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Top 10 best coworking spaces in denver

Top 10 Best Coworking Spaces In Denver

Denver is a business hub. Many people reside in Denver because of its great weather, parks, and outdoor activities. Denver has numerous top coworking spaces because it’s Colorado’s capitol and a hotbed for entrepreneurs and enterprises that encourage innovation and cooperation.


Artists consider the city one of the best in the nation. The varied populace is kind and receptive to fresh ideas. There are several Denver coworking spaces to choose from. The top Denver coworking spaces vary in style: some are more relaxed, some more formal, and some specialize in specialized fields like software development or creative work like design or writing.


Denver coworking spaces typically offer workspace, high-speed internet, printing/scanning, meeting rooms, community events, amenities, reception services, tech support, wellness programs, mentorship, and access to partner services.


But all of these coworking spaces in Denver provide an environment that fosters creativity and collaboration—you’ll see how and why time management is important for business owners as you learn from other people who want to succeed and are doing it!


Denver’s best working spaces

Here are the lists of the best coworking spaces in Denver so you can pick what works for you!


1. Enterprise Coworking RiNo

Beautiful Denver skyline views and tons of natural light make the area stunning. The meeting rooms are large, but they book up quickly, so book ahead! This greatest coworking space in Denver offers sofas, beanbags, standing workstations, and large tables with seats or stools! Work where you’re comfortable.



Here’s a great group of people who love what they do and want their businesses to flourish.




Top 10 best coworking spaces in denver

Address: 3000 Lawrence St, Denver, CO 80205, United States


Price: Coworking floater starting at $99 / month

Google Rate: 4.6/5 rate of 166 reviews


2. Shift Workspaces – Bannock 

You’ll like working in this dog-friendly coworking space with other hardworking folks. The workplace has two-sided windows and lots of natural light.


Large, well-lit shift workspaces are ideal for working. This area is perfect for working and contains a fitness center, massage therapy room, meditation space, and more! Small groups can meet secretly in multiple conference rooms within the workplace using headphones instead of loudspeakers to avoid disturbing other employees working quietly at their workstations.


Top 10 best coworking spaces in denver

Address: 1001 Bannock St, Denver, CO 80204, United States


Price: Coworking from $299/mo.

Google Rate: 4.8/5 rate of 102 reviews




3. WeWork Office Space & Coworking – Denver

WeWork is a top Denver coworking facility. With a WeWork All Access membership, individuals can access coworking spaces in various areas, including Union Station, LoHi, Downtown, Cherry Creek, RiNo, Golden Triangle, and Capitol Hill. The company’s clean, well-maintained facilities include all the conveniences you need for a productive day. Rental desks and offices are easy to find, and meeting and corporate event rooms are available.


WeWork typically offers month-to-month contracts for coworking spaces in Denver. This flexibility allows individuals and businesses to rent workspace short-term without a long-term commitment. Month-to-month contracts are convenient for those needing temporary workspace or who prefer the flexibility to adjust their arrangements as their needs change. However, it’s always a good idea to check with WeWork directly or visit their website for the most current information on contract options and availability in Denver.


These rooms have whiteboards and projectors for meetings. WeWork’s team is professional and ready to serve you during your stay.


Top 10 best coworking spaces in denver

Address: 1700 Lincoln St, Denver, CO 80203, United States


Price: hot desk: day pass starting from $29 per day

Google Rate: 4.2 /5 rate of 101 reviews


4. Thrive Workplace

This is where your ideas get their best chance to thrive and grow, giving you a platform to share them with like-minded people. This best coworking space in Denver has bright, adorable green plants and an open atmosphere that inspires creativity and productivity.


Plenty of spaces exist for different kinds of work, including private offices, meeting rooms, and available desk areas. Thrive Workplace offers all the amenities of an entire office, including phone service mail services, and more! The space believes that by providing excellent facilities, they can attract more people who can work together, learn from each other, and help grow their businesses.


Top 10 best coworking spaces in denver

Address: 1415 Park Ave W, Denver, CO 80205, United States


Price: Mobile Coworking memberships range from $50-$350 per month

Google Rate: 4.8/5 rate of 99 reviews


5. Expansive 16th Street

It’s a massive space with everything you need to be happy and productive—from a great coffee shop to a rooftop lounge with a 360-degree view of the city. This best coworking space in Denver feels like a home: there are plenty of places to sit and meet with clients or socialize with colleagues after work.


The best part about Expansive 16th Street is that it doesn’t feel like an office—it feels like a community. It’s a great place to work because it’s quiet and peaceful, but it also has many great amenities and events for members. 


Top 10 best coworking spaces in denver

Address: 1630 Welton St, 16th St Mall, Denver, CO 80202, United States


Price: $30/hour – Expansive Workspace

Google Rate: 4.8/5 rate of 85 reviews


6. The Alliance Center

This best coworking space in Denver has everything you need to be successful, including a prime location in the heart of LoDo and easy access to public transportation and parking. The building has a modern look on the inside, with things like high-speed internet, conference rooms, and phone booths. In addition, it has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that makes it easy to feel comfortable working there, and it is a dog-friendly space.

