Top 10 best coworking spaces in las vegas

Top 10 Best Coworking Spaces In Las Vegas

Working from home can be great as you can work comfortably at home. It can be too comfortable at times that you tend to be unproductive, thus, the existence of coworking spaces.


Sometimes working in the same area can be less inspiring, and looking for another spot to gather your thoughts can help you. Read on if you need help looking for the best coworking spaces in Las Vegas.


Coworking spaces in Las Vegas

A coworking space is the next best thing for people who want a change of scenery while working or don’t have the luxury of having their workspace at home. Primarily, entrepreneurs and remote workers utilize these, but it is also suitable for coming together to brainstorm on a project with other people and be productive.


Coworking started in Berlin in 1995 to exchange knowledge. Now it has expanded to another purpose, but it still is good. So let’s start choosing the best coworking space in Las Vegas for you.


1. Work in Progress

Top 10 best coworking spaces in las vegas


Work in progress is considered one of the best coworking spaces in Las Vegas because aside from its clean and well-kept shared desks to private rooms, it also provides other benefits such as unlimited tea, coffee, or bottled water, private lines in rooms, and access to mentors. And if that is not enough reason, they also have community events.


Address: 6605 Grand Montecito Pkwy Unit 100 Suite 100, Las Vegas, NV 89149, United States


Price:  for a day pass: $45, from $65 to $1399 for a monthly rate.


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Google rate: 5/ 5 rate of 9 reviews


2. Pacific workplaces

Top 10 coworking spaces in las vegas


Imagine sipping coffee, tea, or water in an office, virtual, or coworking space, not just in any area but in one of Las Vegas’ coworking spaces. You can confidently do your work using their secure business internet access and enjoy a lounge area that lets you access essential appliances.


Address: 300 S 4th St 6th Floor, Las Vegas, NV 89101, United States


Price:  from $25 to $249

Google rate: 5/ 5 rate of 22 reviews


3. Coop cowork

Top 10 coworking spaces in las vegas


They have 2 locations – the Coop South and the Coop Summerlin. Both sites provide the same excellent services and a great environment.




One thing unique about this place is its virtual office, which allows you to have a business address to function like a real business, enabling you to receive mail and parcels. Hence they are one of the best coworking places in Las Vegas.


Address: 1925 Village Center Cir Suite 150, Las Vegas, NV 89134, United States 

                    5955 S Edmond St, Las Vegas, NV 89118


Price:  Day pass is from $25 to $900

Google rate: 4.9/ 5 rate of 27 reviews


4. SPACE Coworking Las Vegas

Top 10 best coworking spaces in san jose


Space truly owns up to its name. Amazing modern industrial design from every nook and cranny.


It is one of the best coworking spaces in Las Vegas, indeed. It is a Very spacious, serene environment to inspire creativity and drive productivity with its reliable internet connection. If you wish to see more of their space, do the virtual tour.


Address: 5725 S Valley View Blvd Suite 7, Las Vegas, NV 89118, United States


Price: Available upon booking

Google rate: 4.8/ 5 rate of 25 reviews


5. Plaza Offices

Top 10 best coworking spaces in san jose


Plaza offices live up to their name with a very posh design for their coworking spaces. It is truly deserving to be on our best coworking spaces list in Las Vegas.


Fast, reliable internet and drinks and snacks available, including printing, fax machine, and copier services billed separately.


Address: 10161 W Park Run Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89145, United States


Price: $30 for a day pass and $250 to $350 for a monthly subscription

Google rate: 4.7/ 5 rate of 33 reviews


6. Skyluna

Top 10 best coworking spaces in las vegas


Skyluna makes it in our list of best coworking spaces in Las Vegas for its excellent concept! This is a great space for working parents who still have babies and toddlers. A coworking space and childcare rolled into one!


They offer child classes and parties to keep your kids busy while you work. On top of that, there are fitness classes as well that you can enroll in together with your child. No need to worry about who will babysit while you work or if you just simply want to work close to your child.


