. You want your clients to have a lasting impression of your brand and generate more conversions. However, once you have it all sorted out, successful marketing can help your business grow unlike anything else. There are numerous forms of marketing, each with its pros and cons. Email marketing, however, is one of the oldest and most trusted forms of marketing. Below, we’ll discuss more email marketing and drip email campaigns in particular and how you can integrate them into your marketing strategy.

Benefits of drip marketing campaigns

These are just a few of the benefits of drip email marketing campaigns.


Email marketing campaigns are some of the most cost-effective techniques to use. A simple email allows you to re-engage with old and new prospects alike and retain contact for much longer. Even if you use software to handle your drip marketing campaign, you can expect to make significant savings. Drip campaigns are one of the most effective marketing tactics that give you the highest ROI.

Through consistent drip campaigns, you can get repeat buys, re-engage old customers, and communicate your company’s value. Text messages don’t allow clients to learn much about your brand due to their word constraints. Emails can be incredibly informative, and you can add infographics, links, and other resources that allow clients to learn about your brand.

Personalized marketing

Personalization is a vital part of successful marketing. The days of generalized, large-scale marketing campaigns are long gone. Now, clients invest the most with brands they feel target their specific needs and understand their expectations. If you send out a marketing campaign advertising your luxury goods to clients who want a discount, you aren’t likely to have a conversion. Similarly, if you don’t address clients by their name and take their buying habits into account, they won’t feel connected to your brand.

Drip email campaigns can be highly personalized and allow you to connect with each client personally. You can address them by name, and based on which trigger their activity corresponded to; you can address their concerns. You can ask clients who abandoned their cart or haven’t visited in a while if they have any problems or offer them significant discounts that make them return.

Targeted marketing

The targeted aspect of drip email campaigns is what makes them so successful. This helps you reach out to clients when you’re most likely to make a conversion and generate a helpful lead. You can center your drip campaigns around reaching out to clients when they make a purchase when they first visit your store or an event when they reach out to customer service or more.

These actions can all be very monumental and are the perfect moments to capture your client’s interest. They can also be the ideal chance to address any issues your customers may have with your brand, as you can contact them when they abandon their shopping cart or haven’t returned to your webpage in a while.

Easy to use

A drip campaign is easier to use than you may imagine. Drip emails are usually automated, which means you don’t need to worry about composing an email for each time slot or trigger. However, just because drip emails are automated doesn’t mean that they aren’t personalized. As discussed earlier, each email has the client’s name and any other important information you may want to add.

Once you’ve composed the pre-set emails, you don’t need to check up on your campaign at all. Individually, it can be challenging to have your team reach out to clients after a set time or in response to triggers. The system will automatically mail the letters in response to a stimulus or when the time arrives. The emails may be sent when a client abandons their cart, makes a purchase, or avails a discount. This gives you immense ease and allows you to focus more on other operations instead of constantly sending out emails in response to customer behavior. It can significantly reduce the stress concerned with customer engagement and let you improve your products.

Lead nurturing

Nurturing viable leads is an integral aspect of any marketing strategy, and drip emails can help you do just that. When clients first discover your product or brand, they may not be ready yet to make a purchase. Without you guiding them along on the journey, they can quickly lose interest and leave. It can be easy to see clients through the buying process in person, but it can be tremendously challenging in the online marketplace. However, drip email campaigns allow you to take your clients on a virtual journey until they are ready to make a purchase. Through consistent emails, you can help clients move from just being aware of your product to be prepared to make a decision.

Drip emails thus cover the four steps of successful lead generation, starting from building trustworthiness by sending clients regular information about your brand. Sending relevant content regularly also helps clients feel that you understand their needs and can guide them along the journey. Furthermore, nowadays, it is increasingly important to have a multi-channel strategy to engage with your clients on multiple forums. Failing to do so can create a disconnect, and a drip-email campaign helps you connect with your clients on various levels.

Lastly, each lead generation campaign needs to have measurability, which relates to how easy it is to measure its success. Drip campaigns make it easy to measure success through various analytical measures.

How to use drip marketing campaigns

The first step before establishing your drip marketing campaign is to choose your trigger and your audience. You can either choose to send out emails after a specific period, or you can select any stimulus such as abandoning a shopping cart, making a purchase, signing up for the mailing list, and so on. Then, you need to refine the audience for each trigger. For example, you may want to either send the ‘first purchase’ email to each client with the first purchase or just the ones that purchase over a certain threshold. Once you’ve identified your target audience, you can craft a personalized message that compels your clients to stick around. You can offer them incentives on future purchases or send out a nice note that makes them identify with your brand.



Once you’ve curated the perfect message, all you need to do is launch your campaign. However, you’re not done here. You need to monitor the progress of all your drip emails in circulation to determine which ones are the most successful. Then, you can tweak around the campaigns that aren’t doing so well to ensure tremendous success. Analytical measures like so allow you to generate more leads, more significant revenue, and engage more clients.


Using a drip-email campaign is an excellent way of devising a holistic marketing strategy that allows you to engage the most clients. It can show your clients that you care about them and their preferences and take out the time to address each one personally. Furthermore, it allows clients to retain information regarding your brand better, prompting them to make return purchases. Although drip marketing isn’t the only technique you need to use, it can easily be one of the most powerful facets of a well-rounded marketing strategy.

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