Top 10 best coworking spaces in denver

Address: 1536 Wynkoop St, Denver, CO 80202, United States


Price: Coworking space from $35/day

Google Rate: 4.7/5 rate of 83 reviews


7. The Commons on Champa

The Commons on Champa’s open floor plan are meant to foster connections between people who are working independently as well as those who have joined forces with one another. It also has plenty of natural light—it’s never too bright or dark to see your computer screen! The best coworking space in Denver is an excellent place for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  It’s also a perfect choice for those who enjoy being in the hub of things but don’t like to pay the high rent prices that come with being in such a prime location. This workspace has everything you need: high-speed internet access, printers and scanners, conference rooms, and kitchenette areas. 

Top 10 best coworking spaces in denver

Address: 1245 Champa St, Denver, CO 80204, United States


Price: Collaborative public workspace: no requirements and no fee.

Google Rate: 4.8/5 rate of 71 reviews


8. Office Evolution – Denver

This coworking space in Denver offers beautiful, modern offices with plenty of natural light and state-of-the-art conference rooms. Plus, there’s the bonus of a fantastic team who will help you grow your business! It has free coffee and tea, free snacks, and a full kitchen with a fridge, oven, and microwave. This office also has a large conference room where your team can hold meetings or you can conduct business. The place is tranquil, so you can concentrate on completing your work without being distracted by other people talking around you. The staff members are friendly and welcoming, ensuring everyone feels comfortable there. 

Top 10 best coworking spaces in denver

Address: 14143 Denver W Pkwy Suite 100, Golden, CO 80401, United States


Price: Shared Workspace starting at $149/month

Google Rate: 4.8/5 rate of 68 reviews 


9. Grid Collaborative Workspace

With a prime location at 445 Broadway, this sleek and modern space will help you finish the job with minimal distractions. The building has an old-timey feel that fits right into its historic neighborhood. The interior feels like you’re walking through a museum: plenty of high ceilings and open spaces accommodate your team’s needs.


It’s a great workplace because it offers various amenities, including free coffee, high-speed internet access, and plenty of natural light. It also has an on-site kitchen where you can prepare meals or snacks. This best coworking space in Denver has many different types of seating available to accommodate any user—from small areas with just one chair to large desks that can fit several people. 

Top 10 best coworking spaces in denver

Address: 445 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203, United States


Price: Full-Time Coworking Starting at $199 per month

Google Rate: 4.6/5 rate of 64 reviews


10. Green Spaces: Co-Working

This best coworking space in Denver has a lot of character, with large open spaces, tons of real plants across the room, and lots of natural light. The natural light makes it easy to focus on your work. If you prefer a darker atmosphere, there are plenty of lamps and mood lighting to help you focus on your work. Several different types of rooms are available to rent, including private offices and conference rooms. There is also free Wi-Fi all over the building, and members can use the printers that are there. Whether you’re working alone or with a group, this coworking space has everything you need to create a productive environment that will help keep you focused on getting things done—and it’s a dog-friendly place.

Top 10 best coworking spaces in denver

Address: 2590 Walnut St, Denver, CO 80205, United States


Price: Membership price at $25 Day Pass

Google Rate: 4.6/5 rate of 61 reviews


Cost per desk in Denver 

Well, it varies depending on several factors such as location, amenities included, and overall demand. The downtown area tends to have higher costs due to its prime location and accessibility to public transportation. On the other hand, areas outside of downtown may offer more affordable options.


Apart from location, amenities also play a crucial role in determining the cost per desk. Some office spaces may include perks such as free parking, gym access, and on-site cafes, which can significantly impact the overall cost.


Furthermore, with Denver’s booming economy and growing job market, the demand for office spaces constantly increases. This, in turn, drives up the cost per desk as businesses compete for available spaces.


Despite the rising costs, many companies still find Denver attractive due to its thriving business environment and skilled workforce. Some even argue that the benefits of being located in Denver outweigh the higher cost per desk.


Renting coworking spaces in Denver

The cost of renting coworking space in Denver can vary depending on location, amenities, workspace type, and membership plan.


For instance, a basic membership with access to shared workspaces and amenities at a popular downtown location might cost around $ 300 monthly.


The cost of renting a shared office space in the downtown area varies between $200 and $500 per month, depending on its size and location.


On the other hand, if you are looking for a dedicated desk in a suburban area, you may have to pay between $400 to $600 per month. Private offices in prime business districts can cost from $800 to $1500 monthly.


For those who need occasional access, hourly or daily rates are flexible.


You can choose the most suitable alternative according to your budget, with prices generally ranging between $20 and $50 per day or $5 to $20 per hour.


Thoroughly researching and comparing different coworking spaces in Denver is critical to finding one that fits your budget and meets your needs regarding location, amenities, and services.


This process should instill confidence in your decision-making when determining the overall cost as you consider additional fees or charges, such as printing, meeting room use, or extra services.


The stress and pressure of keeping your business afloat can be overwhelming sometimes. To make matters worse, numerous business owners have no one to depend on when they need advice or help. Fortunately, there are coworking spaces in Denver that can help you manage your mental health and stress while giving you the freedom and resources to make the most of your time at work. These best coworking spaces in Denver provide a supportive environment where all kinds of people can come together with common goals. They offer different services to meet your needs, like helping you find a good workplace or giving you ideas on being more productive.

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