May 18, 2021

Client testimonials: Why are they important for your business

The importance of client testimonials

Communicating products and services to the right or targeted market has drastically changed with time. Marketing through slogans and attractive jingles was one of the most effective ways previously. Billboards and endorsements were used widely for appealing to the audience. However, the online marketplace has immensely changed this practice of communicating products and even the customer behavior towards shopping. Client testimonials presently serve as a trusted bridge between a business and prospects.

Those days are gone when a customer used to rely on advertisements to make a purchase and then experience betrayal on receiving damaged or incorrect products. With the increasing trend of online shopping, customers report trust-related issues, i.e., receiving the wrong product, damaged parts, the difference in received and communicated quality, etc.

Consumers mostly rely on client testimonials for making a purchase decision or comparing products with other similar ones, especially online. A client testimonial is the feedback of experience from a buyer who has made a certain purchase. It is similar to word of mouth, where a client endorses the product. These testimonials are used by another prospect for making a purchase choice and serve as social proof for making the right decision.

How to get a client testimonial

Companies now ask its client to submit these testimonials on their websites and pages. These testimonials then help their prospect on affirming the reliability of the company for buying their products. However, these testimonials may not always be positive. Often these testimonials come from the client who experiences different product experiences from that of a committed one.

According to an Advertising survey by Nielsen Global Trust, 83% of people trust the recommendation of their family and friends. 66% believe what strangers say about a product.

These recommendations by clients come in different ways that include reviews on social media or on blog posts, media coverage, customer review, quote testimonials, video testimonials, etc. Business understands the importance and impact of these client testimonials and uses it as one of the active marketing strategies to fuel up their businesses. Companies now invest in receiving positive client testimonials to get and maintain the rating of products on their profile.

If you ask you to get it, if you don’t, you don’t. The same goes for client testimonials. Let have a look at how to receive these client testimonials. 


Follow-up is one of the great ways to have your customer review about product or service which he has recently received. This is a point when the experience is fresh in the customer’s mind, and you can have a good testimonial at this stage of time. You can also use call, message, or email as a medium to contact your customer for a statement who presently shopped with you. 

These customers can also be contacted later for testimonials, who reply to you through these channels. Bear in mind that unhappy clients can also be converted into happy ones through these follow-ups because many people tend to remain quiet on experiencing the wrong products or services unless they are asked to respond. On receiving follow-up services, such clients provide more brief and positive testimonials happily.

Know you customers

Maintaining a database of your customers is routine. These databases should be designed to send them promotional offers on different occasions which is another way to receive their testimonials. Your loyal customers are a great source to provide you with feedback.

These customers talk as ambassadors for the brand and can be contacted quickly to speak for your product and inspire others to do the same. 

Case studies

You must have experience studying case studies in your high school. These are like stories and create a visual in mind for a specific product or event. These case studies include stories and serves as a reference for a particular product that retains in the reader’s mind for a more extended period. 

Apart from presenting any event, these case studies can also be used for taking a detailed product review from customers. Case studies use BAB (before after bridge) formula to convert a reader into a client by showing him the difference of impact on him after purchasing a company’s product.

Review on social media

We can not deny the impact of social media on the decision-making of any potential customer. Social media and networking websites, including Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, etc., serve significantly to convert any visitor into a buyer.

Use these pages to put an advertisement on. Just be careful to put related products. By related product, I meet knowing what kind of page is appropriate to place specific product. Many runners have a section dedicated that shows words from their customers.

Website and blog posts

Dedicate a corner on your website showing customer testimonials. These corners will display already posted reviews by a customer and include a box for a new customer to drop their views quickly.

You can always edit those reviews for writing errors and highlighting unique features that add credentials to your products. To enhance these endorsements, add your client’s picture with their thoughts to make it more presentable. Any person who drops by or visits your website will receive it as social proof of your services through that testimonial corner.


Instead of getting feedbacks like ‘ok,’ ‘great,’ ‘nice product’ etc., ask your client question to have a clear review of the product and service like;

“Did our product meet your expectation? Score it out of 100.”

“Did you get the value of your money?”

“How did you find the quality of the product?”

“Was the delivery on time?”

“Did you find the product in proper condition?”

Written, verbal, or video formats

Depending on the comfortability of your customer, these client testimonials may be in written or in audio forms or maybe a video. Many people like to been seen on social media. Others like their written reviews to be seen on a website. The choice of formatting keeps both customers and the company happy as both get what they desire.

Paid testimonials

It is worth mentioning here that often, these testimonials are paid, yes! You may be wondering that if these testimonials are paid, what’s the point of trusting it. For sure, a company won’t pay someone to review their service or product negatively.

Statistically, paid promotions are not as effective to be trusted or add credentials to a product or company compared to those unpaid or voluntary ones. But these testimonials are still effective when coming from an influencer.

For instance, you have subscribed to a cooking channel on YouTube or on any other platform like a website, Facebook page, etc. That person endorses crookery, an electronic item used in the kitchen, or any brand of spice, etc., you tend to believe it as it is coming from a person you trust. You think of those products as good ones because they are used and recommended by those influencers.

The same goes with beauty or lifestyle products if recommended by a person you follow for beauty or style recommendation. Or a book, magazines, or any reading material recommended by a motivational speaker or even by your teacher.

Why client testimonials are important in fueling up businesses?

Client testimonials now work wonders to enhance trade, bring new customers, and convert a prospect into customers. The power of referrals and word of mouth work as a catalyst for any business to boost up its sales and profit. When used through a proper strategy, this tactic goes a long way in yielding continuous results for a company; how? Let discuss it

Customer loyalty

A loyal customer serves as an unpaid, accessible, and volunteer brand ambassador for a company or product. This endorsement results in repeated purchases from him and influences others as well by his positive experience with the product. This practice helps in customer retention and expected sales in the future too.

Prospect into client

Not all visitors on your blog, social page, or website come intending to purchase from you. These visitors may come by Copywrite link or any advertisements. Having equipped your pages with client testimonials may turn them also in customers to satisfy their curiosity on learning the benefits, others are endorsing.


Bragging about own product is one thing having to hear about its goodness from others is another. When a company communicates its product, clearly it is a conscious effort to generates purchases and sales; everybody knows this. But when it comes from a person who already has experienced it, it creates its credibility in other potential customers’ minds. 

Many of those prospects are not an actual market for the product, but they buy it due to the influence of client testimonials.


A client testimonial is an excellent strategy of advertising and marketing when it comes to online shopping especially. It serves as social proof about the product as these testimonials come from a person who already has experienced it. It doesn’t matter much if these endorsements or referrals come from a person you know or a stranger.

Business owners of today understand the impact of client testimonials on their credibility and profitability. So, they invest and execute campaigns to use these testimonials on their website, blogs, social media pages, etc., to generate leads for increased revenues.

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