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35 Company Core Values Phrases Ideas

Companies realize how important it is to talk about their main beliefs in a way that everyone understands. Company values are more than just things written down—they show what a company believes in and what’s important to them.


These phrases are like magic tools. They help share a company’s main beliefs in a short and powerful way. Lots of companies also use crisis communication phrases to talk about their values in the same way across the board and achieve an inclusive workplace.


What are company values?

Company values are beliefs that guide actions and decisions, define culture and mission, create effective positive workplace culture, and create a framework for interactions with others.


Why are company values important?

Company values shape a company’s identity, unite employees, and align them toward a common goal. They can improve teamwork, increase productivity and attract top talent.


How are company values determined?

Company values are established by leaders or developed collaboratively with stakeholders. Values should reflect the organization’s identity, mission, and vision. Methods for determining values include surveys, focus groups, and feedback analysis.


Company Values Communication Phrases


1. “Integrity above all else”

Encourage employees to prioritize honesty and ethical behavior in all decisions and actions.


2. “Customer satisfaction is our top priority”



Implement customer feedback surveys, focus groups, and continuous communication to ensure customer needs are met.


3. “Innovation drives us forward”

Establish a platform for employees to share creative ideas and recognize and reward innovative solutions.


4. “We value diversity and inclusivity”

Promote diversity in hiring, organize cultural awareness training, and create an inclusive workplace culture.


5. “Continuous learning and growth are essential”

Provide training programs, mentorship opportunities, and support for employees’ professional development.


6. “Teamwork makes the dream work”

Foster a collaborative environment, encourage cross-functional projects, and recognize team achievements.


7. “Accountability leads to success”



Establish clear responsibilities, set performance expectations, and hold regular check-ins to ensure accountability.


8. “Respect and empathy for all”

Promote a culture of empathy, organize diversity training, and create open forums for discussions.


9. “Transparency in everything we do”

Communicate openly about company decisions, financial performance, and organizational changes.


10. “Excellence in every aspect of our work”

Encourage a commitment to high-quality work, recognize outstanding achievements, and provide constructive feedback.


11. “Community involvement and giving back”

Organize volunteer opportunities, support local charities, and engage employees in community initiatives.


12. “Passion drives our success”

Encourage employees to pursue their passions within their roles, fostering enthusiasm for their work.


13. “Quality over quantity always”

Emphasize the importance of delivering high-quality products or services over a large quantity.


14. “We embrace change and adaptability”

Establish a change management process, provide training on adaptability, and celebrate successful adaptations.


15. “Collaboration leads to creativity”

Create collaborative spaces, encourage brainstorming sessions, and recognize collaborative achievements.


16. “Having fun while achieving our goals”

Organize team-building activities, celebrate milestones, and create a positive work environment.


17. “Innovative solutions for our customers”

Encourage employees to think creatively when solving customer problems and continuously seek improvements.


18. “Empowering and supporting employees”

Provide opportunities for professional growth, support work-life balance, and recognize individual accomplishments.


19. “Ethical conduct in all business practices”

Establish a code of ethics, provide ethics training, and enforce ethical behavior throughout the organization.


20. “Trust and honesty in all relationships”

Promote a culture of transparent communication, integrity, and confidence between employees and leadership.


21. “Commitment to sustainability and the environment”

Implement eco-friendly practices, reduce waste, and engage in environmentally conscious initiatives.


22. “Striving for excellence, not perfection”

Encourage a mindset of continuous improvement and emphasize learning from mistakes.


23. “Inclusivity and equality for all”

Promote a diverse and inclusive workplace, address unconscious biases, and ensure equal opportunities for all.


24. “Transparency in communication and decision-making”

Communicate decisions clearly, involve employees in the decision-making process, and provide regular updates.


25. “Creating a positive impact on society”

Implement corporate social responsibility initiatives, support social causes, and communicate positive impacts.


26. “Accountability for our actions and results”

Set clear expectations, measure performance, and hold individuals and teams accountable for results.


27. “Embracing diversity of ideas and perspectives”

Encourage a culture where different viewpoints are valued and considered in decision-making.


28. “Valuing work-life balance for employees”

Support flexible work arrangements, encourage time off, and promote a healthy work-life balance.


29. “Continuous improvement through feedback and evaluation”

Establish regular feedback channels, conduct performance evaluations, and use feedback for continuous improvement.


30. “Open-mindedness and flexibility in our approach”

Promote an open-minded culture, encourage flexibility in problem-solving, and embrace new ideas.


31. “Empathy and understanding for our customers’ needs”

Train employees to understand and empathize with customer needs, ensuring a customer-centric approach.


32. “Respect for different cultures and backgrounds”

Embrace diversity, organize cultural awareness training, and celebrate cultural events.


33. “Creating a safe and inclusive work environment”

Establish policies against discrimination and harassment, promote diversity, and create a safe workplace for all.


34. “Investing in the development of our employees”

Provide opportunities for skill development, offer mentorship programs, and invest in employee growth.


35. “Putting people first, always”

Prioritize employee well-being, create a supportive workplace, and ensure employee needs are considered in decision-making.



How we communicate our values is as important as the values themselves. These phrases aren’t just tools; they’re emblems of a corporate culture you strive to build.

They remind us that language can be a powerful enabler or a subtle detractor from company values—so let’s harness it for good. By integrating these communication phrases into the fabric of your workplace dialogue, you reinforce the authenticity and the living, breathing essence of your company values.

As you adopt these phrases, remember they’re not just a script—they’re the platform from which you and your teams can grow and flourish, shaping a corporate identity that speaks true to its core.

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