7 data entry outsourcing services provider

7 Best Data Entry Outsourcing Services Providers

The data entry outsourcing market is poised for significant growth, with projections estimating an increase of USD 185.56 million and an annual growth rate of 6.01% from 2022 to 2027.

This surge underscores the increasing reliance of companies on these services to efficiently manage their data requirements.

In this article, we’ll explore the leading providers of data entry outsourcing services, including those offering specialized Data Entry VA roles.

We’ll also discuss the benefits these services provide and offer guidance on selecting the most suitable provider to meet your business needs.

Given your interest in outsourcing services, this might provide valuable insights into expanding your operations efficiently.


Let’s begin!

What is Data Entry Outsourcing?

Data entry outsourcing is to hire another company to handle tasks that involve entering information into databases, spreadsheets, or other formats.


This is often done to save time, reduce costs, and take advantage of the other company’s expertise in managing data efficiently.

Which is the Best Data Entry Outsourcing Services Provider?

1. Stealth Agents

Stealth Agents stands out in the virtual assistant date entry category, mainly for businesses needing help with data entry and admin tasks.


They pick only the best from those who apply, ensuring their clients get top-notch help.


They offer a lot of admin services like data entry, customer support, and managing records, which helps businesses run smoother and save time and money.




Based in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, they promise big savings and better productivity, making them a great choice for both new and established companies.


I focused on Stealth Agents because they hire the best and offer a wide range of helpful services for businesses.



Located at Towne Place at Garden State Park, 923 Haddonfield Road, Suite 300, Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08002.



– Access to top 1% talent

– Saves up to 80% on costs

– Wide range of services

– Strong focus on productivity

2. Hitech BPO

Hitech BPO shines in providing top-notch data entry services. They offer a wide range of services tailored to different business needs, delivering work quickly and accurately. 




They’re great at handling specific data entry tasks to suit clients worldwide, and also handle data processing, cleaning, and collecting with a keen eye on quality. 


I reviewed it because they are well-known for improving how businesses handle and process their data, thanks to their extensive service range.



Hitech BPO is based in India, with additional offices in the USA and the UK.



– Global service reach

– Quick service delivery

– High accuracy standards

– Extensive industry experience

3. Data Entry Inc

Data Entry Inc., located in Gujarat, India, is making waves in the global market for outsourcing data entry.


They offer a wide range of services that cater to different industries like real estate, education, health care, and online retail. 


They’re known for their affordable yet high-quality services, thanks to their use of the latest technology and a team of skilled professionals. 


Their main goal is to keep their clients happy and build strong, lasting relationships by being reliable and efficient. 


Plus, they take data privacy and security seriously, which is super important for companies dealing with sensitive information.



Gujarat, India.



– Affordable High-Quality Services**

– Wide Range of Services

– Strong Data Security

4. Techspeed Inc

TechSpeed provides a variety of services such as capturing data from images, OCR data entry, and managing e-commerce product listings.


These services are designed to meet the needs of different sectors like healthcare, legal, and real estate. 


Their dedication to accuracy and using cutting-edge tech like their own ImageFracture™ security software to keep data safe makes them different.


They’re known for their strong data solutions, outstanding customer support, and fair prices. 


They’re serious about keeping data safe, using the best practices and their own security tools to do so.



Portland, Oregon, USA, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



– High accuracy rate (99.95%-100%)

– Robust data security measures

– Competitive pricing structure


ARDEM is known for its accuracy and quality, ARDEM uses cool tech like OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to make data entry fast and precise. 


This helps companies make better decisions faster because errors are minimized and data is processed quickly.


What sets ARDEM apart is how it customizes services for different industries like healthcare, insurance, and e-commerce. 


They can handle everything from simple data entry to complex data analysis and internet research. 


Plus, they take data security seriously, using strong measures to keep sensitive information safe. 


This focus on technology, customization, and security makes them a reliable partner for businesses needing outsourced data entry services.