Address: 6593 S. Las Vegas Blvd Suite B-165 Las Vegas, NV 89119


Price: $125 for a day pass; other booking prices require registration or contact them directly

Google rate: 4.9/ 5 rate of 25 reviews


7. Bottega Exchange

Top 10 best coworking spaces in las vegas


Bottega Exchange is on our list because of its chic ambiance. Coworking spaces that will allow you to engage with anyone there at ease. They also offer 30 slots for the Bottega market. Once approved, you can create a pop-up store for a particular schedule. Working online while attending to your store is a great deal to be productive if your business is into retail. 


Address: 6675 S Tenaya Way, Ste 200, Las Vegas, Nevada 89113


Price: $75 to $900 monthly

Google rate: 4.8/ 5 rate of 25 reviews


 8. Regus – Las Vegas – Lake Mead Boulevard

Top 10 best coworking spaces in las vegas


Regus is on our list of best coworking spaces in Las Vegas because of its airy and pleasant feel. On top of that, they have coworking spaces across the planet that you can book using their mobile app.


It will show you real-time available spaces and book them at your convenience. This is convenient for people who are always on the go and for last-minute venue changes.


Address: 7251 W Lake Mead Blvd Suite 300, Las Vegas, NV 89128, United


Price: multiple locations in Las Vegas, contact for pricing

Google rate: 4.6/ 5 rate of 26 reviews



9. The Draper


The Draper is more than just a luxurious space to be inspired for work. They go beyond your expectations for a coworking space which is why they are on our list of best coworking spaces in Las Vegas.


They offer administrative services, a podcast room, and a photoshoot area. And they have video games, a baby piano, a pool table, and a member’s bar.Address: 319 S 3rd St, Las Vegas, NV 89101, United States



Price: $100 per hour, membership rate available upon request

Google rate: 4.6/ 5 rate of 50 reviews


10. Space 702 Pros

Top 10 best coworking space in las vegas


What makes 702 Pros Coworking Space the best coworking space in Las Vegas? They partner with different individual entrepreneurs to provide amazing coworking places. One of their listed coworking space is an airy and minimalist design which makes work inspiring and peaceful.


Aside from the reliable wifi, free drinks, and snacks, they have a photo shoot area that you can use for last-minute professional photos.


Address: 62950 S Rancho Dr. STE 100, Las Vegas, NV 89102, United States


Price:  $45 per hour

Google rate: 4.7/ 5 rate of 38 reviews


Key things to avoid in coworking offices in Las Vegas

While coworking spaces offer numerous benefits such as networking opportunities and access to amenities, there are also some don’ts to keep in mind when working in a shared office environment.


1. Disturbing other coworkers

Coworking spaces often have an open layout, so you will work alongside others nearby. It’s important to be mindful of your noise level and avoid disruptive behavior that can disturb your coworkers.


This includes loud phone conversations, playing music without headphones, and being excessively chatty.


2. Hogging resources

People who work in coworking spaces can use public tools like printers, meeting rooms, and kitchens. Anyone should be considerate of others and not abuse these resources by monopolizing them for extended periods.


In this case, examples are writing many papers, using the conference room for long talks when other people could use it, or making a mess in the kitchen.


3. Not respecting shared spaces

In a coworking office, you will be sharing common areas such as desks, lounge areas, and bathrooms with other coworkers. It’s important to treat these spaces with respect and not leave your belongings scattered around or make a mess.


Keep your workspace clean and tidy, and be mindful of others who will also be using these spaces.


4. Being too loud on phone calls

While phone calls are often inevitable in a coworking space, it’s important to keep them brief and at a reasonable volume. Avoid having long, loud conversations that can disrupt the entire workspace.


If you need to have an extended call, consider stepping outside or booking a private phone booth if your coworking office offers them.


5. Not following community guidelines

Most coworking spaces have group rules in place to make sure that everyone can work in peace and get things done. It’s important to familiarize yourself with these guidelines and follow them accordingly. This can include things like designated quiet areas, rules for using shared resources, and codes of conduct in common areas.



Many companies and employees are more into having a more flexible working arrangement; hence coworking space is more in demand than ever. Check out our other recommendations for coworking spaces in San Antonio, Philadelphia, and Phoenix.

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