United States



  – Advanced technology integration

  – High data accuracy

  – Strong focus on data security

6. Wing Assistant

Wing Assistant offers versatile virtual assistants who know their way around different fields like healthcare and e-commerce.


They ensure their assistants are good at data entry and know a lot about specific industries, making the work more precise and efficient.


Their services save businesses money because they manage everything, cutting down on the usual costs of hiring and training staff.


This means companies spend less and do more, as these VAs take care of the heavy data work, freeing up teams to focus on their main jobs.


Wing Assistant is also flexible, adapting to different business needs, which is great in a constantly changing market.



Operates predominantly online.



– Cost-effective managed VA solutions.

– Industry-specific expertise.

– Global, flexible service availability.

7. Oworkers

Lastly, Oworkers is a data entry outsourcing company with their good prices, ability to handle big projects, and services in many languages.


They’re great for different types of data entry tasks like product listings, forms, and records, serving a wide variety of industries.


The most common industries are e-commerce and banking, all while keeping data safe and following international rules like GDPR. 


They have offices in Bulgaria, Egypt, and Madagascar, chosen for their skilled, stable workforce and cost-effective operations.


This helps them deliver consistent quality and keep clients happy in the long run. 


They’re tech-savvy too, with strong security and the setup to work any time, which is perfect for companies around the world.



Bulgaria, Egypt, and Madagascar, with sales offices in the USA and Europe.



– High scalability options

– Strong multilingual capabilities

– Compliant with GDPR and other regulations

What are the Benefits of Data Entry Outsourcing?

1. Cost Reductions

The first benefit of outsourcing data entry tasks is a significant reduction in costs. These savings come from several areas. 


As there’s no need to hire full-time employees for data entry, which means savings on salaries, benefits, and training expenses.


Second, outsourcing to countries with lower labor costs can further decrease expenses. 


Also, they have their own equipment and technology, companies save on the infrastructure and technology investments needed for data entry tasks. 


This makes data entry outsourcing a financially smart choice for businesses looking to optimize their operations.

2. Increased Focus

On the other hand, it gives businesses the opportunity to concentrate more on their main goals and the core aspects of their operations. 


This is because they don’t have to deal with the time-consuming work of managing large amounts of data themselves. 


When a reliable external team handles data entry, a business can focus its energy and resources on areas that directly contribute to growth. 


This strategic shift allows for an improved allocation of internal resources, leading to enhanced productivity and higher profits.

3. Access to Specialized Skills

These specialists are equipped with the latest tools and technologies to manage data accurately and efficiently.


This access to skilled personnel means that businesses can ensure high-quality data management without the need to train their own staff.

4. Efficiency and Productivity

When specialists handle these tasks, they often complete them faster and with fewer errors compared to doing them in-house without dedicated expertise. 


This speed and accuracy mean that other team members can use this reliable data sooner, helping the company to make quick and informed decisions. 


It also frees up internal staff to focus on their core roles and responsibilities, further increasing productivity.

5. Scalability

This flexibility to scale means that during busy periods, a company can ramp up its data entry operations without the need to hire additional in-house staff. 


Conversely, during slower times, they can reduce the outsourced work to manage costs more effectively. 


This scalability is a significant advantage for businesses looking to grow, as it provides them with the agility to respond to market demands.

6. Improved Data Security

Lastly, outsourcing data entry tasks to reputable companies can significantly enhance the security of your data.


These companies invest heavily in cutting-edge security technologies and protocols to protect your information.


They also adhere to strict confidentiality agreements and comply with international data protection regulations.

How to Outsource the Right Data Entry Services?

To outsource effectively, you should start by clearly defining your project requirements and expectations. 


Look for a service provider with a strong track record, positive customer feedback, and the ability to handle your specific data needs.


Communication plays a key role, so select a partner that offers transparent, responsive communication channels. 


Lastly, don’t overlook the importance of a trial project to assess their capabilities and compatibility with your business needs.

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